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The Demon Within 

by Tasha


This story is a New Professionals/Charmed xover and is rated NC-17 for violence and sexual situations.

Part 2

"Well, one of the conspiracy sites came up trumps," Phoebe announced as she breezed into the kitchen at lunchtime.

Piper and Leo were sat at the kitchen table and they looked a little guilty. Phoebe guessed that it was quite probably they hadn't been working on the problem at hand since Leo had arrived back. The youngest sister just grinned at her sibling and sat down with the couple.

"It seems that Benias has been busy," she continued. "There are similar cases in fifteen countries. Of course the conspiracy site thinks it's a big government experiment, code named Benias, and that the government organisations swarming all over it are cover up teams, but hey, what else would we expect?"

She spread her hand full of printouts on the table.

"I also found references to our demon friend in several of the more obscure places," she explained. "Seems he gets around. One thing they all seem to be sure on, though, is that he's almost impossible to kill."

"Not good for us unless we can find our half-demon," Piper commented quietly.

"Look on the bright side, sister mine," Phoebe said and beamed at her sister in an attempt to lighten the mood. "At least there is some information out there. We'll beat Benias yet."

The youngest Halliwell knew her humour could be infectious and she silently cheered to herself as she drew a smile from her sister.

"So, Leo," Phoebe changed her target, "is the news good on our possible ally?"

"He surprised them," Leo replied openly, "they didn't know about him. I'd say the odds have gone up distinctly in our favour. Of course they wouldn't give me anything more than a few cryptic clues about how to engage his services."

"One day they'll give us a straight answer and we won't know what hit us," Phoebe said with another grin. She couldn't help herself; she was actually excited.

Leo grinned back.

"Well," he said standing up, "those cryptic clues won't solve themselves and I have some people to see."

"Be careful," Piper said and brushed her hand down Leo's shoulder in an intimate gesture that made Phoebe smile all over again.

"You too," Leo replied. "Promise me you won't go after Benias until I get back."

Phoebe and Piper shared a knowing glance.

"We promise," Piper replied with a smile.


Sam was sitting on the edge of the bed having just pulled on his shirt when the door opened and admitted Chris, Backup and Malone. Without even thinking the Englishman stood up, but quickly wobbled and then sat back down again.

"Are you alright, Mr Curtis?" It was Malone who voiced his concern first. "If you are still unwell I will call the doctor."

"Thank you, sir," Sam replied rapidly, "but it's nothing a good meal wouldn't cure."

Malone raised his eyebrows slightly at the explanation, but Sam was counting on the fact that the hospital had given him a clean bill of health. It hadn't actually just been a matter of no food, Sam had been in that position before and it felt different, but the last thing the Englishman wanted was to be shipped home as unfit for duty. There was something about the current case that made him want to stay even if he couldn't remember why. Sam couldn't shake the feeling that if he left he'd never see Chris or Backup again.

"I hear from Miss Backus that your memory is as elusive as Mr Keel's," Malone changed the subject and Sam breathed a sigh of relief.

"Yes, sir," Sam replied, trying to cast his mind back for the hundredth time and still drawing a blank, "the last thing I remember is the club."

"Then is would appear we are dealing with people who have some form of powerful narcotic at their disposal," Malone commented aloud.

"What I'd like to know is how they administered it," Chris put in, and Sam nodded his agreement.

Almost absently the Englishman's eyes wandered as he thought on the problem. His gaze meandered over his partner and then on to the floor. Without Sam taking much notice of it his eyes fixed on Backup's ankles and very slowly began to move up. The Canadian was wearing a figure hugging pair of trousers and before Sam realised it he was appreciating the view. Vague feelings of arousal began in his body and with a start he snapped back to reality. Chris was still speaking and Sam latched onto the voice feeling strangely horrified with himself.

"I know I didn't drink anything after they came to the table, and I didn't feel anything at all. One minute everything was crystal clear, then the redhead kissed Sam, he started to act strangely and then nothing," the American was saying.

"The last thing that's clear in my mind is the start of the kiss," Sam agreed, shutting down the part of his brain that didn't seem to want to concentrate. "It was like I couldn't stop her at all so the drug must have been administered before that point. After that it's a total blank."

"Well at least now we know how the victims are lured away," Malone decided calmly. "It's unfortunate that the toxicology reports on the pair of you did not give any useful results. Whatever they used is most likely a custom made drug and the sooner we find the culprits the sooner it will be out of circulation."

"The best place to start is the club," Sam said calmly.

"The locals have already been over it," Backup explained with a nod, "but they really had no clue what they were looking for."

"Anything is worth a try," Chris agreed and all three agents looked to their superior for confirmation.

