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The Demon Within 

by Didi


This story is a New Professionals/Charmed xover and is rated NC-17 for violence and sexual situations.

Part 3

"Okay, I'm not taking another step without more of an explanation," Chris declared resolutely as he and Sam stepped though the open door of the Halliwell residence.

"Well, would you at least mind closing the door?" the sister, who by a process of elimination had to be Pru, said coldly. "We don't usually broadcast everything down the street."

Sam let the big door swing shut and then backed up his partner by refusing to move. He was feeling more than a little uncomfortable, but he couldn't help believing he should trust the three women in front of him. It was a feeling that had grown over the short journey to the house. He hadn't really noticed it creeping up on him, but now he was standing in their house, he realised he was not being objective. Way too much was happening for his rational mind to keep up and it seemed to have retired from the game.

"We're witches," Pru said firmly, "and you have ended up the target for a very nasty demon. We thought we'd show our good faith by rescuing you."

She was obviously not happy with Chris' attitude at all, and she stalked down the hall.

"You'll have to forgive Pru," the one called Piper said sweetly, "she gets a little tense when these sort of things happen."

"I can imagine," Sam said quietly.

He had the most odd sensation running up his spine, it was almost as if the house was staring at him.

"The kitchen's this way," Piper said with a smile, "would you like a coffee or tea?"

"Coffee would be great." Sam suddenly decided, that for now he was going to trust his instincts.

Chris didn't look happy, but as Sam walked down the hall and Phoebe smiled at him, Sam saw him follow.

"How did you find us?" Chris asked as they walked into the other room.

"I have premonitions," Phoebe replied honestly. "I was washing the dishes and I saw you guys in trouble. Then we made like the lone ranger and came galloping to the rescue."

Chris made no further comment.

They were all sitting around the table with steaming mugs of coffee when the obvious question occurred to Sam.

"Did you rescue us last night?" he asked after a large swallow.

"Don't you remember?" Piper replied, genuinely surprised.

Both agents shook their heads.

"Oh," the young woman decided, "this is going to be more difficult to explain than we thought."

She looked at her sisters, and with a few gestures they passed the buck back to her.

"Maybe we should wait for Leo," she suggested. "He's so good with these things."

"Who's Leo?" Chris still sounded very defensive.

"I'm Leo," said a voice from the door way and every one turned.

"I thought we agreed, enough with the sudden appearances," Phoebe said and clutched her chest in a mock heart attack. "Piper, can't you do something with him?"

"Sorry," the young looking man apologised, "but exactly what have you three been up to? You said you were going to stay out of everything until I got back."

"There was an emergency," Piper said with a sheepish smile.

"They rescued us," Sam was surprised to hear Chris defend the sisters.

The way Piper leapt out of her seat and placed herself as close as physically possible to Leo without occupying the same space made it very clear to Sam exactly what the relationship was there. It took him another couple of seconds to notice the wedding rings.

"I'd still like to know if you rescued us last night," the Englishman said calmly.

"You rescued yourself," Pru told him bluntly.

Sam was now more confused, he wasn't sure they could have rescued themselves without remembering it. He said as much. "How could we have got away from things like that without remembering at least something?"

"Chris was under their enchantment the entire time," Phoebe provided the answer and waved her hand in the ex-SEAL's general direction. "You weren't. You broke out of it and you did the rescuing, I saw it all in a dream. At a guess the reason you don't remember is your mind is protecting itself."

Silence descended and Sam had an ominous feeling.

"Why don't I want to remember?" he finally managed to ask.

The three witches and Leo were all looking at each other in a manner that suggested they really weren't sure what to say next. Sam didn't like the impression he was getting at all.

"Have you been feeling odd since last night?" It was Phoebe who broke the awkward silence. "Any twilight zone moments? For that matter ever had any twilight zone moments before?"

Sam considered the question and thought about lying, but decided that honesty was probably the best policy.

"Sort of, maybe, and not that I remember," he replied. Well he was being honest, but he hadn't decided to be anything by vague.

There was another moment's silence until Phoebe finally shrugged her shoulders.

"Okay, enough with the hedging," she decided firmly. "You may have noticed that when the she-demons attacked, three of them came at you and only one went for Chris. Well, that's because you could have done them some serious damage. In my premonition Chris died, you survived, in fact you killed two of them, just like you killed two of them last night."

Sam was listening very hard, but he really didn't think he wanted her to go on.

"You're part Incubus," Phoebe finished evenly.

The first thought that jumped into Sam's mind was that he'd heard her wrong.

"Come again?" he said very quickly.

"Incubus," she repeated. "You're part demon. When one of them tried to seduce you last night you seduced right back, and when your brain kicked back in you rescued your friend."

Sam just sat there for a second and tried to find another meaning in her words. When he finally decided there wasn't one he laughed. After all, what she had just said was completely absurd.

