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This is the third in the Dividing series, the others may be found at:
Dividing of The Ways


Part 17

It was dark and the three Watchers were, to put it bluntly, a little merry as the half walked, half staggered down the alley. At least Graham was well past his normal tolerance of alcohol, the other two were doing a very good impression of happily drunk. Joe and Adam had been feeding a pot plant all night, whilst their friend became intoxicated, the upcoming event called for precision timing.

"We should do this more often," Adam said loudly as he felt the presence of another Immortal, and his silver haired companion slipped an arm under the crook of Graham's elbow.

The two wandered away from their companion just slightly, and the Immortal moved towards the very dark spot he had chosen a couple of days ago. He'd picked out a light polo neck and nothing else for under his long coat, there would be nothing to deflect the blow that Greg had agreed to deliver.

A few seconds past and then everyone was in position, Adam on one side of the small alley and his companions towards the other wall.

"God, it's dark in here," were Methos' next words, and his friend took his cue instantly.

The figure that darted out of the shadows was in black from head to foot, with a Balaclava pulled down to obscure his face. His right hand held a vicious looking knife and he waved it menacingly in Adam's direction.

"Everyone stay where they are," the voice that came out of Gregor's mouth wasn't even close to his own, it seemed that the Immortal had a talent for disguise. "Now give me your money and no-one gets hurt."

The three Watchers just stared at him stupidly for a moment. It was obvious that even Graham had sobered very quickly at the danger, but the remnants of the alcohol kept him from really thinking. It was just as the others had planned, and the middle aged Watcher was to be the witness, not a participant.

"Look, we don't have much," Adam said in his normal placid tones, "just don't do anything with that knife and you can have it all."

He reached into his coat for his wallet as Gregor did a good impression of a half crazed junkie. There was the glint of metal as Adam pulled his hand out of his pocket, and his friend moved.

"Gun," he almost yelled and ran in instantly.

It happened so quickly that afterwards, Graham could never quite say exactly what went on. The knife was sharp and Gregor was very accurate. It slipped between Adam's ribs and into his heart mercifully quickly. The look of surprise on Methos' face was real as he collapsed to the floor, it was a long time since he had died like this and he had forgotten what it was like. The hip flask that had caused the glint, tumbled from his hand along with his wallet, and before the other two could react, Gregor had grabbed both and vanished into the night.

The only sound in the alley was a low rasping breath as the two older looking Watchers remained frozen. The shock was etched into Graham's features and it was long second before the tableau broke into movement. Joe reached his friend first and was just in time to see Adam die. His eyes looked up once, he smiled slightly and then, with blood trickling out the side of his mouth he passed into whatever equated to death for an Immortal.

"Call an ambulance," Joe said, his voice holding a very good imitation of pain and anger.

It was not all fake either, he really had just lost a friend. He could still remain in contact with Methos, but not in the same way he had with normal Adam. The Watcher, Watcher relationship was at an end, from now on this man was openly on the other side of the line.

Everything had been timed down to the minute, and Anne had just come on shift when the ambulance arrived. She took charge immediately and Joe and Graham were left in the hallway as their obviously dead friend was wheeled into the emergency room. The trauma surgeon even made a good effort trying to save the Immortal with the knife sticking out of his chest. It was a good few minutes before she and her team decided it was hopeless and they called a halt.

"Cover him up," she said eventually, "he's gone. I'll go and talk to his friends. Anyone know his name?"

Everyone looked blank, they hadn't gotten around to that bit yet.

"Don't worry," the doctor said calmly, "I'll find out."

With a resigned look on her face, Anne stripped off the bloody gloves and apron and headed into the corridor. Her colleagues tidied the body up slightly and then went on with their busy jobs.

"Joe," the doctor greeted with a sad smile, "I'm so sorry, we did everything we could. Your friend died a few minutes ago. The knife penetrated his heart."

"Oh no," Graham said under his breath, "he can't be dead, he's so young."

Anne patted him on the arm gently and tried to give him a bolstering smile.

"He didn't suffer," she said evenly.

The two Watcher's remained silent for a moment, and Joe let his companion mourn their friend.

"Can we see him?" the silver haired man asked eventually.

"Sure," the doctor returned stoically, "this way."

There was only one nurse still in the room when the three people entered, and a quick smile from Anne sent him to other work. In death, Methos' face really did look young. His natural cynicism and quick humour often hid the age he always remained, but lying there it was obvious. The white sheet covered the wound that had killed him and as Graham looked at his friend he appeared close to tears.

"We were having such a good time," the Watcher said quietly and Joe patted him on the back. "I hope the police get the bastard who did this."

"Damn," Joe said slowly, "we didn't call them yet."

"I'll do it," Anne offered calmly and both men nodded.

It was as she turned to go that there was a painful cough.

"Oh my god," it was Graham's totally shocked voice.

At first it was instinct that was leading Methos and he sat up, clutching his chest before he could stop himself. What had happened and why soon came flooding back, however, and his hazel eyes opened to stare blankly at his friends. This Immortal did an incredible rendition of confusion and fear as his one time colleagues just stared at him.

"What happened?" he asked almost desperately.

The sheet had fallen forward and the drying blood all over his chest was obvious. His shirt had been virtually shredded, and there was growing horror on his face as he looked around.