"Alright, gentlemen," Malone said evenly, "you head back to the Flamingo. If you find anything I want to know immediately. Miss Backus, I'd like to keep you in reserve for now. You are still unknown to the perpetrators of these crimes which may prove useful later on."

"Sir," all three agents said together.


Pru was pouring over the print outs Phoebe had dug up whilst her sister washed up the lunch things. Neither of them was paying much attention to the other and Phoebe was actually quite absorbed by her task. It was the type of menial duty that meant she could let her mind wander, and today she was contemplating her dream. Some of her visions were vague, they left her with more questions than answers, but this one was better than a neon sign. She was actually contemplating quite how attractive both men were. These days she had Cole, but she was still a red blooded female. It was a shame her beau was out of town, he could have been useful in finding the other half-demon. Phoebe had always had a good memory, but this premonition was staying with her far more clearly than usual. She often complained to the others that it was impossible for her to remember everything she saw because it always happened so fast. In this case she was having none of her usual trouble, in fact the details were unusually clear.

She was recalling the part where the half demon guy seemed to be enjoying himself, and she couldn't help smiling, a small mischievous smile. She was quite enfolded in the memory when Pru suddenly spoke and Phoebe dropped the knife and fork she was scrubbing.

"Geeze you made me jump," she complained light heartedly.

"Somewhere nice were we?" Pru asked and wandered over with one of the printouts in her hand.

"Actually I was trying to remember any details from my premonition which might help us," Phoebe lied indignantly.

Pru just smiled slightly and Phoebe was left wondering just what her face had been doing when she had been remembering, and how long Pru had been watching her.

"In the small print of this article it mentions a club only a few blocks from P3," the elder sister pointed out and showed Phoebe the point on the page.

The other witch wiped her hands on the dishcloth and took the piece of paper. The moment her fingers touched it a second premonition hit her. It was the same two men from her first vision, but this time they were surrounded by four of the vampire like creatures. Three of them went for the dark haired, half incubus and the other one went for his companion. The totally human guy didn't stand a chance even though he moved faster than Phoebe thought any man had a right to. She recognised martial arts training, but it couldn't save him. The she-demon had him by the neck before he had much chance to defend himself and her claws and teeth made short work of him.

The other one was pushed against the wall and he could do nothing to help his friend. It was only as one of his attackers went for his throat that his other self came out. He gave a high keening scream and then he threw off two of the she-demons. With one swipe of his hand he ripped out the throat of the third one. The fourth tried to attack after she dropped the body of his friend, but she was dealt the same justice she had given out and died quickly. The other two began to run and then the vision ended.

"Oh my god," Phoebe said as the kitchen came back into focus, "they're going to kill his friend. We have to find them Pru. We have to save them."

"But how?" Pru asked, just as anxious as her sister, but that little bit more coherent.

Phoebe stared at the piece of paper in her hand, and then at Pru.

"They're going to the club," she said firmly, "we'll find them there."

Pru didn't argue, she just picked up her cell phone, her car keys and dragged Phoebe towards the door.

"You call Piper," she said, "I'll drive."


Going back to the club had seemed like a good idea at the time, but the closer they came to it the more Sam was regretting agreeing to go. There was a sense of foreboding growing in him the nearer the place they came and even though Malone had specifically told them the police had cleaned the place out Sam couldn't quite believe it. By the time Chris parked the car and they climbed out Sam had decided this was in fact one of the worst ideas they had ever had.

"Let's check out the back first," Chris suggested. "If there's anything the local boys missed it'll be there."

Sam nodded but didn't say anything; he was not in the mood for conversation. His lack of comment earned him a long hard look from his partner.

"Are you sure you're feeling okay?" Chris asked with a concerned frown. "You've barely said five words the entire way here."

"Just a belated attack of paranoia," Sam replied as lightly as he could manage, but he really was worried.

Keel paused, still on his side of the car.

"Look," he said, obviously anxious about his friend, "we can do this later. Let's go back to the hotel and you can get some more rest."

Sam shook himself.

"No," he decided firmly, "we're here now, let's go find us some bad guys."

A dubious expression infused itself onto Chris' features but as Sam began to walk towards the alleyway at the side of the club he didn't argue.

"We always get the nicest locations," he commented as they were greeted by the pleasant smell of rotting garbage.

Sam was busy looking for anything that might give them a clue when the hairs on the back of his neck stood on end. He looked up sharply to see two women at the far end of the alley coming towards them. His instincts were screaming at him, but his logical mind said two women would be no match for two highly trained secret agents ready for anything they might try. As usual his logical mind was having a far greater say. Even so Sam glanced over his shoulder at which point his whole body went cold and his instincts began to hammer at the wall of logic. Two more women were blocking the way from which they had come.

