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The Demon Within 

by Tasha


This story is a New Professionals/Charmed xover and is rated NC-17 for violence and sexual situations.

Part 5

Piper wasn't sure who was more nervous, her or Sam Curtis. Although she'd never show it the half-demon made her a little anxious. The fact that her power seemed to have no effect on him what so ever was disconcerting and at the moment he seemed so angry all of the time. The witch could imagine what he must be going through, having suddenly discovered that he was not completely human, and his friend disappearing at the same time. Her mind flicked back to Jeremy and how difficult it had been for her when her powers had first manifested themselves. She smiled at him as he glanced in her direction.

"Nothing to worry about," she said as Pru drew the last part of the chalk circle around them.

"Are you trying to convince me or yourself?" Sam replied with a half smile.

"A bit of both," Piper told him in kind.

"Okay, are we all ready?" Pru asked decisively as she finished drawing and stood up.

"As I'll ever be," Sam commented, but there was a determined look on his face.

Piper just nodded her agreement and Leo did the same.

"Right," Pru continued, "then let's hold hands round the map."

They had the section of map the scrying spell had indicated set up on a small table in the middle of the attic. On it was the pointer from the spirit board. Piper bit back on the sudden anxiety which threatened to overcome her when she actually had to take Sam Curtis' hand. This was no time for girlish fancies; they had a job to do. No matter what things her imagination could conjure up about the half-demon, there were more pressing things to think about.

"I cast this circle," Pru said calmly, "may it stand against all evil and protect those within it. Let the guardian refuse entry to all that would seek us harm."

Piper glanced at where Chris Keel was standing just outside the chalk ring. He was staring at the line on the floor and the single-minded expression on his face was almost scary. The middle Halliwell had the distinct impression that being on the wrong side of the two mysterious agents would be very bad for a person's health. With these two men focus was not a problem and the witch was very glad they were the good guys.

"Everyone concentrate on the pointer and think of Phoebe," Pru said calmly, "I'll recite the spell."

Piper fixed her eyes on the wooden device and tried to put her sister at the front of her mind. She recalled a moment only a few days ago when she and Phoebe had been laughing in the kitchen, talking about the younger woman's latest conquest. Happy thoughts always seemed to work best for these types of spells and Piper put all darker ideas out of her head.

"One is lost, a sister indeed, guide us to her, in our hour of need," Pru chanted evenly.

It wasn't the most elegant of spells but Piper could feel its power almost instantly. The hairs on the back of her neck stood up and she was suddenly keenly aware that she was not standing next to a normal human being. The young witch almost turned as she experienced what Phoebe would probably have called "a rippled in the force". Magic was strange like that; sometimes a spell would go off and there would be no indication that it had worked, at other times the supernatural aspect of what they did made itself very plain. This time Piper found herself hyper aware of everything around her including Sam Curtis and Leo.

For a while nothing happened. There was absolute stillness, only the sound of breathing disturbed the silence. Then very slowly the pointer moved. At first it simply twitched and stopped again. Piper felt a pressure on her will, almost as if something were pushing back on her. It actually annoyed her and without really knowing what she was doing she shoved back. The pointer twitched again.

"We're being blocked," Pru said in a very cold voice that meant she was very far from happy. "Even with the circle we're being blocked."

"Like hell you are," the voice belonged to Chris Keel and Piper couldn't help but glance at him.

If the witch had thought the American looked determined before she was shocked by the righteous anger that flared through his expression now. Much to Piper's surprise the chalk line on the floor began to give off a faint light. Dragging herself back to her own task she fixed her eyes back on the pointer.

"One is lost, a sister indeed, guide us to her, in our hour of need," Pru tried again.

The wooden device twitched again and this time it moved off the spot.

"Find her," Piper whispered to herself, "find my sister."

With every ounce of will she had the middle Halliwell threw herself into her task. With the smiling face of her sister at the forefront of her mind she focused totally on the pointer. It moved again, a little more freely this time. The most peculiar sensation began to spread up her arm. It was like the lightest touch of ice, and it started where she held Sam Curtis' hand and moved upwards. It travelled across her chest, down her other arm and into her right hand. The pointer moved again but this time it slowly began to spin on the spot. The pressure was back and it was more than a little frustrating.

Piper tried to ignore both the sensation of hitting her head against a wall and the prickling that wouldn't go away. They didn't matter, they weren't important, the only thing that mattered was finding Phoebe. The pressure began to grow and so did the tingling. Eventually it was completely impossible to ignore both sensations. Piper had to fight not to pull away from the circle of people they had made.

