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This is the third in the Dividing series, the others may be found at:
Dividing of The Ways


Contains ADULT material

Part 14

They had fallen into bed, exhausted just after dawn, but sleeping through the day was not something either of them was good at. Which was why when Kari opened her eyes an hour or so before noon, Chris was already awake and lying next to her, smiling.

"You're adorable when you're asleep," he commented as she smiled back.

Her face straightened with mock disdain.

"Are you trying to say I'm not adorable when I'm awake?" she enquired with a haughty tone.

Chris just laughed and propped himself up and one elbow.

"Well if you're going to be like that," he said calmly, "I'm getting out of bed."

She snorted and slowly sidled towards him, a devious expression in her features.

"You think you're getting away that easily?" she said slowly. "I'll show you just what you're going to be doing."

Dying did funny things to Immortals, just like Quickenings, and Kari was no exception. She leaned close to him, their bodies only a few inches apart and one finger traced patterns on his chest as a small smile played at her lips. There was a hunger in her eyes, a need that she had no intention of denying, and Chris felt it's mirror flood into his system. She was his, he was hers, and the older Immortal chose to show her exactly how much he loved her.

He moved above her, strong legs straddling her as she rolled onto her back. Neither of them had bothered to wear anything to bed and naked skin pressed against bare flesh.

"Care to explain exactly what it was you had in mind?" Chris enquired playfully.

"Why don't you improvise?" she shot back and ran her hands over his chest with unsubtle intent.

She could almost see the thoughts wandering through his brain, and as she watched a sly grin spread across his features she knew that he had something special in mind.

"Don't move," he said mysteriously and rapidly threw himself half off the side of the bed.

He supported himself on one hand and used the other to open the bedside cabinet. What he hadn't counted on was the vulnerable position this would put him in, or the fact that Kari couldn't resist the urge that overcame her. His current posture meant that the covers had slipped down and his lover was presented by the view of an irresistible, tight ass. He gave a yelp, more of surprise than pain, as teeth playfully nipped at his rear end.

"I couldn't help it," Karina said with an innocent batting of her eyelids, as he rapidly turned and sat up.

The way his behind was tingling, Chris wondered if she'd taken a chunk out of it. His eyes narrowed with devilish intent at the expression on her face.

"I may have to punish you for that," he said and moved back towards her with a small bottle in hand.

With the eyes of an angel she looked at his through her long lashed.

"Promise?" was her next word.

They were nose to nose now and both of them were in very playful moods. Before he could reply she kissed him and he almost dropped the small container of oil that he was holding.

"What you got their?" his partner asked joyfully as she momentarily broke away.

"Oh, just some edible massage oil," his said with an innocent expression.

It was possible to see the light jump into her eyes.

"And what y'gonna do with it?" she enquired suggestively.

"Why don't you just lie back, relax, and find out?" was his unsubtle reply.

With a sweet little smile she let go of the hold she had on the back of his neck and lay down with a seductive wriggle of her torso. Chris had picked up the oil at a local store the other day, but so far there hadn't been an opportunity to use it. He was determined to enjoy the experimentation that now presented itself. With debonair flare he undid the cap with one hand and pushed all the covers out of the way with the other. The air was warm and Kari put one hand behind her head and waited.

Astride her once more, Chris poured just a little of the liquid onto his hands, rubbed them together and smiled mischievously. His first stroke covered her breast bone in oil, and she moaned encouragingly. Tantalisingly, his fingers stopped just short of her navel and from the dragging stroke they changed to a pushing, circular sweep that he worked back up to under her breasts. Index finger leading, thumb following, Chris swept round and up under his lover's arms, spread digits dancing back down over the top to finish the caress. Kari's back arched pushing herself into his hands as a pleasure filled sigh escaped her mouth.

The older Immortal had only just begun, however, and he proceeded to draw little noises of indulgence from his partner as he massaged, stroked and kissed just about every inch of her upper body. The touches, sometimes gentle, sometimes firm were enough to carry Karina away to a place where she began to forget where she was. When Chris leant down and began to lightly nibble her ear, whilst by some feet of contortion continued the caressing of her breasts she had to reach out and touch back.

