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Disclosures by Tasha

This is the third in the Dividing series, the others may be found at:
Dividing of The Ways


This is the non ADULT version of part 21
For the ADULT Part 21 go here

Part 21

The shower lasted a long time as the pair did some interesting experimenting, but eventually they ran out of hot water. As the temperature turned tepid, they decided that they'd better turn it off. Two fluffy towels, some mad giggling and a room later, found them sprawled on the bed, mostly dry, and clad only as nature had intended.

"It's a shame to waist good bubbly," Beren said as he eyes fell on the bucket, and she made a dive for the bedside table before Richie could catch her.

The cork hit the ceiling with a very satisfying pop, and Beren showed her expertise by not even spilling a drop of the amber liquid as she poured it into the glasses. Richie took the opportunity to throw the towels off the bed and arrange the pillows into a comfortable arrangement. The couple snuggled into them as the young woman passed her husband his alcohol.

"What shall we drink to?" she asked.

"To love," Richie replied calmly, "and friendship, and joy."

His sentiments were quite sincere now and she just reached out and took his hand.

"Love, friendship and joy," she said quietly, "forever."

The glasses tinkled as they met, and the happy couple drank slowly. Beren snuggled close to her new husband, glass still in hand, for now they were content just to be close.

They drank the champagne, they talked, they laughed, and they enjoyed themselves. It was well past midnight when the strangest thing happened, the jewel around Beren's neck began to glow.

Both young people's eyes opened in shock as they felt more than just the earth move. For Richie there was the sense of something familiar, for Beren, the sensation that ran up her spine was like nothing she had felt before. Her next action was totally from instinct and she flattened herself against her lover with the crystal between them both. When the item touched her skin it burned, but she could not pull away.

Richie had just about enough time to register surprise before his mind just switched off. There was no warning, no sensation, not even a vague indication, one moment he was lucid, the next he was out cold. Beren felt him relax beneath her and whimpered as the burning sensation began to spread. It filled every nerve and every cell with pure agony, but she could not cry out. Silent tears ran down her face, and then her world exploded. Her conscious brain lasted about five seconds and then she fell on top of her husband, senseless.

Chris and Karina had disappeared upstairs shortly after Richie had kindly warned his brother that life was going to be somewhat awkward. The pair had enjoyed themselves almost as much as the wedded couple, but they hadn't had their minds on staying power. By the time anything peculiar happened, Kari was drifting off to sleep in her lovers arms and he was just trying to ignore his twin. When Chris passed out, his partner just assumed he'd gone to sleep.

The party was dying down, but Craven had put no time limit on the celebrations and people were still enjoying themselves. Duncan had just asked Madelaine to dance, which left Methos and Amanda sitting next to each other on the back veranda.

"I don't care what Immortality is supposed to cure," the woman said as she kicked off her shoes, "nothing can repair my feet. There's only so much dancing I can take."

Her companion just snorted in his beer. The watched their respective partners twirl in a gentle waltz and both fought down the irrational jealousy they experienced.

"So," Methos said to divert his mind, "what was that gift you gave Beren? I kept thinking I should recognise it ... it wasn't the Star of Africa was it?"

They were slightly merry, the alcohol had been flowing all night. The comment actually drew a laugh from the ex-thief.

"No," she replied lightly, "for a change it really was mine to give. I had to steal it back off the Watchers since they'd been looking after it, but I knew I was supposed to do it."

"Watchers?" she definitely had her companion's attention.

She smiled at him and took another sip of wine.

"They had most of it in the Paris headquarters," she told him, "they took it from where I hid it. Y'know when I put the last piece in it actually changed. It was all knobbly and it turned into this round crystal."

Her mind was wandering.

"Amanda, what was it?" Methos' voice was very firm.

"The Methuselah stone," the female Immortal replied and slumped back against the wall. "It's supposed to make mortals Immortal you know."

The ancient man next to her just looked stunned. He opened his mouth to say something, lost that train of thought as another one barrelled into it and then just sat back next to her.

"Nice present," he said finally and Amanda's head slowly made contact with his shoulder.

She'd fallen asleep: Methos went back to his beer.

His arm coming back to life woke Richie and he opened his eyes to find Beren asleep on his chest. There was no way to get out of their current position without disturbing her and so as gently as he could he rolled her onto the pillows beside them. It was as she began to stir and he caught sight of the now empty chain around her neck that how they came to be in that position came flooding back. The crystal was totally gone and on Beren's chest, just below her right breast there was a round white mark.

The panic that was running through him dimmed somewhat when she smiled at him sleepily.

"Good morning, my love," she said dreamily, "sleep well?"

"Ah, yes," he returned slowly. "Um, Beren, do you remember what happened last night."

"Definitely," she said with a grin on her face, "every last blissful sec ..."

Her mind caught up and suddenly her hand went to her chest. She looked at the empty chain with wide opened, slightly frightened eyes.

"Where did it go?" she asked quietly.

Her husband shrugged.

"I don't care when we're supposed to be at the airport," he said firmly, "we're going to find out what Amanda gave you before we leave."

There was no argument from Beren.

It didn't take long to get ready and Richie headed downstairs a few minutes before his wife. He headed outside to check the garage whilst she finished putting her clothes on, and it was as he came back in the house that they were both in for a shock. Beren was just coming down the stairs and the tingling sensation was unmistakable. They stared at each other in stunned silence.

His wife did not feel like a normal Immortal, in fact the feeling coming from her was particularly alien, but Richie could sense her and she could sense him. A drunken evening at Mac's place came flooding back to the blond Immortal: Amanda had been persuaded to explain why she carried a crystal around her neck. They had all laughed about the Methuselah stone that night, Richie didn't think it was so outrageous now.

"I felt you," she said from her position half way up the stairs, "I felt you come in."

They'd been too busy getting up to notice before, but now as the initial contact faded, the quite warning that their companion was not normal remained with each individual.

"I know," Richie replied slowly.

He was caught between the seemingly impossible hope that rose in him, the logical part of his character which said this was a mistake and the part of him that felt suddenly afraid. He walked up the stairs and took her hand.

"Let's go to the kitchen," he said and led her down and round the corner.

By silent consent he pulled a knife out of the first drawer and drew a cut across his own hand. It sparked and healed in it's usual fashion. Beren offered her limb as soon as he wiped the blood off his. The tip of the blade was sharp and it cut easily as Richie touched the end of her middle finger. The wound bled for a second and then it glowed red before closing rapidly. The sound that came out of Beren's mouth was half amazed, half disbelieving.

"It healed," she said as if saying it might make it not true.

"The Methuselah stone," her husband said quietly, "the legend says it can make a mortal Immortal. Amanda gave you the Methuselah stone."

End of Part 21