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This is the third in the Dividing series, the others may be found at:
Dividing of The Ways


Part 7

The look on Gregor's face as the dojo door opened to admit one of their number just made Richie laugh. It was a sort of stunned, awed expression that was actually very understandable, considering the fact that it was Methos who had just wandered in. To most Immortals he was just another presence, to those of the Dividing his age and considerable power were obvious. The feeling he inspired in his brethren could be a little daunting the first time you felt it. As with most of his unscheduled visits to MacLeod's place, Adam had come dressed as a patron, hooded T-shirt and all. At other times, certain circumstances could be arranged so that he didn't have to hide, but normally, pertinence demanded that he take precautions.

"Greetings," the man in question said as he breezed into the office, "and how's our latest convert?"

"Fine thanks," the ex-photographer returned, recovering quickly. "You have quite an impact."

"Why, thank you," the ancient Immortal responded lightly, "but have you been in the vicinity when Richie and Chris decide to sync, at all? It'll blow your mind."

The subject of the conversation looked surprised by that revelation, Greg just smiled at him, impressed.

"What are you talking about?" the youngest of the three finally asked as Adam stood their grinning.

Methos was one up again, and he was fond of playing the advantage. He waited a while under his young friend's scrutiny and finally gave in.

"I wasn't aware you didn't know," he said calmly, enjoying himself all the time. "I'm surprised that MacLeod hasn't mentioned it. You and Chris have quite a powerful presence when you ... how to put it ... meld."

"Meld?" Richie wasn't quite sure what he meant. "You don't mean when we talk to each other?"

Now the ancient Immortal laughed.

"Good god, no," he said lightly, "none of us would be able to think if that was the case. I have no idea what the pair of you are doing, but every now and then the rest of us get a succinct reminder that you're a little unusual."

The look on Richie's face said he didn't have a clue what Adam was talking about. This was not something of which he had been aware, and he didn't know exactly what could be causing these episodes. It struck him that these points in time could be when the experiences and information passed between them without their biding. It wasn't something that they ever noticed, they just knew it happened because of the results.

It was entertaining to watch the thoughts track across his young compatriot's face, but that wasn't the real reason Methos had wandered over.

"Well I can tell that Duncan isn't in," were his next words, "any details on his current or future whereabouts would be most appreciated."

"No can do I'm afraid, Oh wise one," Richie returned, throwing the new idea to the back of his mind with all the others he had to sort out, "the Lord and Master didn't mention where he was going or when he'd be back."

The younger Immortal had such a colourful way of referring to his friends. Being called wise one made Methos raise his eyebrows and grin broadly. It was just that, the older he became, the more he realised he didn't know, and he didn't consider himself particularly wise. In fact he'd come to see the Highlander quite simply because he was thinking something over and he trusted the Scotsman's judgement.

"Not to worry," he decided after a few second's thought, "I'll just go and fade back into the scenery for now, it can wait."

He pushed himself away from the comfortable leaning position he had taken up on the door frame and grinned at his associates.

"See you around, kiddies," he chortled jovially, and turned to go, "don't forget to tell daddy I called."

The ink stamp that Richie sent sailing after him barely missed his left ear. He and Adam played strictly word games, but it was always good to resort to childish violence every now and then.

"Ah ah," the ancient Immortal said as he wandered out the door, "resorting to your baser instincts will just end in tears."

The base ball Richie had taken to using as a paper weight bounced off the wall next to the door. The only reply was cheerful laughter.

Sweats and hood lost, jeans and shirt back in place, Adam Pierson wandered into Joe's bar to `liaise' with his boss. The local Watcher community were beginning to notice that the researcher was in town quite a lot, but Joe had dug up lots of reasons for him to be there. Just now the silver haired owner was the only person in his establishment, and he polished the bar as his friend sat down. The usual smile lit up his features, but just a hint about the way he looked at Methos made the Immortal realise something wasn't quite right.

"Everything okay, Joe?" he asked calmly and picked up the coffee mug that his companion produced from nowhere.

"Oh, fine," the older looking man returned amiably, "just musing on things, that's all."

On any other day that would probably have been enough to turn Adam onto subjects new, but he was in a contemplative mood and he'd bitten the hook. There was a moment when he just sat, gazing at his friend and the time gave Joe the opportunity to stare back. There was definitely something bothering the senior Watcher, and he wasn't very good at hiding it. The expression on the Immortal's face said talk to me, and finally the other man gave in.

"You'd tell me if there was anything I should know?" he said slowly. "If there was something that might be important to me or someone close to me, you'd let me know, right?"

The words sent a worrying thought through Methos' head, he knew exactly what Joe was talking about. It was crunch time, but this Immortal didn't know if he had the right to let the truth go. This man was too perceptive for his own good, and seeing that his friends were hiding a secret about Karina, was playing on his mind. They both knew the Watcher was right, they both knew the truth about his `niece', but they both understood that it would not be voiced.

"Some things we don't tell anybody, Joe," he said finally. "There are some facts we can't speak about because it changes lives. You think you know something, and you're probably right, but I can't tell you any more. Don't ask, please, just let whatever's going to, happen."

He had all but confirmed the Watcher's suspicions, but as they sat there silently, they knew the conversation was over. He'd come in for a chat and a relaxing cup of coffee, but Methos knew that was lost for today. He also realised it was his own fault, he'd pushed the matter when Joe had tried to drop it. The Immortal stood up slowly, this would be forgotten by tomorrow. It would be as if it had never happened, but for now, he had to leave.