"You're serious, aren't you?" he said as the laughter died in his throat. "You actually expect me to believe that? You think I might have noticed this before? And for that matter, how does one become part demon?"

"Your father was an incubus," Piper provided helpfully.

This was getting more ridiculous by the second.

"I might not always see eye to eye with my dad," Sam said pointedly, "but I'm sure he isn't a demon."

"Whoever you think your father is, he isn't," Leo was very firm with his view.

That produced indignant outrage in Sam, after all this complete stranger was actually accusing his mother of sleeping around.

"What exactly are you trying to accuse my mother of doing?" he said very slowly and he was definitely not happy.

"Nothing," Phoebe leapt in before Leo could say anything. "Incubi can take on any form, your mother doesn't have to have suspected a thing. In fact your mother must be one hell of a woman. You should have turned out a full incubus; it's only her that stopped it. She made you human. If you hadn't met up with the supernatural you need never have known anything about any of this."

The young witch was using such a reasonable tone, just for a second Sam almost believed her, and then common sense hit home. Whatever he had seen today there had to be a rational explanation. He turned to Chris.

"Shall we?" he said and indicated the door.

Both men were on their feet when the sisters piled into the kitchen doorway to stop them leaving.

"You're the only one who can kill the evil that's taking so many lives," Piper sounded a little desperate.

"Look we know how you feel," Phoebe was giving Sam a pleading look, "we only found out we were witches last year and now we can't seem to turn a corner without bumping into a demon."

"Excuse us," Chris said as Sam just stared at the sisters.

"Oh bother," Piper exclaimed and threw up her hands.

Sam was getting very annoyed and he was going to push past the obstacle when he suddenly realised Chris wasn't moving.

"He didn't freeze," Piper said in a very small voice.

The subject of her consternation was, however, not listening to her. Sam turned back to Chris and just stared at his frozen partner. He waved his hand in front of the other man's face.

"He's an incubus hybrid," Leo was saying quietly, "most magic will roll off him. It's what happens if you mix the powerful supernatural and the natural."

"What did you do to him," Sam demanded, his brain deciding that rational explanations were really not worth the effort.

"He's fine," Piper promised, "I just stopped time. I was trying to give us a few seconds to regroup."

She waved her hands again and Chris blinked, he looked confused since Sam was now standing directly in front of him.

"Did I miss something?" he asked dubiously.

Sam really didn't know what to do. Half of him believed what he had seen, the other half was refusing to have anything to do with it. The demons, the rescue, it could all have been a ruse, but what had just happened, that had to have been real.

"You really froze him," was all the agent could manage in a somewhat distressed tone.

If they really were witches, and they really had rescued him and Chris that afternoon, then Sam was beginning to realise that they might actually be telling the truth. Sam's reality was beginning to crumble at the edges.

"I think you need to sit down," Phoebe said and put a hand on his shoulder.

She shuddered once and then images flooded Sam's brain. He saw himself and Chris, standing beside Malone in a large warehouse type building. In front of them was a large altar like structure, and on it was Backup, naked, her throat slit from one side to the other. The images were gone almost as soon as they arrived.

"I feel sick," Sam said and leant against the wall.

Phoebe was staring at him.

"You saw that too?" It wasn't a question; it was a statement.

"What did you see?" Pru asked urgently.

Phoebe stopped staring at Sam and turned to her sister.

"Them," she said quickly indicating the CI5 Agents, "and an older man. They were in a big open building and there was an altar. There was a naked woman on the altar, she had been sacrificed."

"Backup," Sam said still confused but just about hanging on to the situation. "They killed Backup."

He looked at Chris and his partner was obviously trying to decide if he'd completely lost it.

"It's real," Sam told him as calmly as he could manage.

It was like a chasm had just opened up beneath him and Sam couldn't do anything but fall. His mind wanted to rebel. He wanted to get as far away from San Francisco as possible, but the image in his mind wouldn't let him. All he could see was Tina, lying there dead, and it made him stay.

"We can stop it," Phoebe tried to reassure him. "That's why I have premonitions, to stop the evil from getting its way. I'm sorry you had to see that, but these things happen for a reason. I take it you are staying now."

"We're staying," Sam said resolutely.


"I still don't get it," Chris said and Sam was glad of the respite. Everyone had been staring at him for the last ten minutes even if they hadn't said anything. "I thought demons were supposed to be bad."

"Oh usually they are," Pru told him.

"Sam's not all demon," Phoebe explained, "he's predominantly human, he just has incubus mixed in at a base level."

Sam let the speech roll over him and contemplated the large glass of Scotch Piper had kindly handed him shortly after his world fell apart. He was having major trouble coming to terms with everything that had happened. After all, he was the sceptic of the team. He didn't really feel any different, but it did rather explain why his hormones had been on overdrive the entire day. He'd always had an eye for the ladies, but when he'd started looking at Backup that way he had been rather shocked with himself. However, he still didn't understand how he could be dangerous to vampire demons.

