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This is the third in the Dividing series, the others may be found at:
Dividing of The Ways


This is the ADULT version of Part 18

Part 18

As far as the outside world were concerned Adam spent the next three days getting to grips with a sword Duncan had given him, and talking to all the members of the Dividing. There were several exhibitions of the `new' Immortal's untrained prowess with the weapon, for the benefit of the Watchers, as well as some fairly unsubtle hints about Madi's interest in him. When they weren't showing their shadows what they wanted seen, the group were congratulating themselves and revelling in the new openness they could show around Methos.

When Madi took Adam aside when she, Duncan and he, were practising in the woods, and proceeded to passionately kiss him for several minutes, his Watcher was not particularly surprised. The man wrote it down in his note book with a small smile on his face. It was now time for the final stage of the operation.

That evening, Methos climbed into Madelaine's car instead of his own and the drove to her apartment. For full view of the cameras, when they climbed out of the vehicle she took him by the hand and led him to the entrance. When the curtains closed the Watcher below decided he knew exactly what was going on.

"Alone at last," Adam said as they shut out the outside world, "com'ere."

He pulled Madi into his arms as if his life depended on her and his fingers entwined in her hair. It had seemed like they were apart for such a long time, even though it had only been days. Their bodies pressed against each other with very real passion and the kiss was far more desperate than the one they had so carefully staged for the world. The blonde woman's nails clawed at her lover's clothes and he moaned at the sensation.

"Want to move into the bedroom?" Methos asked with one eyebrow raised as he took a moment to just pull back.

"Well the carpet's kind of hard on the rump," his companion returned with a smile, "but whatever turns you on is fine by me."

The brought a wicked grin from Adam as a few images ran through his head. They'd talked about certain fantasies before and Madi wondered what was going through his head this time.

"How do you fancy being a love slave," he enquired mischievously.

"Anything for you, Master," was her reply and she dramatically draped herself over him.

That made both of them laugh, but it didn't stop Methos from sweeping the quite petite woman into his arms. The bedroom would be much more comfortable and he kicked the door open with one foot. He placed her on the bed and she just lay there, looking up at him with big soulful eyes. She'd chosen a front button skirt and top for her outfit today and this was perfect as far as her lover was concerned.

"Just relax," he said quietly.

One by one he unfastened each attachment, starting at the neck line with the blouse and the bottom with the skirt. He left the material draped over her shapely legs and the waist band still done up, but continued his attentions on the cotton top. He couldn't keep the twinkle out of his eyes when he revealed to the room that Madi had chosen not to wear anything under the material today. She closed her eyes and pushed her head back as he ran his hands up her sides and then brought them to rest cupped gently over her breasts. His thumbs circled slowly as ever so gently his forefingers brushed her nipples. Madi let out little sighs as shots of pleasure danced around her body.

He pushed the material away from her shoulders and left trails of little kissed in it's wake. One arm slowly reached under her back and carefully lifted her off the bed slightly, allowing him room to remove the loose blouse completely. She just lay there, under his tender care, as he played the master.

Much to her surprise he did not remove her skirt next, he just slowly parted the material. She could feel the gentle throbbing at her centre become more pronounced as his careful ministrations caused more than a little anticipation. When his fingers hooked over the elastic of her white, rosebud covered panties, it was all she could do not to throw herself at him. He smiled at the look of want in her eyes, but he knew she would not move to help - in this game it was his turn to do all the work.

She was not expecting his next move either, and hadn't noticed what his sharp eyes had found when they entered the room. As he discarded her underwear to the corner of the room, leaving her nestled in the soft material of her skirt he moved back to her upper body. He ran his finger along the length of her arms and very gently took hold of both wrists. He pushed them up above her head and held them with one hand as the other fished for something on the floor. As it came back with the belt from her towelling bath robe her eyes twinkled.

So he wanted to play it that way. She just stared up at him supplicatingly as he proceed to tie her hands to the iron wrought bedstead. He gently stroked the inside of her arms and down her sides once more, before standing up and stepping away from the bed. He was still fully clothed, and with the grace of a dancer, started to strip for her.

He certainly knew what to take off when. As he undid the belt of his trousers and just the button at the top, pulling his shirt out and leisurely unfastening it, Madi found herself straining against her bonds. She relaxed back as soon as she realised she was doing it, but the wicked grin on Methos' face showed her he'd noticed. He seemed to peel off each layer with agonising slowness, and his lover's body was aching by the time he actually got around to taking off his jeans.

