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Fanfic page with pictures, music, previews, staff bios and episode listings, all you could want, and more, for Highlander fiction fans. HFS season one is finished, we have a total of 23 episodes, and they're all available if you follow the HFS link.

Shattered Idols - by Cassie J. Hughes

DISCLAIMER: Some characters have been borrowed from Highlander which is property of Gaumont and Rysher Television. I am not making any money from this (donations of Reeses peanut butter cups will be accepted, however), and no copyright infringement is intended. Eden, Sarah, and Erastus; however, are mine. Please don't forward this to any WWW, FTP site, or newsgroup without my permission.

This takes place shortly after The Messenger & it's the sequal to Return To Eden


Methos watched couples stroll hand in hand along Stutterers Lake as he sipped his beer. Seacover reminded him of Paris in the fall when the locals had the run of the place. Perhaps that's what MacLeod liked about it. The sun would set soon and he wished Edie would return so they could share it. He would have met her at Joe's Place but it was closed for remodeling. Methos chuckled lightly. In reality the refrigerator was out and the repairman couldn't get there until Monday.

He felt the buzz of an approaching immortal and waved as Edie approached. He pushed out a chair for her with his foot.

"Thanks. Don't you just love it out here, old man?" She sighed as she seated herself across from him. Before he could answer, the waiter, a gruff sounding middle aged man took Edie's order, a Shiner Bock and a chewy pretzel with mustard.

"So," She continued. "have you had a chance to talk to Joe about the Kinsmen?"

Methos shook his head. "There hasn't been time since I've been back. I haven't even told a soul about you."

Her dark eyes widened in mock suprise and she held a hand dramatically to her chest. "Say it ain't so."


"You pig." She winked as the waiter placed her order on the table.

"I could've told you that." A familar voice said.

Methos looked at the sheepish smile on Joe's face.

"How long have you been here?"

Joe seated himself. "Long enough to know that you've been holdin' out on me."

"You must be Joe Dawson." Edie said.

They introduced themselves and Methos told him about the Kinsmen, a clan of ancient Immortals whose intentions are to send the earth into chaos. He wondered if Kronos had anything to do with this. But to tell Joe and Edie about his under dealings with him would be revealing too much. He had pushed the shame aside many, many years ago. Methos decided to let it rest and pulled out the newspaper article that Edie had shown him and gave it to Joe.

"What's this?"

"A week ago an immortal by the name of Erastus was shot in the head on national television and sat back up announcing that he was the new Messiah. I'm sure you read about it."

Joe nodded. "Yeah, it was all over the place."

"Eden and I know him."

"We met him before he knew what he was." Joe gave them a hard look. "Tell me about it."

***** 600A.D. Methos wondered why he even bothered to avoid Galen. For the past year he had tried to avoid the immortal Roman Soldier to no avail. Apparantly, Greece wasn't far enough. They both stood face to face outside Athens, with swords drawn and ready for battle.

Galen's reddened face hardened with a scowl, sword high above his head. Galen's eyes glinted with hate and Methos knew this would be the last time he'd play marriage counselor. "So Christian," Galen said between clenched teeth. "you have decided to take me on, huh?"

"Didn't have much choice." Methos shot back as he took the first swing toward the soldier's neck. Their swords clashed with a fury next to the Parthenon. Methos knew that one day he'd have to bone up on his sword playing skills. They fought what seemed like days when actually, afternoon had melted into early evening. Methos had often wondered who made up the, 'there be can only one', rule of the game. Probably a mortal with a really bad sense of humor.

Galen pushed him onto the steps of the Parthenon and charged at him as Methos rolled away like a cat. Galen screamed and lunged for Methos' gut. Again, Methos proved too quick and darted away as Galen landed flat on his face. Methos took the opportunity and kicked the sword out of his beefy hand and smiled while placing the tip of his sword beneath the soldier's chin as he rolled over. "You sure that you don't want to change religion?" Methos scowled.

