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The Demon Within 

by Tasha


This story is a New Professionals/Charmed xover and is rated NC-17 for violence and sexual situations.

Part 6

It was very dark, of that much Sam was sure and after the warning from Leo he didn't dare to shift into demon form to improve his vision. The whitelighter had explained that in human form Sam was virtually undetectable to the supernatural. He registered as human according to Leo, but in demon form he was like a beacon. Sam was the key element to the end of the plan, until then he was keeping as low a profile as possible.

It was strange to be taking a back seat, especially when the two people in the lead were civilians, but Sam was following the plan. Both he and Chris were carrying large pump action shotguns, but they were only for emergencies. If they both shot at one of the she demons they might be able to take her down with a couple of volleys, but the outcome was doubtful. Hence it was Pru and Piper's job to get them through to the main objective. The main gist of the plan was for the two witches to distract Benias' minions and for Sam and Chris to covertly rescue Backup and Phoebe. Leo was around, but he couldn't directly use his powers so he was the standby plan. If all else failed he had Malone's phone number and the ability to call in the cavalry.

There was chanting coming from the inside of warehouse they were walking beside and Sam couldn't shake the feeling that they had to hurry. Time was of the essence, of that much he was sure. It took every ounce of Sam's self-control not to do something very stupid. When they found the side door it didn't really surprise Sam when it was unlocked. Demons didn't really have a lot to fear from burglars and anything else that would come looking for them probably wouldn't bother too much about a locked door anyway.

The small party of four crept into the dark corridor of the interior of the building. This was not the same place he and Chris had been taken to. Now he was here, Sam was sure this was a different location. Very similar in most ways, but Benias had another warehouse for his victims. The building brought Sam's confused memories of the previous night into better focus, but he still couldn't remember everything. The green glowing eyes and long fangs of the creature he had to thank for revealing his demon half were what stood out the most in his mind. The fact that they were on their way to face more of these demons was not the nicest feeling.

Pru and Piper paused just up ahead beside an internal door. It was a large industrial door and whoever had closed it had left a small gap between it and the frame. The Halliwells were peering through it. Sam followed Chris to join them. What Sam saw almost made him give himself away as his demon leapt towards the surface and tried to take over. Phoebe was tied to a pillar on a raised dais in the centre of the room. Her hands were held above her head with ropes that looked too thin to hold a child let alone a healthy young woman. Yet she stood there glassy eyed without struggling. Her face was devoid of expression and she didn't even seem to notice that she was naked. In front of her on an altar like structure was Backup, equally as naked and unresponsive.

Sam had always had a temper but he kept it well in check. When he laid eyes on their enemy he nearly lost it. Benias was kneeling before the altar with his back to his two prisoners, arms out accepting the adulation of his minions. The she-demons were kneeling at various places before the altar and they were chanting their master's name.

"Time to end this," Pru said firmly in a whisper and Sam couldn't have agreed more. "We'll go to the right," the eldest sister continued. "Piper will freeze them I'll start throwing things around. You two go left and try and get behind the altar."

Everyone nodded in agreement and then they quietly opened the door. The room was lit by candlelight and then only in the centre so there were plenty of shadows in which to hide. Sam knew that demon vision was far superior to human eyesight, but Benias seemed totally absorbed in his ritual. With the Halliwell's distracting the demons he and Chris should be able to reach the dais and rescue their friends. Sam was in the lead and, keeping as close to the wall as possible, he and Chris crept towards their goal. When they were almost there Pru and Piper made their move. The two witches stepped out from the shadows on the opposite site of the room and Piper threw up her hands. Benias began to rise to his feet and froze midway as did the she-demons. Sam couldn't believe it could be that easy and he was proved right a second later as Benias began to move again. It took his minions a second or so longer to free themselves, but Benias' power was strong in this room and Piper's power barely seemed to slow them down.

"Bring them to me," Benias bellowed and his minions moved.

Pru sent two of the she-demons flying backwards and Piper froze some of the others. It wouldn't stop them forever, but it was the perfect distraction. Sam and Chris moved towards their target. Much to Sam's dismay, however, Benias was not interested in the fighting. Under the half-demon's horrified gaze Benias turned his back on his minions and produced a knife from under his robe. He lifted it above Tina and prepared to finish his ritual. Without a second thought Sam and Chris brought up their weapons and fired straight at the demon's hand. Benias howled as his limb disintegrated. A shotgun wound to the body would just have annoyed Benias, taking off his hand and removing the knife was far more useful.

