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Disclosures by Tasha

This is the third in the Dividing series, the others may be found at:
Dividing of The Ways


Part 22

The banging on Craven's front door could have woken the dead, and Madi was most surprised to find Richie outside when she came out of the kitchen. The happy couple really should have still been in the love nest, that they were on the doorstep of this house was quite a surprise.

"Beren's Immortal," were the first two words out of Richie's mouth as the pair half walked half ran through the door, "she can't die ... she's like us, sort of."

Most of this passed by the woman who had answered the door, she was only just awake. What did get through was that both young people looked very excited and the male of the two was going on about Immortality. Richie did have a good excuse, along with just finding out his wife healed, she had decided to go the whole hog and had killed herself with the kitchen knife. He'd had a very frantic few minutes until she recovered, and he still wasn't exactly coherent.

"Slow down," Madi instructed as her brain kicked in, "what's this about Immortals. Is there a stranger in town."

"Beren," the blond man said, trying to reel his thoughts in, "the crystal, it was the Methuselah stone."

His friend wasn't sure whether to laugh or ring for a psychiatrist. Every sane Immortal knew that the Methuselah crystal was a myth. She wasn't quite sure what to say until Methos wandered into the hall. What was strange was that neither of then seemed to have noticed that Beren was unusual. It was only as the ancient Immortal wandered right up to the three other people that his eyes opened very wide.

"My god," he said and tried not to stare, "it wasn't a legend."

Madi knew she was missing something. This was big, really big, and it called for waking the whole house. There were Immortals in just about every room and they all ended up in the living room in various forms of undress. Partying was one thing that everyone had found themselves to be good at and the happy couple's presence raised more than one set of eyebrows. Once Kari managed to wake Chris, nothing had been able to stop him getting down the stairs.

As it turned out, there were only three people who could sense Beren with any certainty: Richie, Chris and Methos; Duncan, Amanda and Craven seemed to feel a vague something; Seleti said it was like someone walking over his grave; and Gregor, Madi and Kari said she was just the same as ever. Looking at things objectively, it seemed to be an age thing in most cases. The older the Immortal the stronger presence they received from the altered young woman, except of course for Richie, his twin and Seleti. The twins relationship with Beren could explain their ability to feel her, as for the newest member of the Dividing, he was just an exception to the rule.

It was becoming very clear that the blushing bride was not exactly the group's type of Immortal, but it was difficult to deny the evidence of her unique position, when she slit her hand open. Richie made a mental note to keep her away from sharp objects for a while.

The first thing Beren did when she saw Amanda was throw her arms around the woman and thank her for minutes on end. The young woman would never have said it, but even with all it's complications, she had craved Immortality. It wasn't exactly for herself she had wanted it, but the thought of one day leaving Richie on his own had terrified her.

This was her dream come true, and it was another thing to add to the list of completely incredible events that seemed to happen around these peculiar people. No one had thought to wake Joe who was sleeping in one of the downstairs rooms, but all the noise eventually drew him out. Richie immediately started to try and explain, at which point things became complicated, and an indication of the life to come was clearly underlined. Well at least it would give the Watchers something new to write up.

The End