"Move," she heard Curtis more growl than say and suddenly everything happened at one.

The attic vanished in a flash of somewhere else. A place that looked very much like a warehouse. Phoebe was there and she was standing beside another woman who seemed to be in some distress. There was a noise and a large door opened to reveal a demon with the face of a handsome man. Piper knew she was looking at Benias. Just as soon as it had begun it was over, and the witch was staring at the map again. However, something had changed, the pointer was no longer sitting on the map, it was standing on it. To be precise it was balanced on the very corner of it's pointy end and it was spinning. In shock Piper let go of both hands she was holding and with the link broken the pointer fell over, still once again. It left behind it a small hole in the map.

"Did everyone else see it too?" she asked, wanting to know if everyone else had felt the some thing she had.

"Like before," Sam Curtis said and his voice sounded strange. "One of Phoebe's visions."

Piper glanced at him and had to stop herself from taking a step back. The agent no longer looked exactly human, and he seemed as anxious about it as she felt. She watched as he took a deep breath and closed his eyes. She recognised stress-relieving techniques when she saw them and gradually the sharp, almost silver nails on his hands morphed back into ordinary ones. It appeared to take a supreme effort, but when he opened his eyes again Sam Curtis was back to normal.

"She's somewhere on dock street." It was Pru who spoke and when Piper dragged her eyes away from Sam she found her sister pouring over the map.

"With Backup," Curtis said, his voice icy cold.

"Now what?" it was Chris Keel who voiced exactly what Piper was thinking.

"Now we get them both back," Pru said decisively.


Chris flicked his phone shut after giving Malone a fake rundown on what they had found so far. He disliked lying to his superior, but in this case it was necessary.

"Okay, so the old man is diverted," Chris said, much too brightly for the situation. "So what's the plan?"

"Why exactly are you so cheerful?" Pru asked pointedly. She wasn't handling the situation very well, and Chris had just made himself a prime target.

Sam sat down on the nearest stool and looked at his partner, who did not appear in the least repentant.

"Adrenaline," Sam said when Chris failed to give an appropriate reply. "He's addicted to it. Ignore him: he can't help it. It comes with the job."

"This isn't a game," Pru snapped. "My sister is in danger."

"So is one of our best friends," Chris said, suddenly serious, "but if you can't laugh occasionally you go crazy."

Pru looked like she would argue about that, but Leo walked into the kitchen and interrupted the discussion before it began.

"Sam, we need to work on the control of your supernatural half," the whitelighter said calmly.

"And you're the instructor for demon 101," Sam said, not exactly pleased by the prospect before him, but knowing that he couldn't get out of this one.

Leo smiled and nodded.

"I'm the closest thing we have to an expert," he said good-naturedly. "If Cole was here I'd conscript him, but you're stuck with me."

"Who's Cole?" Sam asked knowing he was simply changing the subject, but not being able to help himself.

"Phoebe's boyfriend," Pru supplied in a tone that suggested she didn't fully approve. "He is also half-demon."

That confused Sam.

"I thought you said half-demon's were rare." He looked to Leo for clarification.

"Half-Incubi are rare," Leo corrected in his normal passive tone, "half-demons are more common than you might think. Baltazar, Cole's demon alter-ego, is powerful, but he's not in your league. If Incubi spent more time fighting for the dark and less time obsessed with sex the light would be in serious trouble."

Sam wasn't quite sure how to deal with that information. It had been a mad two days and Sam found himself just accepting things and trying not to think about them.

"Okay, where are we going to do this practice session?" He switched back to the real topic.

"The attic," Leo suggested helpfully. "It's quiet and no one will disturb us."

"Just try not to break anything," Pru said and Sam wasn't sure if she was joking.

"Lead on, Macduff," Sam said, resigned to his fate.

If he was going to have to do this it might as well be now.

"See you later, Sam," Chris said with an unsure look on his face as the half-demon headed for the door.

"Um," was all the Englishman managed in reply as he tried to guess what this was going to be like.


"You have to learn how to do it on demand," Leo said calmly. "Stop being afraid of yourself or we may as well just leave."

Sam glared at the whitelighter; he was not happy with the man just at the moment. The lesson was not going well. He knew what he had to do, but he didn't like it much. When the demon came out he didn't feel in control and Sam was very much a person who appreciated control. Ever since his other half had first emerged Sam had been able to feel it just below the surface. If he was completely honest with himself, Leo was right he was afraid, and whenever Sam Curtis was afraid he tended to bury it with anger.

"I don't know how," much to his surprise he found himself admit.

"Then you have to learn and you have to learn in the next two hours," Leo said coldly.