"Joe, what happened to me?" the appeal was so heart felt that it even snapped Graham out of his very real shock.

It was the more senior Watcher who took charge, however, and he put a hand on his friends arm calmly.

"It's okay, Adam," he said as if talking to a child, "you'll be fine. We just have to get you out of here."

He turned to his companion.

"Graham, look after him," he instructed quickly and turned to Anne. "Can you loose him in the system and get us a way out?"

They all should have been nominated for Oscars as the surgeon nodded and set about plan A.

All the wheels ran smoothly, and exactly to time. That night they got Methos back to Joe's place, where they cleaned him up and tried to reassure him. Adam really did seem like a new Immortal who was horrified and confused with his condition, and when Joe finally sent Graham home it was almost a surprise to find a comfortable, happy man sitting in his living room.

"Well I think that went well," was the ancient Immortal's comment as the Watcher sat down.

Joe just smiled.

"Welcome to Immortality," he said with a laugh.

The word spread very fast, and the news that Adam Pierson had turned out to be Immortal was through the entire Watcher community by the next day. As expected every door in that direction was now closed to the young looking man and the only one of his former colleagues who would talk to him was Joe. The sudden revelation of Immortality caused an instant reorganisation in the relevant parts of the Watcher network, but as predicted they would not interfere with a new Immortal.

The next afternoon saw Methos sitting in the bar, nursing a bottle of whiskey, showing the world the face of a man who's life had just fallen apart. He made no move to talk to anyone and just stared at the tattoo on his wrist for minutes on end, between swigs of alcohol. The only thing he would say to Joe was an order for more drink, and just about everyone left him alone.

At four o'clock precisely, the next phase of the plan began. There were two Watchers in the bar when Adam's face screwed up as if in pain, and his fingers clawed at his temples. His eyes shot to the door with an accusing stare and Richie walked. The `new' Immortal glared at the interloper for a moment and then just stared back at the counter.

Joe and the blond newcomer passed a look as if to say, I see what you mean, and then the Immortal walked up to his friend.

"Hi, Adam," he said amiably, "I heard you could use a friend."

That drew a drunken, half maniacal laugh from the seated Immortal.

"I'm a Watcher," he said with a slur in his voice, "Immortals and Watchers can't be friends."

The younger man leant on the bar and looked concerned.

"I'm sorry, Adam," he said slowly, "but we don't get a choice about what we are. You're one of us now, you have to accept that."

The response was instant and like a volcano exploding.

"I don't have to accept anything," the young looking man yelled and literally took a swing as Richie. "I'm not like you, I can't be."

The blond man caught the arm thrown at him and simply deflected it, pushing Adam back down onto his stool before he could have another go.

"It happened," the younger looking man said quietly, "you can't change that. When you finally realise that, we'll be there for you. You don't have to go through this alone, but if you don't come to terms with it you're going to end up dead, permanently."

With his part played, Richie turned on his heel and left the building. Methos went back to his drink.

Stage two complete, Richie handed the baton to Madelaine, who took up the cause most gratefully. It was entertaining playing at being a total stranger, almost like some interesting fantasy. It was getting on for dark and Methos had moved to a shadowed corner of the bar when his lover walked in. This time he didn't even react to feeling of her approach, and she was standing beside the table before he so much as looked at her.

"Ignoring others like that can be bad for your health," she commented quietly as he glared at her sullenly.

"What do I care," was the bitter reply.

She raised her eyebrows at the response, but did not rise to it. Instead she sat down and waved at a waitress.

"Two coffees," she order with a smile as the young woman walked over.

Methos was staring at his wrist again when the female Immortal looked back.

"Richie told me what you said to him," she started calmly, "I'm Madi by the way, but I suspect you already knew that. We only want to help you."

"I don't want anything from you," her lover shot back with theatrical finesse.

It was hard for Madelaine not to reach for him and just wrap him in her arms as his acting even brought emotions into her mind. In his many years on earth, Methos had learnt to appear to be many things, and he was very good as seeming to be what he was not.

Silence fell for a moment as the coffees were placed before them. The bar had several patrons now, unlike the afternoon, and the two Immortals kept their voices low.

"You might not want it," Madi told him and pushed the caffeine loaded drink under his nose, "but you need it. The news that there are so many of us here keeps some away, but one day you're going to bump into an Immortal who is not as friendly as we are. You're depressed, but I don't think you're suicidal."

He tried to glare at her, but it was time for the argument to start working and his gaze softened slightly. She smiled at him and took a sip of her own coffee, eventually he picked up his cup.

"I know it's difficult," she continued as he drank, "I lost everything when I became Immortal. You can't be a Watcher any more, but at least you don't have to pretend you're dead. We don't want you to immediately swear loyalty to us, you have a choice in that, but we do want to help you survive. Duncan MacLeod has been taking fledglings under his wing for decades, and he's quite willing to do the same for you."

At that comment Methos had to work hard to keep a smile from his face. His mind conjured the most absurd picture of Mac with ten foot feathers.

"Your mortality is over, Adam," Madi summed up beautifully, "not your life."

They just sat there looking at each other for a while, until the ancient Immortal finally reminded himself that he wasn't here to get lost in his lover's eyes.

"No strings?" he asked quietly.

"No chains either," his companion returned gently.

Much to Adam's Watcher's surprise, the couple left together a few minutes later.

End of Part 17