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This is the third in the Dividing series, the others may be found at:
Dividing of The Ways


Part 11

It was almost as if Chris and Kari were baby-sitting, or that's the conclusion to which Beren was coming. There were always coming over and making sure she was all right, and she was beginning to find it funny. They never intruded, but her continued good cheer seemed to be a mission as far as the other couple were concerned. Richie had sent his apologies via his twin when his stay away turned into day four, but the process of naming all the others was taking longer than expected.

"I'm beginning to think he's enjoying himself a little bit too much," Chris said cheerfully, as the three of them sat in Beren's living room. "He wakes me up every morning at about six and expects me to be as enthusiastic as he is."

They'd finished dinner a good hour previously and had been chatting idly since. As usual the conversation had eventually come round to Richie and his actions on the island. Chris didn't mention it when any of the others were around, but when the three were alone they always managed to move onto the same topic. It was very understandable, the twin was involved just about as much as anyone else could be, and Beren wanted to know everything about her lover.

"Ha, and then my dear one here takes it upon himself to make sure I don't get to sleep either," Kari put in with a laugh.

"You haven't complained yet," Chris responded with a sly smile.

The explanation of how exactly he chose to wake his lover every morning was written all over his face and Beren sighed in mock exasperation.

"You two are getting worse than Richie and me," she told them with a very good impression of disgust.

They both just looked at her innocently.

"Ach, away with you," she said in a very bad Scots accent, "before I get jealous."

It was headed for ten thirty and they all had early starts the next day, so there were no argument.

"And tell that brother of yours," Beren said after they retrieved their things and headed for the door, "if he's not back sometime tomorrow I shall reconsider my position."

To that, Chris just laughed. If the English woman and his brother could keep their hands off each other for more than five minutes when he returned the Immortal would be most surprised.

"I shall pass on your message dear lady," he responded with gallant flare, "just as soon as the man himself emerges from his latest trance."

Since Chris could step into his sibling's mind it would have been quite easy for him to walk into the mental room, but he chose never to intrude on what Richie was doing.

The three said their goodbyes, after which Kari and her partner headed down the stairs and out of the building. It was a pleasant evening and they climbed into her car regretfully. It was a big old Chevy that her father had bought for her on her eighteenth birthday. She'd brought it to the city once her holiday had turned into a more permanent arrangement.

"Let's go for a walk in the park," the young woman suggested suddenly as she pulled away from the curb.

"Sounds nice," the Immortal returned with a smile and was so wrapped up in his own thoughts it never occurred to him that the car that went to follow them was not his usual tail.

This late a night the piece of green at the centre of the city was used for more delicate activities than walking the dog, and there were several cars parked as the young couple pulled up. Some had taken their business further into the wooded groves, but there were several cars with tell tale misted windows.

"Let's stroll," Kari said at the wicked glint in Chris' eyes.

"Aw," he said with a soulful puppy dog look, but opened the door anyway.

The air was warm and the sky clear as they locked the vehicle and smiled at each other over the top of the car. It occurred to Chris that it would be difficult for him to find a time when he had been happier than he was now. Oh his life was complicated, but it was so full.

"I love you," he said on impulse.

She reached out a hand over the metal box and he took it without hesitation. As they gazed into each other's eyes it was almost as if the magic would last forever. There reverie was, however, shattered in a most decisive and dreadful way. Kari went flying backwards as a shot rang out, one temple turning red as she fell. Time was moving impossibly slowly as Chris watched it all happen in agonising moments. His cry of denial sounded distant and distorted in his ears as he threw himself across the hood of the car to reach his beloved. She was laying on the ground, totally still, like some discarded ragdoll. Blood leaked slowly from what seemed to be such a small wound on the left side of her head and the Immortal fell to his knees beside her. Breath still moved her chest up and down in a gentle rhythm, but it was so shallow.

At the sound others had climbed out of their cars and they began to gather round. Chris couldn't even bring himself to touch her, his mind was frozen by the total inconceivability of what had happened. His hands hovered above her as her body floated just this side of death and he didn't know what to do. The he felt it, the first twinge of another Immortal close by. His head came up, his eyes scanned the crowd and slowly drawn by a moving car his gaze settled on a man who was looking right back. His skin was the colour of ebony and the white of his smile showed all too clearly as he suddenly sped up and disappeared into the distance.