The whitelighter's attitude was deliberately confrontational and had Sam been a little more rational he might not have risen to the bait. However, he wasn't thinking as clearly as usual and Leo's tone annoyed him.

"And exactly how am I supposed to do that?" Sam almost growled.

"I can't tell you," Leo snapped back, "you're the half demon, you figure it out."

That was it, Sam temper hit boiling point and he snapped. Before he really knew what he was doing he had Leo pinned against the wall and the world was luminous. The whitelighter made no move to struggle and simply looked at Sam. With nothing to provoke him the Englishman's brain clicked back in and it dawned on him that he had been quite obviously baited.

"You bastard," he said icily, but took a step back and released his grip on Leo.

Now the demon was out Sam wasn't completely sure how to get rid of it and he seethed silently.

"You have to get used to what you are," Leo said, more gently this time. "The demon is you and you have to control it. You are the only person who can defeat Benias."

"It doesn't feel like me," Sam said, unable to calm the demon back into its shell.

"You're stronger than your instincts," the whitelighter told him calmly. "Accept yourself and find control."

The CI5 agent looked at Leo's sincere and understanding expression. Everything he said was true and Sam knew he couldn't shy away from this. It was time to stop acting like an idiot and remember he was an agent of CI5. His demon was not going to go away and he had to deal with it. Under better circumstances he would have had time to come to terms with the changes, but there was no time and there was a need. Taking a deep breath he closed his eyes and looked inwards. Rather than shying away from his demon nature he mentally stared at it. Emotions surged and adrenaline flooded his system as the thrill ran through him. His demon both horrified and excited him at the same time. Its power was magnificent but its wildness was frightening.

In his mind's eye Sam visualised the raging inside him and embraced it. Rather than backing away he took the power and tried to bend it to his will. It was hard; he felt as if he'd stepped off a cliff and was falling out of control. Vaguely he realised that he had taken a path and there was no turning back. This was his heritage, his genetic makeup and there was no hiding it any more. With a gasp he opened his eyes and looked at Leo and the world was normal again. The whitelighter smiled at him.

"Well done," he encouraged warmly. "Now bring it out again."

As far as Sam was concerned this had to be much easier. Closing his eyes again he looked inside and there was the power. Rationally he reached for his demon and the only way he could explain it was that he missed. Sam opened his eyes in surprise and tried to figure out what had gone wrong.

"I ... ah ...," he tried to explain but couldn't.

In consternation he closed his eyes and tried again. This time he put a little more force behind the thought and felt himself touch the demon. It flared but did not rise to the surface. This was actually harder than he had assumed. It also gave him an insight into the fact that his demon wasn't as dominant as he had thought. He had assumed that it would take over given only a slightest chance but he was discovering that it wasn't that easy. This fact gave him confidence as he realised that he had some control. With that realisation he reached for his demon, embraced it and willed it to the surface. Even without opening his eyes he knew he had changed.

"Good," Leo said as soon as Sam did look at him. "Now we have to work on the finer points."

With a totally new outlook on the situation the Englishman nodded and steeled himself for whatever was to come.


When Sam finally reappeared from the attic Chris met him in the hall. The look on the American's face told Sam that his partner was in a talking mood. He'd gained that pensive, slightly confused expression he always wore when he was about to broach a subject he was not one hundred percent sure of. Sam had been headed for the kitchen to get a coffee, but Chris was hovering by the living room door so the Englishman diverted. Giving his partner a large smiled he wandered past him and flopped gracefully onto the sofa.

"Either you're constipated or you have something on your mind," he said lightly and grinned unrepentantly.

Sam was in a good mood after his success and he was pleased when Chris smiled back.

"Am I really that obvious?" the American asked and took a chair opposite Sam.

"Your poker face only works on the bad guys," the half-demon replied cheerfully.

"I take it your lesson from Leo went well," Chris said slowly, and Sam had the sneaking suspicion that this was the beginning of the build up.

"Lets just say I'm more in control now," the Englishman revealed lightly.

"And we all know what you're like about control," Chris said with a grin.

"Are you saying I'm a control freak?" Sam asked with mock indignation.

"Now, would I ever suggest a thing like that?" his partner said lightly and looked at the far wall.

He was obviously considering what he was going to say next and Sam left him to his thoughts. When Chris was in this type of mood he needed space.

"I've been thinking," the ex-SEAL eventually began.

"Well that's a bad start," Sam said lightly.

Chris had the good humour to grin.

"I'm sorry for reacting so badly, um ... ah ... when you changed," the American stumbled a little bit on his apology.