"What makes me so dangerous to them?" he finally asked and brought the conversation on the other side of the table to a halt. "Sure I had a really bad feeling about those women before they got to us, but why did three of them go for me?"

"They thought three would be enough to kill you," Piper told him.

"Why were they wrong?" Sam asked slowly. "They were stronger than me."

Phoebe mouthed the word "oh", she seemed to realise what he was asking.

"They were only stronger than you because you weren't using your demon half," she explained. "When they came up to you they were in human form, they were for all intents and purposes human. When they attacked you they we in demon form with all the strength and speed that goes with that. You can do the same thing, you did it last night."

"He has a demon form?" Chris sounded like that was one step too far for his rational brain and Sam was inclined to agree with him.

The idea was a little horrifying. Sam decided he had had enough for now and he slowly put his glass down.

"Please could I use your bathroom?" he asked in a completely calm tone.

"Up the stairs and on the left," Phoebe said quietly.

When he got there Sam was not quite sure of the journey in between, but as soon as he was in the bathroom he closed the door and locked it. Then he closed the lid of the toilet, sat down and put his head in his hands. He was an adrenaline junkie. He lived for the excitement. This, however, was that one step too far. This was just completely insane.

As he sat there anger began to form in his mind. It built slowly, a growing fury at what he perceived as the injustice of it all. His emotions didn't seem to be quite under his control and white-hot rage made his blood boil. He was so angry he wanted to hurt something; anything, and a small part of him knew that this was very dangerous. Slowly he climbed to his feet. He needed to calm down; Sam recognised the verges of hysteria. Turning on the cold tap he went to splash his face, but the old faucet exploded with a sudden rush of water covering the basin and the front of his trousers with liquid. That was just enough to push him over the edge. All the anger bubbled up and he lost control. Staring at himself in the mirror he saw his eyes discolour and the now black irises appeared to flow across the whites. Without thinking he lashed out and smashed the glass, shattering it dead centre.

Blood trickled from the back of his knuckles and sharpened senses brought the slightly metallic smell to his attention. He could hear the chatter from the kitchen even though he didn't bother to really listen to what they were saying and his fingers were now tipped with long, vicious looking nails, almost silver in colour. He stared at the small red stream of blood stupidly for a moment, clearly able to see the light hairs on the back of his hands and then slowly raised his eyes to the broken mirror. The rage was ebbing away, the momentary violence releasing enough emotion to stem the tide. He looked hard at his black eyes, staring at the small red dots of pupil and slowly they turned black as his normal grey-green irises faded back in. With their return the world faded to its normal levels and he was left with regular, everyday Sam.

He wasn't really sure how long he stood there, but eventually thought returned and with it came the memory of Phoebe's vision. Sam saw Tina lying on the altar, eyes glassy in death, covered in her own blood. He realised slowly that he could prevent that happening. If he had been a normal man he would have been dead already, and so would Chris. With a deep breath the CI5 agent tried to pull himself together, and, turning on the tap more slowly this time, washed the blood off the back of his hand. To his surprise there was no wound, only a small pink line as if he'd cut his knuckle days previously. Sam couldn't say he was particularly comfortable with himself at the moment, but he wasn't going to let that prevent him saving Backup. Drying his hands he resolutely headed for the door.

In the hallway he met Chris coming up the stairs.

"You know I was beginning to wonder if you'd jumped out the window," his partner commented as they both came to a halt.

"Nah," Sam replied, "I only do that if the date's going really badly."

For the first time since the alley Chris actually smiled and to his surprise Sam found himself smiling back.

"This is just so screwy," Chris commented shaking his head.

"Ha!" Sam returned deciding it was better to laugh than to cry. "You haven't just discovered your father is a demon."

"Yeah well, I admit that's difficult to top," his partner said with a nod. "Look at it this way, it could have been worse. Just imagine if you'd just found out your father was Malone!"

Sam managed to keep a straight face for exactly one second and then he cracked up completely. As if on cue Chris' phone went off. His partner waved at Sam to be quiet and he tried really hard to muffle his laughter. He was not doing very well at controlling his emotions and the laughter was no different. In the end he just put his hand over his mouth to muffle the sound until he could actually stop it.

"We're following a lead, sir," Chris said after listening to the caller for a few seconds. It was Malone, and Sam had to walk away along the landing as another fit of giggles threatened. "We're not sure yet, sir," Chris was glaring at Sam as he tried to have a sensible conversation. Sam was just trying to breathe. "Yes, sir," Chris continued after a few seconds. "A couple of hours, I think." Sam managed to take a breath. "Of course, sir."