One hand began to stroke the back of his neck and the other drew long lines down the length of his back. Just for a second he faltered and half relaxed against her as he was caught by the sensation. It was his turn to moan and he breathed in her scent deeply before pulling back once more. She let her arms fall back to the bed and smiled up at him as he looked down lovingly. With slow deliberation he reached for the bottle once more and moved further down the bed, off her and slightly to the side.

His hands were so soft as they smoothed the oil over her hips and under the curve of her stomach. She needed no encouragement as she moved to allow him to rub the liquid into her inner thigh. Strong, sensitive fingers worked over the top of her legs and around her pelvic bone in deliberate, easy strokes. Lying on the bed, arms stretched across the pillows, she looked like some naked goddess and Chris was not averse to pausing every now and then to appreciate the view. Just seeing her was quite enough to get his own juices flowing.

Now the older Immortal knew exactly what he was doing and his thumbs settled into gentle circles just above the gingery hair between her legs. The motion was slow and firm, and every movement brought little gaps from Kari's throat. She was in control of very little that her body was doing as she surrendered to the shots of pleasure, and she didn't care. Just about then the world could have ended and she wouldn't have given a damn. Chris bent down and kissed the flesh of her stomach, letting his tongue dart, tantalisingly across her navel.

The noises she was making were unintelligible, but there meaning did not take much deciphering. She wound her fingers in his hair and closed her eyes. There was no hesitation in Chris' progress, and his first two fingers continued the circling motion as his thumbs gentle slid around the top of her legs. He kissed the inside of her thigh and then bit lightly before running his tongue along the full length. Gentle fingers stroked slowly through the curly hair below her navel, parting her slightly and then his mouth was on her. He tasted her completely, tongue drawing her ever more nearer to climax. Hands and mouth worked in perfect harmony, repeatedly bringing her so close to the edge and then drawing her back with teasing sensation. When her nails dug into the back of his neck, Chris knew she was desperately insisting that he finish this. He could feel the tension in her muscles and as he drew her on, this time he didn't ease of as that pressure increased to exploding point. She cried out and surrendered to the spasms of pleasure that took control of her body.

She was still slick with oil as he moved his ministrations back onto her upper body and her arms entwined him. She opened her eyes and smiled as they were once again nose to nose. Her legs rubbed suggestively on his sides as she invited him to continue this assignation. She was slowly coming down from the sexual high, but she had no problem with being taken back up again and this time including him for the ride.

There was no argument from Chris' direction and he kissed her passionately as he moved into position. He pushed himself up for a moment and just looked at her with hungry eyes. As she stared right back and ran her fingers over his back the light of an idea suddenly sparked in her eyes. She bit her lip as they came together and he entered her with silky ease. They were of one accord and their bodies undulated with familiar rhythm as they worked as much for each other as themselves. It was easy to feel when they were both ready and Kari pulled Chris close and held him for just one second.

"Bring me in," she whispered in his ear and let her grip relax.

He was half lost in the sensation, but he heard her and understood. They pulled apart slightly and paused for a tantalising moment, and then they thrust together with more than one purpose. Chris let go of everything, and milliseconds after their bodies shuddered with mortal pleasure, lightning erupted from his skin.

The figures Richie had been trying to sort out lay discarded on the desk and the young Immortal had taken to just watching the patrons and doodling. He was beginning to think that he would go take that cold shower when the realisation of what would happen seconds later, leapt into his mind. Since there was absolutely nothing he could do to stop it he went for damage limitation. There were certain things that it would be bad for anyone outside the office to see so with little thought he dove under the desk. Now if it had been anyone else bringing someone in there would have been no problem, he'd have received the same little jolt that all the others momentarily experienced. As it was, the experience that Chris was having hit him full force and he rammed his fist into his mouth in an effort not to scream.

There was coffee on Duncan's rug, but that was about the most disastrous consequence of what the three Immortals realised was Karina's inclusion. Luckily for Greg he'd been leaning forward with the mug over the floor when his fingers had momentarily lost their ability to grip so there was no pain involved.

"Oops," he said apologetically and went for a cloth.