"No need," Sam said evenly, growing serious. "This is weird for both of us."

"Yeah, but you have so much to deal with, the last thing you need is me freaking out," Chris seemed determined to apologise.

"If you remember, I believe it was your 'freak out' that stopped me making a complete prat out of myself," Sam pointed out calmly.

Chris raised his eyebrows at that but couldn't really disagree.

"Well I don't want it to happen again," the ex-SEAL said firmly.

"So how do we achieve this?" Sam asked reasonably although he had a sneaking suspicion.

Chris looked at him hard as if the answer was obvious and Sam finally relented.

"Okay," Sam said calmly, "how's this for a party trick?"

With that he embraced his demon and let his form change. Chris didn't move a muscle and just sat there. His expression was fixed as if he was trying very hard to control it and Sam simply looked at him calmly.

"Well at least I'll never have to buy another Halloween costume," the Englishman broke the awkward silence and grinned.

It occurred to him that this might be a little unsettling since he had just revealed his fangs, but it was too late now. To his relief Chris actually smiled.

"Just don't look at me for backup when someone asks you where you got the contact lenses," he said and although there just a touch of trepidation in his voice he seemed mostly normal.


Phoebe had been trying to get some sense out of Tina all afternoon, but the woman was on a completely different planet. What ever she was normally like, Sam and Chris' friend was completely useless while she was under Benias' power. Knowing that she was on her own until the cavalry arrived Phoebe had tried to find her own way out with just as little success.

As the day had worn on Tina had become more and more like a wild thing and less and less like a real woman. There was a desperate look of hunger in her eyes that frightened Phoebe a little. It was not a hunger for food and the youngest Halliwell did not want to end up the same way. Unfortunately desperation did not help the young witch and she knew she had run out of options when the door opened for the second time to reveal Benias.

Tina was on her feet like a shot and Phoebe didn't think anything could have stopped the woman from reaching her target. The bewitched secret agent fell to her knees in front of the demon warlock and ran her hand up his leg as if he were the answer to her prayers. Benias simply laughed and bent down putting his hand under her chin.

"I think you are just about ready," he said with an evil smile. "Do you want to kiss me my little slave?"

All that came out of Tina's mouth was an incoherent grunt and she threw herself into the offered kiss. Phoebe felt sick. Benias laughed again as he broke away from his victim and looked over at the youngest Halliwell.

"Now you understand my power, witch," he said maliciously. "Soon you will be as willing as her."

"Not likely," Phoebe said defiantly.

The demon warlock just smiled at her.

"You have no choice," he said and stepped past Tina.

Two of his she-demons picked the bewitched woman off the floor and took her out of the room. Phoebe thought that was a very bad sign.

"You are mine," Benias told her calmly. "It is that simple."

He continued to walk into the room and Phoebe couldn't take her eyes off the still open door. She was desperate; no matter what face she was trying to put on the situation she knew that this creature's power could take her soul away and it frightened her. In a last ditch attempt for freedom she waited until Benias was out of reach of the door and then she ran. Her heart beat rang in her ears as her system flooded with adrenaline and she couldn't quite believe it when she made it past the demon. However, with escape in sight her hopes were shattered as two more she-demons appeared in the doorway.

"There is no way out," Benias said from just behind her ear and Phoebe jumped.

She hadn't even heard him move and she was trapped between him and his minions. His hand touched the back of her neck and she flinched away from his touch. It wasn't just that she didn't want to have him near her, it was that she could feel his evil.

"Take off your clothes," he said simply and shocked Phoebe some more.

The witch really didn't know what to do and she remained motionless.

"Take your clothes off or I will get them to do it for you," Benias said coldly, "and I cannot guarantee how gentle they will be."

Phoebe turned to look at her captor and with complete certainty she knew that if her sisters did not arrive soon there would be nothing to rescue. Somehow the knowledge that she was on the verge of loosing her soul strengthened her. She pulled herself up straight and raised her chin. If this was going to happen she was going to maintain her dignity. As calmly as she could manage she began to unbutton her shirt.

It took her a minute or so the shed her clothes and then she glared at Benias defiantly.

"Like what you see?" she asked bluntly.

Benias merely smiled.

"Hold out your arms," he instructed simply.

Phoebe paused momentarily in rebellion but eventually did as she was told. With little warning the demon warlock reached out and bound her wrists with a thin, strangely coloured rope. Almost instantly Phoebe felt her mind fog.

"A binding spell," Benias said as the youngest Halliwell's world slowly faded. "Temporary, but highly effective."

Phoebe's last thought was at least she wouldn't see her fate coming.

End of Part 5