Galan merely shut his eyes as Methos delivered the final blow.

Methos watched as the swirling clouds gathered at the approaching storm. He grabbed Galen's sword in one hand and raised both swords in the air, reaching into the quickening. He couldn't be certain that he'd ever get used to this raw and powerful feeling. He screamed as the lightening went through him, absorbing memories of past enemies, lovers, and all of Galan's life's ebbs and woes all in a monumental rush. What he really wanted was Galen's power of persuasion which the Roman Soldier had not mastered, but for an old Immortal like humself, it wouldn't be a problem. He slowly rose to his feet as the sky cleared, he soon would lose the throbbing of his aching bones. Then, he heard the familiar buzz from an approaching Immortal. "Oh no..." He managed as a woman approached riding a black stallion.

She was a vision in white. Long dark curls were swept away from her angular face, brown eyes held a wisdom he had only seen with the ancients. The horses' saddle was equipped with a scabbard that held her sword, her strong arms and legs seemed powerful enough to use any means necessary to take care of an approaching rival. "I saw you from the cliff, " She said. "you're not bad."

"Thanks." He panted.

She pulled her sword from it's scabbard as a man approached and kneeled before Methos. "It's an honor to kneel before the mighty Ares and Athena; both wise and powerful."

Methos wanted to explain the misunderstanding but the woman interjected. "Stand, mortal. What is your name?"

The man stood and stepped back as the woman dismounted. His fair hair clung to his perspiring face.

Methos lay down his sword and sensed that this man was destined to become immortal.

"Erastus, kind lady."

She winked at Methos and said to the now quivering man. "Not many live after seeing Ares defeat an enemy, but you Erastus, are destined for greatness. Go in peace before you lose your head."

"I came bearing a gift to your alter, never believeing that I'd find you. Dear lady."

She caressed Erastus' cheek and smiled. "What a kind soul. I require no gifts, only your faith."

He kissed her hand and disappeared into the shrubbery from where he came.

"Was that really necessary?"

"Would you have him think we're demons, instead?"

Methos shook his head in defeat. "Of course not. But..." She held out her hand. "Eden."



"I see. " Joe said. "Now he's the one playing God."

Methos nodded. "He's disappeared. Since I'm not with the Watchers anymore..."

Eden rose and excused herself. "I'm sorry to do this fellas, but I have to run. It was nice meeting you, Joe."

Joe waved as she left. "You too, Eden."

"Bye Edie."

"I'll see what I can find on the Erastus." Joe ran a hand over his face as if hesitating but continued, "There's another thing."


"You've been assigned a new Watcher. Sarah Pembleton. She wanted to ask Adam some questions about what he knows about Methos."

Methos smiled ironically, suprised that it took them this long to find a replacement for Adam Pierson. "Well, I'll see what I can do to help."

"She's been with us for around 5 years and always had an interest in the Methos watch. I'd be careful."

"Is there something you're not telling me?"

"Tracking Methos had been a bit of a hobby. She's even convinced that Adam Pierson and Methos are the same."

Methos couldn't help but smile. Someone was bound to figure it out. He was suprised it had taken so long. "It's a shame the other Methos dying didn't convince her."

"She had figured him a fake, anyway. I can probably figure out what's going on with The Kinsman. You need to make tracks."

Methos shook his head. "I can't run any more. Besides, what proof could she have?"

"She claims to have seen Kristin's quickening."

He felt a surge of sudden panic and it was gone. "And she hasn't said anything about it until now? Why?"

Joe shrugged. "Who knows. There's something else about her that doesn't add up. She claims to be from Toronto. No records on her exist before she joined the Watchers."

"I don't know how to say it, Joe, but Watcher records have always stunk as far as keeping the non trusted out."

"We're workin' on it and keeping an eye on her."

Methos shook his head. "Right."

Joe looked over Methos' shoulder and nodded. "Speakin' of the devil..."

