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This is the third in the Dividing series, the others may be found at:
Dividing of The Ways


This is the non ADULT version of part 8
For the ADULT Part 8 go here

Part 8

By the time the pair of them fell through their room door they had both consumed just a touch too much alcohol and were giggling like a couple of school children. To call where they spent most of their nights a room was not actually doing it justice, since it was one of the top suites in the hotel it was more like rooms, plural. The two Immortals collapsed on the couch and just stayed where they crumpled, recovering from the run they'd taken up the stairs. Why they'd charged up the steps and not taken the elevator was a mystery to them both just at the moment, but it had seemed like a good idea at the time.

"I'm knackered," Madi said in a most unladylike fashion.

"You and me both," he companion replied lightly, "next time you have a mad idea like that, remind me to nip it in the bud."

He let himself relax a little further and ended up with his head in her lap, smiling up at her rosy cheeks. She ran her fingers through his short dark hair and gazed down at him, contentedly. They were both happy in this relationship, it gave them each something they had never thought to have. Methos had had his share of connections in his time, with Mortals and Immortals alike, but it had never been so complete with one of his own kind. They were together in more ways than one and it was more than they could ever have asked for.

Absently Madi traced the angled lines of his face with one nail, and he closed his eyes, lost in the sensation. Taken one by one his features seemed not to be part of the same person, but together they made an unusual, sculptured visage that his lover found most attractive. The two of them remained almost still for quite a few minutes and then suddenly Madi leant down and kissed the end of her companion's nose. The movement was fast and had exactly the effect she envisioned, Methos came back to himself with a start.

"You're really serious about killing yourself off, aren't you?" she said quietly. "Have you actually thought it all through? What about staying out of the way of other Immortals, and making sure no-one finds out about Methos?"

There was a pause as he stoked her arm absently, lost in thought, and then he kissed her hair.

"I think I gave that up when I decided to become part of whatever we are," he told her calmly, and they both knew he wasn't just talking about the relationship. "I don't want to be on my own anymore, and I want to be able to be Immortal again. The Watchers don't know about most of my books, and I've been the worlds most unsuccessful researcher. I've found three references to me in the past four years as far as the organisation is concerned, I won't exactly be a great loss. I'm going to gain a hell of a lot more out of this move than I'll lose, I'll get you for a start."

She favoured him with a smile for that, and he grinned back with youthful charm. He'd worked so hard to lose the ancient feel about him that it was only in unguarded moments that anyone saw what he really was. She was looking at the face of Adam Pierson now, not Methos and she hoped he wouldn't change too much when he `discovered' his Immortality. The thought made her smile and she turned her head to kiss his arm.

"I love you," she said with rich warmth in her voice.

"I never thought I'd feel for another Immortal what I feel for you," were the words he sent back. "I've always been cautious, but not this time. You have my heart Madi, and you hold my soul in your beautiful hands."

There was nothing she could say to express what she felt at that moment and instead she entwined her fingers in his and pulled his arms close around her. They remained that way until the water started to go cold.

It was still early when Beren opened her eyes onto what was a beautiful morning. She wasn't in the least bit surprised to find that the bed beside her was empty, and there were muffled curses coming from the living room. There had been quite a debate the previous evening as to what Richie should take with him on his trip, and he never had managed to fit everything into the pack. That he was up before the alarm clock, back at the task did not come as much of a shock to his fiancee.

It was warm in the bedroom and the young English woman pushed the bed clothes back slowly. At which point she remembered that Richie had found a wonderful way of saying goodbye last night and she really ought to put some clothes on. With a little smile on her face she pulled a long T-shirt from the draw and padded through the door to find her lover.

"If you put any more in there, you're going to fall off your bike," she said cheerfully as she watched him work.

He'd obviously ignored just about everything else when he'd snuck out of bed because he was kneeling there in his boxer shorts, and absolutely nothing else. He grinned and turned at the comment, and threw a pair of sneakers over his shoulder.

"Well it was you who wanted me to take a change of absolutely everything," he replied lightly. "I think I'm going to have to live with only one pair of shoes, though."

