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The Demon Within 

by Didi


This story is a New Professionals/Charmed xover and is rated NC-17 for violence and sexual situations.

Title: The Demon Within

Author: Didi

Series: Demons and Witches and Ghouls Oh My! -
second one imminent, others half written

Archive: CI5 Ops, www.dtwins.co.uk

Category: A New Professionals/Charmed Xover

Rating: NC-17

Timeline: New Pros - post last ep, Charmed post Piper and Leo's marriage but
prior to the end of season 3.

Summary: People have been turning up dead, including government agents and CI5 have been called in. The latest bodies are in San Francisco so that's where Chris, Sam, Backup and Malone have gone. There's something very strange about the deaths, something that has attracted the attention of the Charmed ones.

Feedback: Always Welcome.

Comment: Okay, so I've been writing this forever ... ask Al she's been waiting
patiently for me to finish it for months (actually make that years). I'm
surprised she hasn't brained me yet :-). Without her this would look like a
grammatical accident so she has my undying gratitude. I didn't plan this as a
Halloween type story, but it definitely fits the season. It is the first in what
I hope will be a long line of stories, mostly xovers with various shows. The
sequel is already written (it's only short and I'll post that as soon as it's
been beta read), and there are parts of five more stories in the pipeline. I
hope they will take less time to finish than this one but don't hold your
breaths <gr>.
For those of you who don't watch Charmed, the three Halliwell sisters Pru, Piper
and Phoebe are witches. They fight demons and the like with the power of three.
Basically Buffy with spells and supernatural powers rather than stakes and
kickboxing (although the sisters have been known to beat the crap out of things
from time to time). Everything else you need to know is in the story (I think)
so don't be worried if you don't know everything about them.
I have a warped and twisted imagination and have a tendency to walk off sideways
with the characters in anything I write. This is no different. I hope you enjoy
reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Disclaimers: The characters and everything relating to CI5 belong to Brian
Clemens and David Wickes Productions. No profit is being made from this story.
Charmed belong to Aaron Spelling and I'm just borrowing the characters.

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