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This is the third in the Dividing series, the others may be found at:
Dividing of The Ways


Part 16

Richie's twin felt the pain of his side wound for only a moment. The cut was not deep and it quickly began to heal, but what it did do for him was provide a deep focus. Chris knew Richie was with him, knew that his brother leant him all he could, but they were still separate beings. As the danger rose and his brother was injured, Richie gave up all desire for self and gave everything he had to his sibling. In terms of the fight they merged completely and the less experienced of the two began to move with the strength of two. One peculiar creature, they drew themselves up and this strange entity attacked it's opponent.

The fury of the blow that met Seleti's sword almost forced the blade out of his hand, but he was old and experienced enough to dance backwards still armed. Instinct told him that something about his adversary had changed, and there was nothing of the grieving Immortal he had met left in the young face. For the first time his confidence was not enough to make him certain as to the outcome of the fight. Not since he was young had this man felt the slow stirring's of fear.

The African was not, however, a child, and he put his anxiety to one side with his warrior training. Doubt would definitely bring about the death he saw in the other man's eyes. They exchanged a few more blows, this time with Chris very much in a dominant position. A need to distract his opponent settled into Seleti's brain.

"You fight well for a man who has nothing to go back to," he spat between thrusts.

He was outclassed with the sword, even though he did not know how, and he was sure of it. His only hope lay in taking the fighting spirit out of the blonde Immortal.

"She's not dead," Chris threw back instantly, well aware of the tactics Seleti was trying to use against him and sending them straight back. "You should have looked closer, she is one of us."

The news almost caused the dark skinned man to miss a step and his opponent allowed him no respite. The momentary shock was gone quickly, but not fast enough to keep up a totally solid defence. The younger Immortal moved in with lightening speed, forcing the swords hilt to hilt. His foot came up and struck mercilessly at his opponent's shin, hitting it with breaking force. There was a bone wrenching crack, a scream of pain, and Seleti was falling backwards. The ferocity of the attack and it's manner had caught him off guard, he was as good as beaten as his hand lost it's grip on his sword. It seemed like time had slowed down for the vanquished Immortal as he watched the blade fall to the ground, away from him as he tumbled to the dusty earth. The agony of the broken limb was secondary to the complete certainty that these were the last moments of his life. His eyes followed his opponent's sword as it arced through the air, throwing light into the night, and flying true to it's target.

Chris' rage was almost complete and he could taste the victory, but he was not the only mind in his body. Richie's persona may have been the submissive half on this merging, but his reasoning was still there. He felt anger at the way this man had chosen to initiate a challenge, but he was not consumed by it in the heat of battle. Where his presence had helped bring about Seleti's defeat, it also saved the other Immortal's life. The sword moved as if with a will of it's own, but stopped just short of decapitating it's victim.

Both Immortals were totally still as young gazed into the eyes of old as the tableau held. The blade only a few millimetres from the African's neck kept him from even blinking. A glimmer of hope slipped into his mind as he perceived his opponent's unwillingness to kill him, but he was well aware that his life hung by the merest thread.

"It doesn't have to be like this," the words were dragged out of Chris by a need much greater than the Game.

His soul spoke where his head was not so sure it wanted to follow, yet he had no choice. Seleti saw his chance to escape death's clutches, but if there was one thing he was not, it was a liar.

"Yes it does, boy," he returned evenly, "this is the way it has always been and ever shall be. Kill me or leave, that is your choice, but it does not stop the Gathering."

"There is another way," the younger Immortal found himself insisting, "it has just not been seen before. I am not afraid to take your head, M'boku Seleti, but I do not see a man before me who wants to die. You have a choice, you can lay down your life, or you can take my hand. Either way there will be no turning back."

Chris did not offer his limb just yet, he stood there and waited. At first the expression on his opponent's face was confused, unsure, but slowly the beginnings of an idea showed in his features.

"Is it all of you?" he asked quietly. "Is that why there are so many of you in one place?"

A curt nod was all he received in reply, the blond Immortal's patience was almost up.

"You give me no choice, child," Seleti said eventually. "You have beaten me, my head is forfeit, I would much rather keep it though I do not claim to understand what that means."

He reached out his hand. Maybe treachery was on his mind, a plan to kill the boy once his back was turned, but once he had given himself to the Dividing, nothing could take it back. Chris' finger grasped those of the outstretched limb and the lightening flew. The look of surprise on Seleti's face was worth a thousand words.

Beren heard her lover's scream from down stairs and nothing would have stopped her from reaching him. She flew out the door and down the stairs as if the devil was on her heels. She left the other two occupants of the loft staring at each other with startled understanding. Very slowly, Amanda's face broke into a smile as the slightly stunned feeling turned into relief.

"He did it," Kari said in a whisper, "Chris beat him."

It was time for the ancient Immortal's second shock of the evening as her companion suddenly threw her arms round her and began to cry and laugh at the same time. It seemed that Karina was very emotional of late.

Richie was kneeling on the floor, trying to catch his breath as the side door banged open loudly. Duncan had picked up his sword from where he had dropped it several seconds before, but he had known he could not help his young comrade and was just waiting for it to be over. Beren, on the other hand did not hold back, she threw herself to the ground next to he love and immediately tried to see if he was all right.

"Oh god, you're bleeding," were her first words, as an instinct to heal his wounds overcame her.

The fact that he was Immortal and probably already healed never came into her head, as human urges overcame all else. Richie was only just coming back to his senses and she'd already lifted his top and was trying to find the source of the blood before he realised what she was doing. The Highlander could have stepped in at that point, but prudence left the two young people to it.

"Darling," Richie said gently and caught Beren's hand, "it's okay, I'm fine. It's over, the wound's gone and Chris'll be home soon."