"I'll take Benias," Sam said quickly to his partner, "you get Backup and Phoebe."

Chris nodded and moved around the altar, Sam jumped onto the dais. The half-demon stared at his adversary with stone cold calm. He did not let the creature's supernatural aura shake his equilibrium and the mantle of efficient, professional agent was completely in place. Benias was looking at the bloody mess that had been the hand holding the knife above Tina. The warlock come demon did not seem to be able to believe what had just happened.

Suddenly, as if waking from a dream the creature turned and looked directly at Sam and sneered. In a fraction of a second even the last hint of humanity was gone and Benias' gazed on Sam with his full demon power. The marks that had before flowed across his skin took up permanent places, distorting Benias' face with their shapes. With this turn of events came the most extraordinary thing Sam had ever seen: Benias' hand literally reformed and in seconds there was a clawed limb, whole and ready for a fight.

"Human weapons cannot harm me, child. You will die slowly for your foolishness," Benias said with an evil smile, "but not before I have finished my latest creation."

The demon's hand moved towards Backup, claws outstretched to take the place of the ceremonial knife. Sam didn't even pause to think he just moved. Without realising what he was doing or trying to understand how he was doing it he embraced his demon half and moved faster than he had ever moved in his entire life. He crashed into Benias milliseconds before the creature's talons touched Backup's naked frame. The two demons went sprawling off the dais onto the surrounding floor.

Sam's system was flooded with adrenalin and he barely felt the impact as they both landed. He rolled away from his adversary and to his feet without pause. Benias was a moment slower and when the demon's head came up Sam was ready for him.

"It's unwise to push me too far," Benias said, all humour gone from his voice, "you are just making things more unpleasant for yourself."

There was no point in replying and it would have been a waste of energy: Sam simply waited for the attack he knew would be coming. However, he didn't quite expect what happened next. Benias drew himself up to his full height, which even Sam had to admit was impressive and then the warlock thrust both hands in the half-demon's direction. A ball of blue light erupted from the creature and headed straight for Sam. There was no way to avoid it and all the Englishman could do was bring up both hands in front of his face. Tensed for impact Sam actually wobbled when the energy came within millimetres of his body and then snaked around him. When Sam stared at his adversary, Benias appeared equally surprised and annoyed.

"Just hoping for a lucky break?" Sam asked evenly. "Hate to bring you up to speed, but I'm just like you; magic doesn't work."

The older demon growled something unintelligible and attacked. Sam met the first blow with a simple block and then threw a kick at Benias. The attack connected and there was a grunt from the demon. However, Sam had the impression it was more a sound of annoyance than one of pain. Strong hands grabbed at the half-demon's arms and he lifted both limbs sharply to try and remove the grip. He managed to shift one set of fingers but the other held on tightly and Sam could feel claws through his leather jacket.

Knowing that those talons could seriously injure him if they punctured material and flesh Sam lashed out letting instinct overcome training. His own nails, although not complete claws, were very claw like and they struck home almost immediately. He felt the resistance as he raked through the skin of Benias' arm. This time the sound the demon made was pain and not simply anger. The creature broke away and stepped back in an attempt to reassess his attack and defence.

Sam did not give Benias room and he followed the demon's slight retreat. The agent tried to rebalance his technique to more effectively use the weapons his un-natural father had given him. The closest form he could think of from his training was knife fighting and he held his hands in front of him like the lethal instruments they could mimic. Swiping at Benias several times Sam tried to make it inside the demon's defences, but the warlock had adjusted to the speed of his opponent and his attacks met with blocks. Benias gave no ground, but neither did he manage to injure Sam, which was far better than Sam had thought things would be.

Without warning Benias moved backwards, and before Sam could react a second ball of energy was on its way to him. Even though the half- demon's rational brain knew it would not hurt him instinct took over and once again Sam brought his hands up in front of his face. This was what Benias had been waiting for and in the seconds that it took Sam to recover the demon attacked. The creature did not try and hit his opponent; he tackled him, throwing them both back towards the dais. They slammed into it with Sam taking the brunt of the impact. Stunned, the half-demon could not defend himself properly and he felt Benias' knee contact hard with his stomach. Unable to help himself Sam began to fall, but his opponent was still on the attack. Claws darted under the protection of Sam's leather jacket and sharp pain erupted in the half- demon's back. In a desperate bid to escape Sam twisted himself away from the creatures claws and let himself fall to the floor, rolling as he did so.

