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Disclosures by Tasha

This is the third in the Dividing series, the others may be found at:
Dividing of The Ways


Contains ADULT material

Part 20

The chauffeur smiled at the looks on their faces as he pulled into the drive of a two storey town house, with a modest front garden and trees all across it's front boundary. It was an oldish house, and looked to have three or four bedrooms. The veranda was dark oak, as was the front door and all the timbers that showed in-between the stone work. Neither of the couple could really believe what they were seeing.

"Have a nice life," their driver said as they piled out of the car, and with a tip of his hat he was gone.

"This is incredible," was all Richie could say as they walked up the steps to their new home, "it's so big."

As far as the young Immortal was concerned, a house with more than three room was huge. Beren just gave him the keys with a surprised smile that seemed stuck on her face. The first thing they came across was an envelope pinned to the front door. With a delicate hand, Beren reached for it and slowly tore it open.

From all of us to our dearest friends, we wish you every happiness. This is our gift to you, something we could do together. Don't bother to call, the phone's not connected yet, just go in and enjoy. We'll see you tomorrow when we make sure you make it to the airport. All our love ...

And at the bottom was everyone's signature.

Beren looked as if she was about to cry, and to hide the emotion that was clouding Richie's vision, he opened the door. It swung wide onto a dark hallway. The bride was all ready to walk over the threshold, tradition forgotten in her joy, but before she could do so she found herself swept into a strong pair of arms.

"Can't have you stepping in," her new husband said with a cheerful grin.

The realisation of the fact that he was really now her husband just about pushed her over the edge. She was so happy that she could no longer hold back the tears, and as they stepped into their new home she sobbed into Richie's shoulder. He in return just held her very tight.

Each door had a note of it's own pinned to it, and once Beren had recovered the couple went to the living room first.

Greetings love birds,

the bar's well stocked, and the champagne is one ice. Make sure you have a party as soon as you get back from the honeymoon, because there's some good stuff in there. Sorry we've relegated you couch to the back room, it just didn't go with our vision. Enjoy, and much love,

Madi and Adam

Apologies were in the region of completely absurd as the happy couple viewed the room. The three piece suit was real leather; the modest stereo from Richie's apartment now had several added extras; there was a large television in one corner with a video stowed underneath it; there was indeed a bucket containing champagne on a bar which filled one corner of the room; there were beautiful pictures on all the walls and a mirror above the fire place; and the carpet was a deep blue thick pile joy to walk on.

Beren and Richie clung to each other looking slightly stunned.

The next room appeared to be a study.

Working from home is a new fad, and it's really time Beren had a chance to educate her illiterate husband. All the mod cons, and the modem will work once the phone's connected. Enjoy you two.


Karina and Chris

There was a brand new PC on the desk; a large number of various subject books on lots of shelves; videos on another wall including the Video Karmasutra which Richie found highly amusing; and two filing cabinets.

The shock was beginning to wear off, but the overflowing happiness was abounding.

Next came the kitchen, not a small affair by any standards.

I hear you love to cook Richie, well I hope this will serve your purposes. You wouldn't have liked the old one.

Happiness to you both,


The oven was state of the art; the fridge and freezer could have held enough food to feed an army; the shelves and cupboards of oak, were well stocked with everything from utensils to spices; there was every sort of cook wear all over the place; and the tiles had been made up to a very individual design. Richie had a suspicion that Greg had designed them himself.

The pair moved onto the back room next.

Well I didn't have a lot of time, but our mutual friends have an amazing number of contacts. Every house deserves a games room, it livens up parties.

Many years of joy to you both,


There was a pool table, a pinball machine and a games console in the corner. The old sofa looked sort of out of place in amongst all the new equipment, but it gave the place a homey sort of atmosphere. Both young people couldn't help but let their eyes light up at the room. They even tried out the games machine before they moved on.

There was a downstairs loo, but they didn't linger there long and headed to the upper floor.

There was a sign on one door that said main bedroom and they decided to leave that `til last. Beren decided that she found the bathroom quite fascinating.

You didn't think I'd let them have all the fun did you?



The whole room was done out in avocado green, and all the metal work was unbelievably shinny. The bath was huge and two people could have climbed in quite easily. The couple grinned at each other as they both had the same thought. There was a wash basin with a mirror; a shower unit; and a water closet. All the fittings were in oak. The pair fled before they forgot themselves.

The two back bedroom had the same note on them.

I thought you may have guests from time to time, and it's always good to impress those who come to stay. Joy to you both,


Both rooms were almost identical, but they were so exquisite. The beds were king size and had brass ends, sculptured into a historic feel. Fleur de Lis designs adorned all the material in the rooms, but where one had a blue background the other was read. Each had a chest of draws and a wardrobe, and large, framed fantasy scenes adorned the walls. There were even crossed swords on either side of the adjoin wall.

There was one more room except the main bedroom, and it was empty. The little plaque on the door said "Junk room" with a big smilie next to it.

That left one more door to be opened and Beren's hand was shaking as she reached for the brass handle.

The most important room in the house, well we expect you'll be thinking that for a while. There's no substitute for a comfortable bed room. Enjoy bunnies,

Amanda and Duncan

The room was truly spectacular, and the couple were surprised to find it had an identical bathroom to that in the hall, ensuite. The bed was truly huge and filled a good third of the room. What made Beren's heart just quit beating was the fact that it was a four poster with a canopy of velvet curtains. It was covered in almost black silk sheets, although there was a large duvet rolled up on a linen chest. There were two oak chairs with large comfortable looking cushions on them; a walk in wardrobe; a large chest of draws, a full length mirror; and the carpet was so thick it could trip someone up.