He smiled at her warmly as she stopped her frantic movements and looked up. Reality was beginning to dawn in her eyes, and she couldn't help but feel a little foolish. His smile turned into a grin and he enveloped her in a fierce hug.

"I love you," he said with total certainty.

The relief flooded through Beren, and she just let herself be held for a while. She hadn't realised how much tension was in her until that moment and she let Richie's arms take it all away. The Immortal looked up at his mentor and his gaze said thank you even though he stayed silent. They were all safe for another night and that felt very good.

The man on the ground didn't know what to say, he just sat there with his mouth open. The feeling inside him was incredible, and doubt was suddenly impossible. Chris had retained his feet, although as the painful exchange of power ended his knees almost gave in. There was no need to explain, the details could wait for another time and Seleti already knew all the important bits. He could feel his companion, he could feel the others and it just took his mind away.

"What are we?" he asked in an awed whisper.

"Together," the younger of the two replied, "that is all that matters. Together we are one."

Nothing else needed to be said.

Seleti was one of them now, he would be welcome no matter what he had done before, but Chris returned alone to the dojo. The new member of the group had decided to go back to where he was staying and wait for morning and a clearer head to meet the others.

What happened the moment Chris walked through the door could have been very easily predicted. He just about managed to close the entrance of the gym behind him and he was hit but a very high speed young lady. Kari literally jumped on him, throwing her arms round his neck, and winding her legs round his waist. Luckily for both of them the older Immortal had prepared for such and event and they did not go sprawling over the floor.

"Glad to see you too," the twin said with a small chuckle as his lover nuzzled his neck.

He wound his arms around her and she sat back slightly so she could see his face.

"Sorry," she said with a little smile, "I just couldn't help it."

"Oh, that's okay, sweetie," Chris returned lightly, "I can take it. Fancy an early night?"

His lover grinned broadly and kissed him on the nose.

"Sounds like fun," she said mischievously, "but I think it might be a good idea to go say goodbye to the others first. Come to think of it, giving Beren and your brother a chance to get home as well, might save a few explanations."

"Oh, okay," the blond man said with a look of mock disappointment on his face, "if we have to."

It had been an exhausting couple of days for all concerned, but life had to go on, and all the Immortals and their friends alike turned back to normal tracks over the next week. Seleti was greeted by the group with the same enthusiasm as everyone else had been. They welcomed him and put aside his former deeds as the past. He seemed much more comfortable when he found out that he was not the only one to have transgressed, and not surprisingly he appeared to get on with Craven the best. The lone warrior rejoiced in the kinship he found, just as they all had, but by the following Tuesday it became obvious that he had some things to sort out. He was gone by the Wednesday morning, promising to return for the wedding, once he had settled some outstanding problems in his own life.

It was a bright morning, and Adrian was not feeling at his best as he sat in his car outside Richie's apartment. There had been a poker game at Joe's the previous evening and it had gone on `til four in the morning, with plenty of alcohol most of the time. It was only the message on his answering machine that had brought him all the way over, and made him crawl out of bed before at least ten o'clock. That was one advantage of being a Watcher ... he could choose his own hours. If he missed something important it was his own lookout.

The voice on the machine had been female with a very strange American accent, leaving no name, but who it was from had been quite obvious from the content. Only those privy to the fact that Adrian wasn't quite as distant from Richie as he should have been would have known, and the young Watcher appreciated the attempt at secrecy. It was possible his superiors were keeping an eye on him, and the effort did not go unnoticed.

When Richie came out of the apartment block he didn't so much as glance in his shadow's direction, just sat on his bike and prepared to drive off. Adrian let him get to the end of the road and then followed. It was like any other Watcher assignment, except that this time the brown haired man in the car did not have to work to keep his subject in sight. It was as Richie pulled onto the docks and drew to a halt that Adrian knew the Immortal was satisfied there were no other eyes on them.

The bespectacled young man drove up beside the motorbike and rolled down the window, to be greeted by a knowing smile.

"You look rough, pal," the Immortal commented cheerfully, "what was it, one of Joe's parties?"

"I thought it was us that were supposed to know what you've been up to," the Watcher returned, trying to keep the light out of his eyes, "not the other way round."

His companion just laughed and reached into his jacket.

"Yeah, well I've been to a couple of Joe's late night sessions," he responded lightly, "and I know what I felt like in the morning. That's where being Immortal has it's advantages, it didn't last too long. If I'd know I'd have arranged this meeting for a little later. What did you think of Beren's American accent, by the way?"

His right hand produced a small note book and passed it to his friend. As Adrian leafed through it, semi-legible hand writing became apparent.

"Interesting," the Watcher replied, with only half his mind on the conversation now, "did she help you compile this?"

"Yep," the blond man replied, enjoying the total concentration that spread over the other man as he glanced at page after page.

Adrian was slowly becoming engrossed in all the details that were set before him. Richie allowed him the luxury of forgetting he was there for a few minutes.

"Well, I have to get to the dojo," the Immortal said eventually and gave a small chuckle at the look of surprise on the Watcher's face as he spoke. "The rest of the names are there, and if you want me to answer any questions just call."

A smile spread across the other man's face as he snapped back to the real world and realised what he had done.

"Ah, yeah, sure," he said lightly, "sorry for drifting on you there, I was a little ..."

"Distracted," his friend finished for him with a grin, "I know the feeling. Be seeing you."

Richie pulled his helmet back on and revved the engine. He had some work to put in before the dojo opened and he disappeared quickly. Adrian just watched with a thoughtful look on his face, but as his Immortal vanished he couldn't resist looking back at book. His researching instincts took over and he'd read the entire thing before he started his car again.

End of Part 16