The pain was intense and it was as if there were lines of fire running along his back, but Sam knew he could not let it slow him down. Ignoring his mortal body he gave complete control to his demon and the half-incubus that glared at Benias after that bore little resemblance to the Sam Curtis most people had met. Demon had combined with the raw will to survive that Sam rarely dipped into and if Benias had known he would have been afraid.

When the older demon tried to push his advantage he met not an injured, semi-helpless half-demon, but a vessel of pure fury. Sam's hands lanced out with demon speed and CI5 trained accuracy. Benias literally howled as Sam's semi-claws made contact and the demon lurched away. This time Sam did not follow but waited with perverse enjoyment. When his opponent's glare returned to him there were three neat gouges down Benias' face, only just missing his right eye. Taking great pleasure in the action Sam smiled and revealed his fangs.

Unused to being vulnerable anymore Benias seemed unable to quite accept that he had been injured twice. The demon appeared shocked by the whole situation and not quite decided what to do next. Sam gave the warlock a few seconds to consider his situation and then the half-demon attacked. This was not a battle of men, it was a battle of demons and when they met it was more like a pair of animals than anything remotely human. They grappled, clawing at each other, but Sam barely registered anything that Benias could do to him.

This creature had tried to kill his friends. The demon had spawned incredible evil and that offended Sam in a way he could never put into words. This was going to end now, forever. He rained blow after blow onto his opponent and the attacks that came back were gradually weaker and weaker. There was no thought in Sam's mind of stopping, of defeating this thing but letting it live. Even the smallest part of the half-demon's being was dedicated to eradicating this evil from the face of the earth.

Benias' defence was almost nothing and his robe was bloody and torn, yet Sam appeared to have very little damage. As the older demon slowly folded in on himself Sam brought his right arm back and with all his strength sent it flying towards Benias' throat. The evil creature's eyes opened wide in fear as he realised he had no defence and then Sam's claws quite neatly removed the demon's larynx.

Benias staggered backwards a step, hands going to his ruined throat. He gurgled grotesquely as his fingers reached out to touch flesh that was no longer there. Sam just stood there and watched, waiting for any sign that this was not the end.

Something began to happen to the demon-warlock. At first Sam wasn't quite sure what it was, but slowly he realised that Benias was melting. It was as if the demon's structure was caving in on itself and he began to let out a pitiful whine. Sam's adrenalin infused brain flash him a grotesque parody of the wicked witch from the Wizard of Oz and he couldn't help but smile. He was too high on endorphins for any pain to reach his battle soaked mind and he watched his opponent die.

Sam felt a presence beside him as he gazed on his adversary's final moments and he didn't have to look to know it was Chris.

"Now that is a disgusting way to die," was the American's comment.

"At least he didn't explode," was the closest Sam could come to a coherent reply.

They looked at each other and Sam grinned at his friend.

"Piece of cake," he said nonchalantly.

Chris grinned back.

"Never doubted it," he said lightly.

Even as Sam revelled in victory his eyes moved back to the dais. Phoebe was coming out of whatever trance Benias had put her in and Backup was still chained to the altar. Sam was relieved to see that his colleague was stirring even if she did not look completely awake.

"Let's get Backup out of here," Sam decided quickly.

Chris just nodded and turned to the task in hand.


As soon as Benias had begun to die so had his creations. Whatever the succubus come vampire she-demons had been they had been linked to their master in ways no one had suspected. Piper had been very glad when she didn't have to try and freeze them anymore. It wasn't easy having to set up a new freeze ever second or so. Unlike Benias the she-demons had not melted into piles of goo, they had simple fallen over and died, reverting to the shell of humanity they had lost.

Piper was amazed how fast everything had moved after the battle was over. Phoebe had recovered and seemed hardly bothered that she was completely naked. The middle Halliwell had had to admit that it was very much like her sister to simply stand there and challenge anyone to mention her state of undress.