His hair was a complete mess where he'd neglected to even think about brushing it yet, and Beren wandered over, unable to beat the urge to reach out and straighten at least one wayward curl. Contact made, Richie just couldn't help himself. He ran one hand up the back of her leg and under the shirt. His lover squealed and jumped backward as his dextrous fingers tickled.

"No fair," she said with a giggle, "I wasn't expecting that."

"Then put on more clothes when you come near me," he returned with a mischievous grin.

"Ha!" was the next sound she made. "Hark who's talking."

Richie sat back in mock disdain.

"Jane not like Tarzan's dress sense?" he asked in the most awful accent.

"Ooh, Jane like very much," she replied lightly, still keeping her distance, "but that not mean she can keep her mind on making breakfast when he's wearing silk shorts."

That brought forth a laugh and he climbed to his feet. With savage flare he pulled her into a close embrace, grabbing a satisfying handful of buttock as he did so. She was quite willing to acquiesce to the passionate kiss he planted on her lips, and much as he expected pulled him closer with the same handhold he had chosen. The contact lasted a good few minutes and she leant closer, almost giving in to the desire that was raging through her, but she finally pulled back.

"Enough," she said, with more will power than Richie could manage, "you have to get ready to go, and I promised to be in work early today. Go take a cold shower before I rip your boxers off."

"Can you hold that thought for a couple of days?" he asked wickedly, and made to reach for her again.

She stepped back and narrowed her eyes.

"In there," she ordered whilst pointing to the bathroom, "I'll put the kettle on."

His eyes sparkled mischievously, but he did as he was told.

By eight they were both ready. One in Jeans and an old T-shirt ready to ride to the island, the other in a skirt and blouse for the one day she had to be smart. She was headed for the university to give tours to prospective students, he was on his way to a holy spot for a tour through his subconscious. Neither really wanted to leave, but they both knew they had to, things just needed doing.

"I'll won't be too long," Richie said quietly as they stood by the door. "Look after Chris for me while I'm gone. Make sure he doesn't leap in front of any more speeding cars."

They both smiled.

"I'd say be careful," Beren replied with a grin, "but you're Immortal, you'll be on holy ground, I can't think what could happen to you."

He pulled her into a fierce hug, which she returned with equal sincerity. They'd barely been apart since Beren had discovered the truth about Immortality, and parting now was uncomfortable.

"You know, this is silly," the young woman said with a grin, "you're going away for three days, a week at the most and we're treating it like it's forever."

"But I'll miss you," he said with the most boyish grin.

It broadened somewhat as he looked down and was treated to an interesting view down the front of her blouse.

"And I know exactly why I'm leaving you behind," he said, more to himself than her.

That received a giggle and she planted a kiss on the end of his nose.

"Nobody would ever accuse you of lacking in libido," she told him and wriggled out of his grasp.

"Can I help it if I died at my sexual peak?" he shot back, a totally innocent expression on his face.

Richie loved to make her laugh, it was such a beautiful sound and it filled the room now. His fingers brushed the side of her face slowly and the look in his eyes was almost far away. She gazed on back and they just stood there for a while.

"I'm going," Richie decided very suddenly. "Good bye, my love, I shall return anon."

He headed out the door, picking up his jacket on the way and repeating his last line to himself trying to figure out where the hell he'd gotten that one from. By the time he reached his bike he'd concluded that some of Chris' broader education was beginning to come out in him. This Immortal had had several Shakespeare plays shoved under his nose through his school career, but none of it had ever rubbed off, his twin had obviously had a different experience.

[Look after her for me, Bro,] he sent in his brother's direction at the thought.

Chris was standing in the shower at the time, and lost his grip on the bottle of shampoo thanks to the interruption.

[Will do, Rich,] was the slightly disgruntled, but understanding reply. [Talk to some trees for me.]

Some people would have thought it strange that the young man checking out his motorbike beside the apartment building, suddenly laughed for no apparent reason, his Watcher just noted it down and prepared to follow.

End of Part 8