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Discoveries by Tasha

This is the second in the Dividing series, the others may be found at:
Dividing of The Ways


Written Feb 1996

Disclaimer: All characters from Highlander the TVseries are borrowed without permission, and no copyright infringement is intended. Feel free to copy this work as much as you like, but please don't try and make any money from it. (It would be difficult anyway :-)).

Well here's the sequel to Dividing of the Ways, I hope you like it. Methos is in this one, but please be aware that Timeless has never happened, neither has Something Wicked or Deliverance, although some information from these episodes has been used. It's still a Richie piece, but everyone else is around as well and there's quite a lot about Watchers. All comments are welcome. Any problems, just mail me.


    Tasha tasha@dtwins.co.uk {]@@||=========-

If you have any problems, email mail me at tasha@dtwins.co.uk and I'll send it to you (please specify if your mailer requires small messages or I'll send the whole thing in one).


A plot synopsis of Dividing of the Ways for those who haven't read it but wish to read the sequel now.

    /~\                                         (^)
    (@)         S                       S       |@|
    @ @         P                       P       |@|
    @ @         O        ()             O       |@|
[]=======[]     I    ()==||=========-   I   {}======={}
[]=======[]     L        ()             L   {}======={}
    |^|         E                       E       |^|
    | |         R                       R       |||
    | |                                         |||
    | |                                         |||
    | |                                         |||
    | |         S                       S       |||
    | |         P                       P       |||
    | |         O              []       O       |||
    | |         I    -=========||==[}   I       |||
    | |         L              []       L       |||
    | |         E                       E       |||
    | |         R                       R       |||
    | |                                         |||
    | |                                         |||
    | |                                         |||
    | |                                         |||
    \ /                                         \|/
     |                                           +
Ch 1 : Richie meets Angie again and finds out she's engaged to a 
       medical student. 
Ch 2 : Duncan mets up with an old friend: Madelaine Seaton and she
       invites him and Richie to dinner at her hotel to meet her
       adopted, pre-immie son Chris. They reach the hotel and Richie 
       collapses for an unknown reason. After recovering he finds out 
       why when he meets Chris : his identical twin brother.
Ch 3 : Next morning Richie goes for a walk in the park to think things
       through and interviens to prevent a bag snatch. He meets Beren
       Danworth and even with everything else, falls for her.       
Ch 4 : Beren's new in town and Richie invites her to breakfast with him
       Duncan, Chris and Madi. At the end of breakfast Richie remembers
       he promised to meet Angie : he leaves rapidly with Chris and 
       Beren. Chris astounds Angie, but he explains why her old friend
       is late.
Ch 5 : All characters make a holiday of the next few days: Richie gets
       close to Beren. Beren's father, Paul, is an archeologist and the 
       group visit the site and return to his house for tea. They find
       out Paul has studied Darius and has actually met the "current" 
       monk of that name.
       Richie, Chris, Beren, John and Angie go clubbing one last time
       and at the end of the evening the others wait in the parking 
       lot as Chris goes back for the keys he left in the club. All 
       except Beren are happily drunk, but Richie sobers quickly when he
       feels the prescence of another Immie. Two other men level guns
       at the mortals in the group and Richie is challenged by Craven
       Manheim. After a test battle one of his mortal henchmen shoots 
       Richie and kills him. All are loaded into a van and can't
       understand why a dead body is being handcuffed. Chris incoherently
       runs to get MacLeod.
Ch 6 : Richie awakens in the van. Manheim has captured him to play a 
       twisted trap and puzzels game: his life and those of his friends 
       are on the line. If he reaches the end without dying three times
       he gets to fight Manheim for real and his companions will be freed.
       Richie is given ten minutes to explain about Immies: Craven is 
       obviously insane. 
Ch 7 : Chris tells Mac what's happened, he's somewhat distressed because
       he felt everything Richie did. As he finishes his explaination
       he informs Duncan that his brother has woken, wherever he may be.
       The game begins for Richie.
       Duncan decides it's time to go and see Joe Dawson.
       Richie reaches the end of level room which he has to cross to save
       Angie and John.
Ch 8 : Last room involves ropes and climbing frames and at first it seems
       impossible. After a close shave something seems to guide Richie
       across the obsticles.
       Joe meets Chris and is astounded no watcher has ever noticed that
       twin Immies will one day be walking around.
       Richie reaches level two but dies at the crossing : poisoned.
       Chris feels it and in the exchange finds out Manheim's name.
Ch 9 : Richie wakes and starts level two.
       Dawson comes up with the information on Manheim: the would be
       rescuers leave to find his hideout.
       Richie has to fight four men to reach the end of level two and
       thanks to Mac's training he wins. The crossover to the next 
       phase is, however, once again leathal. Something about Richie 
       has changed when he wakes again: his guiding light is back.
       Level three is traversed easily. Mac and friends reach the house.
       There is no way to win the last room so Richie fakes his own death.
       Duncan challenges Manheim, but Richie storms in after having
       dealt with Craven's hirlings and demands the battle for himself.
       Richie is about to take his opponent's head when one of Manheim's
       mercenaries shoots Chris as he mistakes him for the Immie.
       The game divides as the quickenings of every Immie who died
       at mortal hands or by accident passes through Richie as Chris 
       dies for the first time and joins all Immies in the room. 
       They flee the building as the self-destruct goes off. 
Ch 10: Manheim is nolonger insane and prevents his henchmen from atacking
       anyone. They return to Duncan's appartment. Richie is 
       unconcious and is put to bed. Paul Danworth has turned up with
       a book that Darius told him to give to Duncan in a letter he
       couldn't read until that evening. Everyone trys to figure out 
       exactly what has happened: noone can read the book. The Immie
       realise they can no-longer bring themselves to kill any of 
       their companions, others, however, will not be a problem. Craven
       explains how he became the monster who had kidnapped Richie
       and friends. Chris, Madi and Beren choose to stay, the others
       leave to get some sleep.
Ch 11: Richie wakes first and gets up, notices the book and sits down
       to read it. Amanda turns up. The others recongregate and Richie
       explains the book is a diary of an Immie who forsaw the dividing 
       of the game and killed himself so his quickening could not 
       strengthen an evil Immie and prevent it. They are the alternative
       to the gathering: they share their quickenings : they are one.
       Richie shows that they can pass knowledge between them and explains
       they can increase in number. The game continues, but until all
       of the circle are dead there is an alternative.
CH 12: Duncan brings Amanda into the sharing on her request.
       Richie and Beren get it together at his home.