The familiar beeping of a mobile phone told Chris that someone was calling the emergency services, but he still didn't move. He was numb, and the only thing that burned inside of him was a small flame of fury. The deathly pale face of his love filled his mind and he could think of nothing else.

The room had been quiet as Richie prepared to wake himself from his self induced hypnosis. He had realised that he could take only short periods of the trance like state and he had become adept at realising when he should return to the real world. He was just about to banish the illusion when suddenly, he was no-longer alone. Chris was there kneeling beside the door, just staring at the floor. His head came up slowly and he looked at his twin, his eyes so full of sorrow. That gaze swallowed Richie and he felt his consciousness wrenched away from his control as his mind filled with only one name.

Adrian saw his companion stiffen and then the Immortal lurched to his feet screaming a name. This watcher knew enough about his subject to realise who Kari was. It was difficult to know what to do with what appeared to be a hysterical Immortal. The young man was very glad when the cry stopped and at least the semblance of a normal expression returned to Richie's face.

"Your boat," the blond man said slowly, "I need your boat."

Adrian did not argue.

By the time Chris came to his senses enough to actually think about the situation, it was too late to do anything. The police and the ambulance had turned up and he couldn't exactly just tell them to let her die. He gave them the information they wanted and quietly rode to the hospital by her side, it was out of his hands.

Half an hour later he was sat in the hospital hallway when Joe turned up. The police had contacted him and Kari's parents, and he had left the bar under Mike's capable management.

"Chris?" he said quietly as he found the young man just staring into space.

The twin's gaze slowly turned to his friend. His features were placid, but a deep anger burned in his eyes.

"It was another Immortal," he said evenly. "I think I've just been challenged."

The lack of emotion in his tone was eerie and it sent a shiver down the Watcher's spine. This was not the care free young man he was used to talking to, this was a cold Immortal who had murder on his mind.

"Have they told you anything yet?" Joe chose not to investigate the avenue that lead to the fiery pit of fury in his friend.

"No," Chris replied, changing very suddenly to almost how the watcher would have expected a normal human to be, "they took her into surgery a few minutes ago. It could be hours."

The way the young man was reacting made Joe doubt the conversation he had had with Methos a couple of days ago. Chris was acting just like any other person who's lover had just been shot, and it was at times like that, when Joe could really see that Immortal's were human too. The older man took the seat next to his friend and they sat in silence for a while.

"When will her parents be here?" the young man asked eventually.

It seemed to be a reasonable question and he wasn't sure he could talk sensibly about anything else.

"It's a six hour drive," Joe returned as calmly as he could manage, "we're on our own until then."

"Did you tell anyone else?" was the next enquiry that followed seconds later.

"No," the Watcher responded, a little confused by the question.

Another few moments silence as the Immortal considered something. He'd returned to staring into space and he did not look back at his companion.

"Good," he concluded finally, "don't. I have to call MacLeod."

With that he climbed to his feet and headed for the pay phone. He didn't look back.

It was a great comfort to Adrian when Richie seemed to calm down a little. The Immortal had been almost frantic and the boat would only go so far no matter how many languages in which the young man swore at it. Decorum and what was correct for a Watcher and the man he was watching had been totally upended and forgotten as the two tried there best to get to the mainland as fast as possible. Three days ago and Adrian would have been worrying about his position, now he was only interested in helping the man he considered a friend. Richie was a difficult person not to like, and spending that amount of time with him had sucked the Watcher right in.

Their belongings had been left where ever they happened to be in the cabin. They literally had only what they needed to get back to the city with them. The first disaster happen when they reached the shore and the place where Richie had parked his bike. Someone had seen fit to relieve it of one of its tyres. He was most surprised when Adrian handed him his car keys.

"I'll just say you hijacked me," he said at the puzzled expression and pointed to a blue Ford. "It's not as if I could just leave you here."

"Thanks," was all the Immortal could find to say, before the two men set off at a run for the other vehicle.