They really didn't need to say anything to each other as they both looked around. The pair looked at each other and Richie's eyes lit up with mischief.

"Well they did say we should enjoy ourselves," he said with only one thought in his blue eyes.

Beren just grinned back.

"I'll go get the champagne," her husband told her and promptly tried to break the hundred meter's record on the way to the lounge.

When he returned his wife had one draw of the dresser open and there was an amused smile on her face.

"Found something interesting?" the man of her dreams enquired lightly.

"Oh, Amanda left us some toys," she said with a laugh in her voice and drew out one of the tamer items in the draws.

It was a silk scarf and when Richie looked over his lover's shoulder he had to laugh.

"I'm not sure I know what all of those are for," he said lightly and Beren turned and threw her arms around him.

"Well we'll have plenty of time to find out," the young woman told him with a large smile. "There's a shower in there you know."

Her eyes flicked to the door to the bathroom and there was a playful look in her gaze.

"I remember another shower," she said with an innocent bat of her eyelids.

"Oh really," the Immortal said lightly, "where was that?"

"I think your memory's better than that," was the quick reply and she danced out of his arms.

Before he had really caught up with what she was doing. She had taken the bottom of her velvet dress and pulled it straight over her head. She smiled at the look on his face, she hadn't been wearing anything underneath.

"Saves time," she said with an impish grin.

She kicked her pumps off with a sexy twist of her hips and let her hair down with her right hand. The only thing she hadn't taken off was the gift Amanda had given her, and she stood there with it's refracted rays playing off her skin. She moved to undo the clasp, but Richie stopped her.

"No, leave it on," he said and smiled, "it suits you."

The Immortal sauntered over with a self-confident swagger in his walk. He had the bucket of champagne in one hand and two glasses in the other. He ran one of the flutes down her shoulder, and she shivered at the chill sensation. The young woman didn't, however, make any move to stop him.

"Why don't you get the water running," he whispered in her ear, "and I'll join you in a second."

"Don't make me wait too long," was the sweet reply.

He watched as she lightly stepped towards the bathroom, and wandered over the threshold. He had to remind himself to put the champagne down as her beautiful behind disappeared through the door. As he started on the buttons of his shirt, he heard the shower start, and it seemed to take a frustratingly long time to pry each plastic disc from it's slot. A near by chair became a good place to hang his clothes and his black trousers soon followed the top.

Steam was already filling the shower cubicle as he opened the door, and Beren just gave him a sidewards glance. She had her head under the stream of water, and the moisture ran down over her back as long wet hair guided it into thin rivers. As he stepped in behind her she reached out to the control and gave it a quick twist. The gentle stream of droplets became a torrent which covered them both.

Strong arms entwined her from the back as Richie pressed close to Beren and let the cascade soak their skin. They let the water do the caressing and just stood there for a long moment, bodies touching, but still. It was the Immortal who moved first and he reached for the shower cream. His lover leaned back and rested her head on his shoulder as he began to rise a soft lather on the flat of her stomach. His hands were gentle but insistent as they slowly worked the bubbles over her whole torso. Her breasts tingled at his touch and she murmured as he lathered her sides with even strokes.

As he moved onto her shoulders she leant forward again, into the stream of water and he slowly moved her hair out of the way. Strong fingers found every muscle and made it sing to his song. Richie took his time as he let his hands slid over her wet back and paused a while, massaging the nape of her spine. Beren rested her hands on the tiled wall to prevent herself overbalancing as she let her eyes close.

Slowly his hands slipped lower, and spread fingers danced over her buttocks in the most delightful fashion. Gentle limbs ran over each cheek and then down the back of her legs, causing murmurs of contentment. When he came close to her again she could feel the hardness of his erection pushing against her leg and she tried to turn, but he embraced her and prevented it. As he slid one knee along the inside of her thigh she realised what he was asking, and smiled.

As he ran one hand between her legs she pushed her bottom out and gave him full access. It was an interesting manoeuvre on a slick shower floor, but the couple were very dedicated to their occupation. Beren was already slick and ready for him, she had no trouble fanning her desire. She lent forward, he bent his knees and gently he entered her from behind. A groan of pleasure escaped from her lips as their bodies locked together and Richie brushed his hands over her hips. Beren clung to the shower control as he moved against her, and she pushed back on him firmly.

The unusual nature of the position caused beautiful sensations in both bodies, but as her lover began a gentle rhythm, Beren wanted more. As if reading her mind, Richie reached out and entwined his fingers over the back of one of her hands. Like a guide he used her own palm to trace patterns over her stomach and then on downwards. Their interlaced hands pushed through the tangle of black hair covering her mound and parted the moist lips. The stimulation from front and back was driving the young woman insane.

Her body moved with every caress, and her husband's powerful limbs held her. His muscle's trembled as his own desire showed through and the couple enjoyed each other's bodies. It was not difficult to know when Beren was nearing climax: she had started making small noises as she lost herself in enjoyment, and the closer she came, the louder the moans. There was no holding back here, and with a satisfied groan she pushed back against him, hard. Her muscles tensed and gripped him tightly, causing Richie to let out his own sound of appreciation. Their arms entwined and their bodies pressed close as they allowed themselves the pleasure of total release.

They enjoyed the closeness for a few moments as the sexual climax passed, but it was not an easy position to maintains. Almost reluctantly they drew apart, and now Richie let Beren turn.

"Thank you, my husband," she said, gazing into his eyes, "that was wonderful."

The Immortal just smiled and drew her into an embrace.

End of Part 20