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Chemical Reaction   by Didi 

First in the "Two's Company but Three's ..." Series



Please be aware that this story has slash overtones. Slash involves relationships between people of the same gender. If this worries you please do not read this fiction.

Disclaimer: The I-man characters are all the creation of an evil genius who has infected the general population with the inescapable need to write them. I make no claim on them and I am not making any money from this fic. 

Timeline: Before the end of season 1, post Diseased 

Spoilers: Various from season 1 

Comments: Firstly thanks to my beta reader Al, without whom this fic would look like typo central and I would be stood against a wall and shot for my interpretation of the use of commas :-). Secondly this is my first I-Man fic and is  intended to be one of a series. Number 2 will be posted as soon as I write the plot and will be NC-17 (wrote the sex, didn't get round to the plot yet <eg>).  Chemical Reaction started as one scene with Darien strapped to a bed (now there's an image to get lost in) but it grew <eg>. 

Feedback: Yes please both good and bad. If you hated it and you can tell me why I'd be as interested to hear from you as if you loved it: didi@dtwins.co.uk 

Summary: Darien is involved in an accident when a mission goes bad and it changes many things. 

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