The black briefs he wore hid very little and it gave Madi a little satisfaction that she was not the only one who was definitely aroused. She gave an encouraging little twist of her hips when he suddenly just stopped moving and let his eyes run all over her body. Methos was definitely not averse to teasing his lover somewhat, even though he knew he'd pay for it later, and he still took his time.

He wandered around the bed a few time, still in his underwear, and took in the sight of her from all angles. Then in one quick move he removed the briefs and dropped them to the floor. Madi was so aroused she couldn't stifle the moan that escaped her lips.

"What will you do for me?" he asked seductively as he slowly sat down on the edge of the bed, almost within reach but refusing to touch her.

"Anything," she said, her voice full of desire, and she truly meant it.

His hand ran up the inside of her leg slowly and she shivered in pleasure. He pushed he knees apart gently and carefully climbed onto the bed. The outside of his thighs rubbed the inside of hers as he bent over her, his body millimetres from touching hers.

"Do you want me?" he whispered.

"Yes," was the breathless reply.

Madelaine had no qualms about letting him dominate her, they often played this game the other way around, and it worked just as well both ways as far as she was concerned. Just the lightest touch of his skin was enough to draw a delighted gasp from her mouth.

He lowered himself slowly, showing just how much strength was is his wiry frame, and he slid against her with tantalising restraint. Her knees came up to brush his sides, and her eyes pleaded with him to complete what he had started. She would not speak, in this scenario it was not her place, but quite frankly she was begging with every other means she had.

The desire was hot in Methos' eyes as well, and he kissed her firmly. She tried to push against him, but he wouldn't let her get too close. He was in control and things would happen when he chose, not that he could wait much longer himself. His teeth nibbled at her bottom lip gently and her tongue dart out to taste him. His was just as he let the tip of his meet hers that he finally pushed downwards into her and the kiss was lost as her back arched and her head went back.

After the anticipation it was incredible to feel him within her and she pushed back hard, trying to claim as much of him as possible. He pulled back only slightly before driving into her again and making her cry out with pleasure. Methos had had plenty of practice in the art of driving a woman to distraction, and he gave her everything he knew. Their bodies parted and came together in a slow, seemingly perpetual rhythm, as again and again he pushed against her centre.

Each time she came closer to the edge, and she could feel him straining to keep control of his own passion. Her back arched and his hands slipped underneath, drawing them closer together. Gradually his thrusts became more eager and she began to unconsciously strain against the towelling belt that held her hands. She wanted to hold him, and yet at the same time, the way she had no means to free herself made this all the more exciting.

She knew she was going to loose it the moment he pulled away the last time, and the tension in her body told Methos as much. As he pushed down, she pushed up and they came together with an explosive force. She almost screamed at the shuddering spasms which took her body, and seconds later her lover buried his face in her shoulder taken by his own orgasm which hers had triggered.

He was still shaking as they slowly relaxed onto the bed and she made a small metal note to sew the button back onto her skirt. The garment was still under her, it was just no longer around her. Methos didn't make a move to get off her, but he did reach for the knot in the belt that held her. As it came undone she smiled at him and just wound herself around him like a limpet.

"I hope you didn't let go completely just then," she said with a wicked smile that far surpassed the one he had shown her earlier, "because I think it's pay-back time."

"Oh really," he whispered, "that sounds like fun."

Methos the Immortal had a secret that not many people knew: he was the master of the multiple orgasm. Well he had had plenty of years to practice.

When they'd finally had enough of exploring each other bodies they decided it was time to make sure the Watcher in the parking lot below was sure that Adam had become part of the Dividing. A small display of exchanging Quickenings next to the closed curtains meant that the poor man actually got to see something. The blue flashed were duly noted and it was at that point that the cold, tired individual decided to go home.

Now holding Madi close and pushing part of his own Quickening at her was a most exhilarating experience as far as Methos was concerned, but it had one draw back. Both of them looked at each other and found a renewed eagerness to find out exactly what made the other go `ahhh', but unfortunately neither had the energy to follow through.

"I hope they appreciate what we've done for their benefit," Methos said lightly as he watched the car drive away. "I have these wild urges, but I think I'll be asleep before my head hits the pillow."

"Well there's always tomorrow morning, darling," Madi said with a smile, and the pair half carried each other back to the bed.

For once Adam's prediction was completely accurate. He was asleep in seconds and his lover just brushed a stray hair out of his face and kissed him good night.

End of Part 18