As Chris put the phone back in his pocket Sam actually managed to stop laughing ... for more than a second at a time. His partner just stared at him for a while and then grinned. "If you die laughing I am not explaining it to Malone," was all he said and then Sam had to sit down.

By the time Sam could actually breathe again in a sensible manner Phoebe's head had appeared at the top of the stairs. Remembering what he had done to the mirror helped the CI5 agent calm down somewhat.

"Is this a private joke or can anyone join in?" Phoebe asked with a smile.

Sam put his hand out to Chris and his partner pulled him to his feet.

"You had to be there," he told the young witch and took a deep breath to make sure the laughter was completely gone. "Oh, and, sorry, I owe you a mirror."

Much to Sam's surprise Phoebe didn't loose the smile.

"Just a mirror," she said lightly, "when Pru first got her power she totalled an entire aisle in the Chemist. It's about time these supernatural things came with instruction manuals."

With that she turned and wandered back down the stairs. Once she was gone Sam turned back to Chris.

"So do we have our marching orders?" he asked quickly.

"Malone wants us back at base by six," Chris replied and peered over the banister just to make sure no one could hear them.

"What the hell are we going to tell him about today?" Sam asked the obvious question. "Good evening, sir, you're not going to believe this but we're up against a demon this time, oh and don't worry if I suddenly turn into this thing with black eyes and fangs, it's just my parentage showing through."

Chris just shrugged. "I think we'll cross that bridge when we come to it," he said calmly. "It might be a good idea to find out exactly how you're supposed to be a secret weapon before we report back, though."

"After you," Sam offered and let his partner take the stairs first.


Phoebe was watching their guests quite closely and questions were beginning to pile up in her head. The two men had been in the Halliwell house for nearly an hour now and the sisters still knew virtually nothing about them. The fact that they were both carrying guns was obvious, and it didn't make anyone particularly nervous because Andy had always carried one as well. The only thing was, Phoebe was almost positive that Sam and Chris were not just a couple of cops. Chris hadn't even remotely opened up whilst Sam had disappeared upstairs, in fact he'd been totally cagey. When Piper had absently enquired about his job he'd managed to turn the conversation onto something else immediately.

As the two men wandered back into the kitchen Phoebe had to bite her tongue to stop her asking them right out what exactly they had been doing in the alley in the first place.

"So is somebody going to enlighten me as to exactly how I'm supposed to kill this Benias chap?" Sam asked leant against the doorframe.

The youngest Halliwell had to smile; his tone was so irreverent.

"Back to basics," Leo provided helpfully. "It's all about one on one."

"That's it?" Sam asked and looked a little sceptical. "Am I supposed to walk up to him and demand we just finish there and then, man to man ... or should that be demon to demon?"

Phoebe had to admire his spirit, Sam didn't seem to be shirking his responsibility; he was just surprised at the method.

"Well it won't be quite that easy," Pru explained from where she was pouring herself another coffee. "His minions are not going to make it simple to get to him. You're going to need us to get you anywhere near him."

Chris and Sam shared a glance at that revelation; they obviously didn't like the sound of that. Phoebe held her tongue and waited to find out what they'd say next.

"I take it guns aren't going to do us a lot of good." It was Chris who wanted clarification.

"Depends how many of the she-demons there are," Leo took over the supernatural 101 again. "If there are a couple you might be able to pump enough bullets into them to stop them, but if there are any more you'd be overrun before guns did you any good."

"How about grenades?" Sam asked evenly.

"Better than bullets," Leo replied calmly, "less good than witchcraft."

Phoebe decided it was time to make her opening gambit.

"You don't seem keen on us helping," she said quickly. "Why?"

Both men looked at each other again.

"You'd be hard to explain," Sam said eventually. "*Really* hard."

"Then don't explain us," Piper suggested hopefully. "We could lurk in the shadows and no one would notice."

"Oh they'd notice," Chris replied firmly.

It was then that Phoebe decided she's had enough of the game; she wanted answers. Never one to shy away from being direct she chose to voice this opinion.

"What do you actually do?" she asked bluntly. "And don't try and tell me you're cops, you're not." She waited for a reaction.

Sam just sighed as if he'd been expecting the question all along, Chris looked slightly annoyed.

"Classified," Sam finally said. "What we are is classified. Would you accept that we're the people who get called in when every one else has failed?"

It wasn't really the answer Phoebe wanted, but the expression on Sam's face told her it was all she was going to get. She shrugged and smiled.

"We're going to have to, aren't we," she said lightly.

"I assume last night was part of your investigation," Pru took over.

Both men nodded.

"Well I hate to break this to you," she continued, "but you're going to have to figure out some way to work us into the rest of the operation or you don't stand a chance."

This was going to be a really tough week. Phoebe could tell.

End of Part 3