What surprised Piper the most was the fact that Sam and Chris had seemed as equally un-phased by the nakedness of Phoebe and their colleague. They had been grateful when Phoebe had disappeared and come back with clothes for herself and Backup, but that was it. On the other hand Leo's eyes had been popping out of his head and Piper found that terribly sweet. Her husband could be very bashful sometimes.

Sam and Chris' friend had started to come round properly shortly after that and events had moved rapidly from there. The two agents had reminded them quietly to remember the cover story and called in their superior who had arrived minutes later with the local law. They had all repeated their stories of what had been happening and then they had been sent home. It had all been rather an anti-climax.

Piper was sitting in the kitchen nursing a cup of coffee when the doorbell rang. She heard Phoebe rush to the door.

"Hi guys," her sister's voice greeted, "come on in."

"We can't stay," replied Chris' voice lightly. "We just came to say our farewells."

By this time Piper had reached the hallway. Their two allies were standing in the doorway and Phoebe was bouncing happily in front of them. Phoebe was always the same after an adrenalin rush and Piper doubted her sister would stop moving for another couple of hours.

"Can't you even stay for a coffee?" Piper offered as Leo appeared from the living room and Pru came down the stairs.

"Sorry, but I have to get Sam back to his hotel room before he falls over," Chris replied with a smile. "Seems our hero is pooped."

The middle Halliwell did have to admit that the half-demon was looking frazzled. He had enough energy to grin at his companion's quip.

"When I can move without pain you will pay for that comment," was Sam's reply to his friend's quip.

Pru opened her mouth to say something, but to Piper's surprise Leo was in there first.

"Could I just have a few moments of Sam's time before you go, please?" the whitelighter asked calmly.

Piper watched with interest as the two men walked into the living room, but she squashed the urge to eavesdrop. Instead she turned her attention back to Chris.

"Thank you for all your help," she said genuinely. "We couldn't have won this one without you."

"All I did was stare at a chalk line and shoot at a few demons," the American replied lightly, "Sam did most of the work for our part of the plan."

"If there's one thing we've learned over our demon fighting years," Phoebe put in, "it's that it's all about team work. You may have noticed I get myself into trouble if I run off without my sisters. Trust me, Sam is going to need a partner more than ever now."

Piper was proud of her sister then; she often forgot how much Phoebe had matured over the last couple of years.

"As long as we go back to bad guys with guns not energy bolts I'll be happy," Chris said, making light of the subject.

"Are you still not going to tell us who you work for?" Pru asked before her sisters could leap in again.

"The boss would not be happy if I did," Chris replied good naturedly, "and you've met him so you can understand my reluctance. But here," he reached into his pocket and pulled out a small card, "these are our contact phone numbers, mobile and home. If you need us, call."

Phoebe took the offered card and read it.

"So you're based in England," she observed and looked at Chris thoughtfully. "I bet you're MI5 or MI6."

The American agent just smiled at her.

"Keep guessing," he said lightly, just as Sam and Leo reappeared from the other room.

The half-demon was looking a little surprised and a little worried, but the expression vanished off his face almost instantly. Piper wondered if anyone ever really saw behind his mask. Unconsciously she moved closer to Leo, suddenly feeling the need for human contact.

"Well we must be going," Chris said lightly. "It's been a pleasure working with you, but please don't be offended if I say that I hope it's a long time before we have to work together again."

"Oh, big ugly demons like Benias only happen every couple of weeks," Phoebe said cheerfully. "You don't mind the commute do you?"

"Bye, Phoebe," Sam said with mock sternness and the youngest Halliwell laughed.

"Bye, Sam," Phoebe replied and enthusiastically threw her arms around the startled agent.

He winced as she hugged him, but he hugged her back. Piper hoped her energetic sister had not done any permanent damage. Phoebe said goodbye to Chris in the same way and then the pair headed for the door.

"See you again," Piper said as they were about to leave. "Hopefully next time it will be under more pleasant circumstances."

"Amen to that," Pru seconded and both men waved as they departed Halliwell Manor.

It was over; another crisis was past. As her sisters vanished back to whatever they had been doing Piper took a moment to enjoy the calm after the storm. Smiling to herself at their success she wrapped her arms around Leo and let herself relax.

End of Part 6