"Chris, we have company," he said quietly and very slowly edged his hand under his jacket for his gun.

Drawing a weapon on an unarmed civilian without provocation could get a person into a great deal of trouble, but Sam had to hold onto the urge to do just that. He felt like he was surrounded by masked assassins and he couldn't work out why.

"Afternoon, Ladies," Chris said lightly as he too looked both ways, "is there anything we can do for you?"

"Nothing special," one of them said, "we were just wondering what you're doing out here. Most people loitering in this neighbourhood are up to no good."

"We're with the police," Chris told them, and Sam was quite happy to let him do all the talking.

The women were getting continually closer and he was quite alarmed by the fact that he was having to clamp down on the instinct to just shoot at them wildly. Something about them just wasn't right, something that made him want them dead.

"There have been cops all over the club today," another of the four spoke, "we didn't see you there."

"We're a special unit," Chris replied. "They called us in because they didn't find enough through the usual methods."

"Can we see some ID?" a third one asked in what was a very reasonable tone.

By now Sam just couldn't contain himself any longer.

"Don't go near them," he said very firmly and put a hand on Chris shoulder. No matter what his logical mind was now saying, the other part of him that was usually reserved for combat missions, had full control.

Keel for his part looked at him with a question in his eyes, but he did as he was told. Sam's eyes opened wide in shock at the effect his statement had on the women.

"You won't escape this time," one of them hissed, and they no longer looked like real women at all.

Sam tried not to believe what he was seeing. He really tried to stay routed in his normal sceptical little world, but it wasn't working. The eyes, the fangs, the claws, it all shocked Sam to the bone, and yet he had known. He didn't know how and he sure as hell couldn't explain any of it, but he had known. He was pulling his gun from his holster when three of them went for him and one went for Chris.

"No!" there was a shout from the end of the alley, and Sam had just enough time before three bodies collided with him to see the fourth creature fly through the air away from Chris.

Sam pushed at his assailants but they were so strong. Claws ripped through his shirt and he was very angry, but before he could do anything about it two of the three went sailing backwards just like their compatriot. Chris came charging to help and grabbed the third one from behind. Together he and Sam threw her towards her friends. Three much more normal looking women came running down the alley.

"Freeze them, Piper," one of them yelled as they came to a halt beside Sam and Chris.

One of the three threw up her hands, and much to Sam's surprise the four she-demons stopped dead where they had been scrabbling to their feet.

"Well, don't just stand there," the young woman who had shouted about the freezing said to Sam as if he should understand exactly what was going on. "Let's get out of here. They'll unfreeze in a little while."

One of the young women grabbed Chris by the hand and the one speaking to Sam grabbed him and they dragged them off down the alley. Sam was having real trouble with the whole sequence of events so he went with the flow. When the she-demons unfroze just as they reached the end of the alley all five runners charged towards the two parked cars. Somehow Sam ended up in the driving seat of the rental car, Chris was in the back and one of the women was in the front. As he put his foot down and headed straight for the main road, he finally had a chance to take a proper look at one of his rescuers. It took him about half a second to assess his new companion. She was in her early twenties, she had bobbed mid brown hair, and sparkling blue eyes. She actually looked excited and cheerful.

"Hi," she said as he turned his eyes back towards the road, "I'm Phoebe Halliwell."

Sam was a little too confused to form a cohesive sentence so he settled for names instead. "Sam and Chris," he said and concentrated on driving.

"Would somebody tell me what just happened?" Chris sounded somewhat stunned, although not as stunned as Sam felt.

"Those women weren't women," their passenger said helpfully. "They were a nasty mix of vampire and demon." Sam's mind decided reality has taken a trip south and he was in a horrible dream. This, however, didn't stop Phoebe from going on. "They used to be witches but they've been enslaved by a really nasty guy called Benias. He uses them to kill men for their souls."

There was a deathly silence in the car and Sam just kept his eyes on the street ahead.

"And you fit into this, how?" Chris didn't sound exactly friendly.

"Oh, I'm a witch," Phoebe told them both, "and so are my sisters. We're basically the good guys in a supernatural war."

Okay, so the nice looking young women had to be insane, and this all had to be a set up, but Sam decided to play along.

"Is that what happened to us last night?" he finally found a voice. "Things like that tried to kill us?"

"Basically, yes," their guest replied. "If you take a left at the end of this block we're only a few blocks from our house. You guys look like you could do with a stiff drink, and it's much easier to get into an explanation when the world's not going by at fifty miles an hour."

Sam wasn't in the mood to argue and followed her directions without complaint. All his training was screaming trap, but the rest of him was trying to convince him the world was a much stranger place than he'd realised.

End of Part 2