"These things happen," the Highlander replied with a laugh.

Adam found the situation very funny, but then again it was well known that his sense of humour was very well developed. The photographer had mentioned the state in which he had left Richie and how the latest events had come about were obvious.

"So the youngsters got it together then," the oldest of them commented between laugh. "Always knew Chris would come through for us."

The three grinned and then the name actually impinged on Greg's mind. His mouth opened in a small o and Duncan suddenly caught on.

"Richie," they both said at the same time.

They knew there were people down stairs, and they suddenly realised what state their friend might be in.

"I'll go check," the photographer said quickly.

Adam thought this was even funnier.

Everything looked normal as Greg sped out of the elevator and tried to look as if he wasn't hurrying. Then of course he noticed that he couldn't see Richie in the office and slowly entered, closing the door behind him.

"Rich, you here?" he asked quietly.

There was a groan from under the major piece of furniture. The dark haired Immortal peered under the desk slowly and found a dishevelled looking young man, nursing a hand with rapidly fading teeth marks.

"You okay?" he enquired gently, but he couldn't keep the beginnings of a smile from his face.

"Damn brother," was all the twin said.

That was it, Greg couldn't help it he began to laugh. It started as a low snigger and gradually rose into a full fledged chuckle. It was an amusing situation, after all. Richie glared at his for a while and then finally had to admit that it was quite funny. He smiled wryly and held out his hand.

"Stop laughing and help me up," he said dryly.

The newly included member of the group and her lover finally emerged from their bedroom just after lunch, and after a quick chat with the family decided to part company for a while. It was possible that the Immortal who had killed Kari was watching Chris, so they decided that he should play the grieving partner. He headed for the dojo, trying to look dejected and Craven gallantly offered to escort Karina and her mother into town so the young woman could sort out her hair.

As Chris walked through the familiar doors he was greeted by a well placed towel in the face. His sibling had been waiting for him and smiled at him with satisfied amusement.

"What was that for?" the young Immortal asked innocently.

"You could have warned me, you bastard," Richie returned eloquently.

The dojo was empty just at the moment. The lunch time rush was over and the afternoon crowd hadn't arrived yet so the pair were alone.

"It sort of just happened," Chris said half apologetically, "you got about as much warning as I did."

His twin just snorted in disgust and wandered back to the office as the other Immortal picked up the discarded projectile which had so smartly hit him.

"Try planning, Chris," the more experienced Immortal said dryly, "or at least give me a minute or two. I ended up under the damn desk."

There was little or no sympathy from his sibling, however, as Chris just began to laugh. Richie sent a disgruntled set of feeling at his twin, but that just made the other laugh harder.

"Just you wait," the dojo manager said ominously. "I'll have my revenge."

He would have gone on, but the phone rang. Both Immortals looked at each other as they realised that the timing was rather convenient. With slow unease, Richie put the receiver to his ear.

"It's for you," he said evenly, and passed the object to his twin.

Chris stood there just listening for a moment, his face a mask of coldness. His gaze was hard and by the time he spoke, the look in his eyes could have killed.

"I'll be there," he said without letting go of the emotion in his features.

He hadn't lost Karina like the man on the other end of the line had planned, but that didn't stop him being very angry. All good humour had evaporated by the time he slammed down the phone and he almost glared at Richie.

"Tonight, nine o'clock, the building site on the other side of the new shopping complex," he explained slowly.

Richie was going to speak, but Chris already knew what he was going to say.

"I'm going, Rich," the less experienced Immortal said, bringing his rage under control.

"He'd never know the difference," his twin returned evenly, "I've done this before."

The comment brought a slightly wicked smile to Chris' features.

"Thanks, but no," he affirmed deliberately, "this is my fight and I'm going to make him pay. Promise me you'll stay here."

Both knew that given the chance Richie would follow his twin and if he did he might not be able to stop himself interfering. Forces drove them that sometimes couldn't be controlled, and breaking the rules would be a very bad idea. Finally the sibling with more years of Immortality nodded his agreement. There was nothing else he could do. They'd known this would happen, now they had to deal with it.

End of Part 14