Methos turned and saw dark haired, attractive woman, with the longest legs he'd seen since Lady Godiva paraded through the streets of Mercia, claiming she had no clothes to wear. She had on a purple silk jogging outfit and walked with a graceful confidence. he didn't hear the faint buzz until he shook her hand.

"Hi!" She said brightly. "Sarah Pembleton. You must be Adam Pierson." She turned to Joe and sat down. "Well, Dawson, haven't seen you in a while. Good to see you crawling out of that bar of yours on occasion."

She removed her sunshades. Her gray eyes seemed to conceal a hidden agenda. To be replaced by a watcher who would some day become Immortal was in itself poetic justice. "Joe was telling me all about you." Methos finally said. "I'm afraid that I don't have much more than you. Notes and a trail that stopped at Kathmandu five years ago. Then two months ago, it had appeared Methos had died but, that soon proved false."

"Joe probably told you this, but I've been on Watch for five years. Stuck behind a desk keeping records can be dull... dull... dull... Then, I started reading the Methos Chronicles. Often times, I found myself following you. But, you don't seem to have the passion that I do. Of course, if I were assigned to look after myself, the passion might not be there, either."

Methos and Joe exchanged worried glances. Methos tried to sound casual. "What are you talking about?"

"I know that you're an immortal. I saw you kill Kristin. If you're not Methos, then who are you?"

Joe was right, she just became a threat.

"That was MacLeod." Joe said curtly, but Sarah wasn't listening.

She cut him off with a wave of her hand. "That was Dawson, here, coveriing your butt. I saw it. I was there."

"Just because I'm an Immortal doesn't mean that I'm Methos."

"Convince me."

"He doesn't have to."

Methos cut Joe off. "Stay out of this, Joe. Why haven't you given me away?"

"You're too important to lose."


Nevada, 1899

Methos winced as the pain clutched at the gaping hole through his chest. Without doubt, this was the reason he swore off the game, to avoid getting stabbed, drowned, blown up, and like. He knew there was something else to avoid. But why did Butch have to see it? He shielded his eyes from the blinding sun with one hand as he clutched at his chest with the other. He couldn't see the rest of the gang from behind the rocks but he knew Butch was close by. They were all fending off the posse that had come for them after robbing the Montpelier Bank. He felt himself slipping away, but knew he'd be back. Just didn't know when. He coughed as Butch came around the rocks. The fair haired man holstered his pistol and came to his friend's aid. Blue eyes, deeper than the pacific showed more compassion than he himself probably had for anyone in the last hundred years or more. For years he wanted to tell both he and Sundance the truth. God, he didn't want to tell them this way.

"Da... Dave..." Butch pulled Methos close as the gunplay went on around them.

"It's not as bad as it looks..." Methos broke into a heaving, coughing spasm.

Butch shook his head "Not as bad as it looks...? Dave.... You're in bad shape, kid."

Methos took out his knife. "You need to know something, but I don't want Sundance to know. Just you and me, ok?"

Butch nodded as Methos ran the knife along his arm. As it healed before Butch's eyes, he felt himself slipping away. he had to tell him everything. He had to hang on. "This is a trick, ri... right?" He stammered. "I mean... does this mean...? You're not going to die?"

"I am Immortal. Sundance can't take it. But you can. I need to rest so I can heal."

"I don't understand this. what are you?"

As blackness enveloped him, he briefly wondered how how anyone understood it.For a moment, he thought Sarah could handle it. With all of her passion she had potential for being one of the best. But that's what he foolishly thought about Butch Cassidy.


Methos shook his head and smiled. "Too important to lose?" How many times had he said it to the Highlander? How many times had he thought that about Butch?

"All the history," Sarah's eyes burned brightly. maybe she had too much passion. "and what we can learn from you and the other Immortals. Especially the older ones."

Joe rose and let out a sigh. "I can't listen to this. I'm going to look into what we talked about and get back with you."