Richie had to get back to his twin, there was no other greater need in his mind.

After five hours of surgery a blue coated doctor walked slowly over to the two men seated in the hall way.

"Joe, Chris," said a very familiar voice.

Both of them looked up at Anne Lindsay hopefully, but her face was full of regret.

"She's alive," the woman said gently, "but I'm sorry, there's not much hope. Come with me and you can see her."

It was a small white room, and it was filled with the sound of machines as they walked in. Karina looked for all the world like she was sleeping, laying there in the bed, surrounded by all the technology modern science could provide. Her golden hair fell across the pillow on one side, but it was gone from the other to be replaces by bandages and tape. There was the hiss of a ventilator as it breathed for her and it was painful to hear.

"How long?" Chris asked very quietly.

"Her condition is stable," Anne responded and put her hand on his shoulder, "but it's only the machines that are keeping her alive. With therapy she might come out of it one day, but she'll never be the same again."

The Immortal did not respond to the prognosis, he just walked further into the room and pulled up a chair beside his lover. He did not move again. The doctor took Joe outside and explained things to him in greater detail.

"I wish I had better news," she finished slowly, "but the bullet destroyed part of her brain. It's just so senseless."

"Not for the man who pulled the trigger," Joe replied coldly, "I have a good idea of who it was."

"You have to tell the police," Anne said automatically and then remembered to whom she was talking.

The look on the Watcher's face said everything.

"An Immortal," she concluded evenly, "trying to get to Chris. Are you going to tell him where to find him?"

A shake of the head was the first response, and it was easy to understand Joe's reasoning.

"He's not in any condition to go chasing another of his kind," the older man said as if he regretted that truth. "If this Immortal follows his usual MO I don't think I'll have to anyway. One thing's for sure, I'm not letting Chris out of my sight."

After every conceivable delay, including a flat tyre, Richie finally made it to the hospital at exactly the same time as Kari's parents. They were just climbing out of a taxi as the young Immortal approached the entrance and he didn't need to look twice to see the hostile glare from Kari's oldest brother. There was, however, nothing that was going to stand between him and his twin, and he skirted the family quickly. He didn't need directions and he homed in on his sibling like a moth to a flame.

[They're here, Chris,] he sent as he hurried in the correct direction, [are you ready for this.]

The other Immortal may have appeared silent to those with him by Karina's side, but he had been talking to Richie for some time. They both knew there was only one course of action, and the arrival of the young woman's family was the trigger.

The three people were taken aside for the situation to be explained to them before Anne brought them to the room. They actually arrived ten minutes after Richie and found the twins and Joe all waiting for them. Mary, Karina's mother had obviously been crying and the gaze that Tim passed over the Immortal's in the room was hard and cold. The young woman's father, unlike the other family members, didn't seem to be feeling anything as he looked on his motionless daughter.

Anne faded into the background like a piece of scenery as the grief in the room hung heavy. Nobody spoke for a very long time and a painful tableau held for agonising minutes.

"What happened?" Bill, Kari's father asked.

"Another Immortal," Joe said finally as it appeared Chris was not going to answer.

He was going to go on, try and explain better, but he wasn't given the chance.

"You have to turn off the machines, she can't live like this," the blond Immortal still held his lover's hand and his face was almost placid.

His statement brought a shocked and total silence. Both Kari's parents seemed unable to believe what they had just heard, but a smouldering hatred flared in Tim's eyes.

"We're human," he almost yelled, "we don't think like you. While there's life there's hope, but you wouldn't understand that. Mourn for five minutes and then move on. Is that what you were going to do? My sister's still alive and I'm damned if I'm going to let you kill her just because you can't bear to see her like that."

Not even Richie could stop his twin as everything that Chris had been keeping bottled up exploded. He flew out of the chair, across the room and pinned the unfortunate Watcher to the wall. His anger burned across his features, but it died almost as quickly as he saw the fear in the other man's eyes. He let go of where he had Tim's collar and backed away slightly.

"She can't heal until she dies," he said quietly and walked past the man and out of the door.

Richie followed, leaving the family with Joe and Anne, other Immortals would just complicate the acceptance of the news.

End of Part 11