"I'll see you around," he said quietly, and headed for the door.

It was amazing how many ways there were to sneak away from someone and make it look like an accident. If the Watcher who followed Madi around ever noticed, she never mentioned anything to Joe or put it in her chronicle. This time the Immortal had used the walk into crowded lift routine, and come back down to the same floor, leaving her shadow to wander around the rest of the building looking for her. She was enfolded in a strong embrace the moment she walked into the hotel room, she and Methos had acquired on a semi permanent basis.

"Oh, it's so nice to fall into the arms of a man," she said theatrically as her lover planted a kiss on the nape of her neck.

"Any man, or just me?" Adam asked lightly and received a side swipe for his trouble.

Madi had noticed that the five thousand year old Immortal found her interesting in more than just a platonic way very shortly after he had joined the group. He hadn't tried to hide his attentions, but he hadn't made a move either for over three weeks. It seemed that even men with millennia of experience had to pluck up the courage to ask out the women of their choice. When he'd finally managed to make a decision about what he was going to do, Madi had found it was a request that was impossible to refuse. There had been flowers in many shapes and forms, delivered by the hour on the hour, then a single red rose with a ribbon tied around it and then Methos on her door step requesting the pleasure of her company at one of the biggest restaurants in town. It had just snowballed form there, they'd had the room in the Hilton for four months now. Some times Adam appeared in the states as a Watcher, when he had two places of residence, one for the lowly researcher, the other the room, and alternatively he came as Methos and spent his entire time sneaking around and living it up. Five thousand years was a long time to acquire wealth, and Adam wasn't even sure how much he had, but for once he was enjoying spending it.

"So what are we doing tonight?" Madi enquired cheerfully and wriggled out of his grip so she could take off her coat.

"Before or after dinner?" was the innocent reply.

"Oh, you're in one of those moods," she said amiably and winked at him coyly.

He just gazed back with big, open hazel eyes.

"Moi?" he responded with the most honest face she'd ever seen. "Well it's your fault," he continued, breaking the charade, "I miss you and I can't go near you during the day so I have to save up all my little urges."

She laughed at that. Methos and his `little urges' could be most entertaining.

"No really," she said with a smile, "what do you have planned for this evening, and if you just say sex, I'll throw something at you. A lady needs to be wined and dined as well you know."

A huge grin spread across his face at that comment, but he resisted the reply that jumped into his mind.

"I have the best table in the restaurant down stairs booked for the two of us," he said cheerfully. "I sent some very expensive French brandy in the direction of the chef the other day and he's now very fond of me."

Mostly Methos enjoyed beer, but he was also a connoisseur of most good alcohol, although he would admit to being so only in selected company.

"Bribery will get you every where most of the time," Madi agreed with a mischievous smile.

Living longer than what one would term a normal life span usually made Immortals very pragmatic.

"We have half an hour before we need to go down," Adam said, cocking his head on one side very boyishly.

"Oh no," his companion said quickly, "do you know how long it takes to fix my hair? After last night, there's no way you're that desperate, so you'll just have to wait."

The ancient Immortal did a very good impression of a crest fallen teenager, but when he advanced on her, Madi locked herself in the bathroom and refused to come out until he promised to behave. They eventually made it to their table an hour late, Methos had had his fingers crossed throughout the entire conversation.

"I've been thinking," Methos said suddenly just after their desert arrived, "maybe it's time for Adam Pierson to die."

His companion's spoon halted halfway between her plate and her mouth, and she just stared at him in shock. It took a few moments for the information to sink in, and then she had to ask the obvious question.

"Why?" she enquired slowly.

He took a swig from the desert wine in his glass and then continued.

"For a start," he said calmly, "we can't carry on like this forever. Sooner or later we'll be found out, and then all hell will break loose."

"But even if Adam dies," Madi pointed out, "there are too many people around here who know your face. It wouldn't get any easier, and if the Watchers noticed you there's no bounds what would happen."

At that her lover smiled.

"Very shortly someone would notice I haven't aged anyway," he told her evenly. "Adam's usefulness only has a couple of years left at best. The Watchers might not be too happy if they thought an Immortal had been in their midst for years, but what if one of them just happened to turn out to be a future subject?"

Now Madelaine saw the beginnings of his plan and she had to nod her agreement. The way his thoughts were going actually might have a chance of working.

"Say Adam was to be killed by a mugger or something," Methos continued carefully, "and then voila he wakes up in the morgue. The Watchers have a non interference policy, they'd ostracise me, but they couldn't blame me for an accident of nature. After a few days of moping around and feeling sorry for myself I could be approached by the infamous Duncan MacLeod or one of his friends. Pretend to bring me in and there you have it, the perfect set up. I'd have to clang around with a sword for a while, making like I know nothing about it, but that shouldn't be too difficult. Give it a week or two and we could get cosy, and all's well. Adam Pierson is a new Immortal, not worth anyone's attention and I get you in with the bargain."

He smiled at her broadly.

"You really have been thinking about this, haven't you?" she said softly.

"Well maybe I'm sick of hiding," he told her cheerfully, "and I'm madly in love with you. Besides which, I'd really rather like to actually attend Richie and Beren's wedding, rather than just watching the videos."

There wasn't really much to say to that. Methos had worked it all out and he seemed to be set on the idea. Madi only had one more thing to ask.

"So, have you decided on a modus operandi?" she enquired lightly.

End of Part 7