Methos leaned back in his chair. The stories that he could tell her and knew he wouldn't. "See you, Joe."

She leaned forward as Joe walked away. "If I told the other Watchers, they'd kill you. I've read horror stories about Immortals who go around causing as much havoc as they can. We can't interefere with them but, we'd kill you. It's just not right. Please, say that you are Methos."

"Let's take a walk." They went down to the beach as the sky darkened. The sound of the water slapping against the pier helped him to relax. To think. "I'm just a really old guy whose been around for a good bit of time." He put on his best Adam Pierson choirboy look and stuffed cold hands in his pocket. "I hate to dissapoint you, really."

"He was so sure... I mean, I was so sure."

"Methos stopped and gave Sarah a hard look. He made certain all traces of Adam was gone. "Who was sure about what?"

"We... well..." She stammered. "I found out about immortals. That's how I became a Watcher."

"That's how it normally works." He wanted to make certain no one else was around. Mortal or not in case he had to take her head.

"I saw a man die and come back. He was a friend. Still is."

"So, he gets you to locate Methos."

"Yes, but he doesn't want your head. I mean he doesn't want Methos' head."

She suddenly seemed so naive. Most Immortals would go to great lengths to get the prize. Hundreds had tried to get his head and failed. What would she do if she knew of her Immortality? "So, who is this? And how can I find him?" But before the question was out of his mouth, Methos felt the buzz and turned.

"What's wrong?" Sarah asked.

Erastus hadn't changed much. He probbably had his first death soon after he and Eden met him. Sarah turned as the man approached. "I see that you found him, Sarah. Good." Methos turned toward the new voice. The big man's hands were hidden from view beneath over sized pockets from his top coat. "Ares, it's been a while."

"Well, I haven't been called that in a long time." Sarah walked alongside Methos as they approached Erastus.

"Sarah, you can go. I have a couple of private things to discuss with with my friend, here."

Sarah shook her head. "I didn't lead you here so you could kill him."

Erastus came closer. "Never entered my mind. Now, go."

Sarah hesitated and went up the pier and watched from a distance.

Methos looked out across the water, keeping a mental note on where his was. It didn't matter that Erastus knew that he was Methos and how he knew. "What do you want?"

"A friend of yours killed a friend of mine. A good man."

"Acadia sought Eden. Besides, it's all part of the game. You ought to know that."

"She doesn't understand the power behind The Kinsman. But you would." Erastus stood next to Methos. "The old Methos who rode with Kronos would have understood. He would have liked being a part of the Kinsman."

"I removed the old many years ago."

"Kronos wants you back. And the Kinsmen need you."

Methos shook his head in disgust. Erastus had apparently fallen under the same bad influences he had fallen into four thousand years ago. "All The Kinsmen need is someone willing to fight them."

Erastus' face fell. "The mortals need to be shown whose in charge. We're like Gods."

"The only difference separating us from them is mortality. Some immortals are just as greedy, others have compassion... whatever. We're not Gods."

"But they don't know that." Erastus turned and pulled out his sword. "I hadn't planned on this. But he said to kill you if you didn't come back."

Methos drew his sword as Erastus came for him. Their swords joined together close to their necks and they pulled away. They both charged like two fighting lions, unable to control the passion of the game. Erastus slipped and fell, his sword flung out of his hand into the dark water below. "It seems you have me at a disadvantage." Erastus snickered unevenly. "It seems that way, doesn't it." Methos placed his sword beneath Erastus' chin and wondered why it all has to come down to survival. If roles had been reversed, he'd already been dead and Erastus would have a story for Kronos. Erasrus shut his eyes and lowered his head as Methos cut off his head, clean into the water. The body dropped into the lake as Methos waited for the approaching quickening. Dark clouds billowed overhead as he waited. He screamed as he absorbed the approaching surge of electricity and power. The wind whispered and moaned as he went to his knees with a faint cry of relief as it stopped. He only wished, Kronos himself wouldn't try to track him down.


The End.