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Fanfic page with pictures, music, previews, staff bios and episode listings, all you could want, and more, for Highlander fiction fans. HFS season one is finished, we have a total of 23 episodes, and they're all available if you follow the HFS link.

Return To Eden - by Cassie J. Hughes

DISCLAIMER: Some characters have been borrowed from Highlander which is property of Gaumont and Rysher Television. I am not making any money from this (donations of Reeses peanut butter cups will be accepted, however), and no copyright infringement is intended. Nyssa, Eden, Acadia, and The Kinsman are mine. Please don't forward this to any WWW, FTP site, or newsgroup without my permission.

Author's notes: This takes place about a month after "An Hour Past Midnight" and brings up a new question. If there's an evil group of Watcher's, why couldn't there be an evil group of Immortals? In this, I've brought up religion, but use nothing but the facts and how The Kinsmen interpret it for their own devices.


Nyssa Constantine never asked to be immortal. Infact, the idea of sword play made her think of Camelot, an age a couple hundred years before her time.

She leaned back in her rocker and looked up at the stars from her front porch. East Texas in early fall teamed with chirping crickets and owls made her pine for earlier days. She wondered how long it would be before the city lights would make it out this far.

Nyssa was torn from her reverie from the familiar tingling of an approaching immortal. If she concentrated hard enough, she could possibly block the sensation, making her seem invisible to another like herself. As a precaution, Nyssa made a mental note of where her sword lay, tucked in the doorway inside her umbrella stand. She pulled long, dark hair from her angular face, gray eyes trying to see what she could still feel. Then she saw the lights of an approaching car. "Must be an ancient one." She muttered with a slight quiver. She wasn't afraid of a good fight, Ramirez had taught her well but, it was the old breed she was avoiding.

The black Volvo pulled into the gravel drive. Eternity passed, or so it seemed, before the car reached a stop in front of her house and the door swung open. She licked dry lips. If it was him, she could make it to the sword. But even Ramirez had told her so many years ago, that this was the one to avoid.

He got out, not at all like she pictured him. Seemingly in his late twenties, early thirties, dark brown hair cropped at the collar, dressed conservatively. If she hadn't known better, it looked like... "Methos? My God," She didn't hide her relief and shear joy at seeing her old friend. "what are you doing here?"

Methos scratched his head and grinned sheepishly. A smile of innocence. "Were you expecting someone else?"

They greeted each other on the porch and hugged. "Why didn't you call? I could've fixed something to eat. Are you hungry?"

He shook his head. "No, Edie. I ate in Dallas. Tea would be good. You look great!"

"I Haven't aged a bit in over a hundred years. If I could bottle up immortality, I'd be a quasi billionaire."

The west couldn't have been wilder when she last saw Methos. She had been married then to a mortal, adopted a child, was perfectly content until two immortals blew through town. One, after her head and the other drifting by. It was a hot, dusty day in Casper Wyoming when Methos interfered and saved her life. She didn't know it at the time, but Gaspar was an ancient. Methos had promised to return after Luke had died. She hadn't expected him to return. She enjoyed their friendship and always hoped for Methos' return but knew not to hold her breath. It suddenly occurred to her that it might be pay back time for saving her life. "Come inside and we'll talk."

"A hundred and thirty years, right?" He asked as he followed her through the house to the kitchen.

"A hundred and thirty-five. But to an old man like yourself, what's five years?" She winked as he seated himself at the breakfast table and she put the water on to boil for some mint tea. She couldn't help but look at him as he studied the hardwoods, high ceilings and pickle wood cabinets. "You know, I've been here for years and no one bothers me. It's so peaceful."

"Eden, I--"

She cut him off with a wave of her hand and sat across from him. "Nyssa. My real name is Nyssa. Eden died... Oh sixty years ago. Come on, old man. You're not here to sort out old times. What's wrong?"

"I'm sick of it. So damn sick of it!"

Nyssa shook her head. The light he once had in his eyes all those years ago had vanished. She noticed the tattoo on his arm and immediately he covered it up. "You're a Watcher?"

"I don't know what I am. He looked up half ashamed, the other confused. Surprise didn't seem to be a part of Methos' vocabulary. "How did you know about us?"

"A long story." Nyssa heard the water starting to boil and attended to it, putting a couple of tea bags in the water while she told him her story. "Luke and I had a boy as you may recollect. Well, when Sam was old enough, we told him the truth about immortals. He told his son and somewhere down the line, my great grand son became my Watcher." She sat across from Methos who seemed absorbed in her story. "Anyway, I was in Dallas and noticed this boy-- well, young fellow in his 20's-- following me. This was about a year ago. Anyway, I turned into an alley, drew my sword and waited for him to turn the corner. I like to have scared the crap out of him when I held the sword beneath his chin and told him that there were stalking laws and I couldn't decide to turn him in or cut his throat. Well, he stuttered and stammered and begged me not to kill him. Finally, the kid broke down. Spilled everything. Told me about that he was a Watcher and knew about Immortals." She wanted to know without asking Methos directly if he were a part of The Kinsmen. Ramirez was one of the ancients but he never swore allegiance to that society of Immortals. She would have been surprised if Methos wasn't. She hoped he wasn't. "Of course he was rattling on so that he even mentioned the Hunters but knew nothing of the Kinsmen.

Methos put some cream and sugar in his tea and took a sip. A blank look long practiced over the millennia ran over his face. "What are they?"

"Ancients who think they remember what we're really here for. That's why you've come. For my head. right?"

He shook his head. "No," Genuine surprise. How she wanted to believe him. "I missed you, Edie."

"Sixty years was a long time to be in hiding. She had a problem. He came with another. "I'm being an ass. Sorry. I've missed you, too."

"Twelve years ago I became a Watcher. I had believed it would be great if Watchers and Immortals could work together. But they can't as long as there are Hunters. I don't know where I stand with myself or others."

"You've always been an Immortal. A Watcher only a dozen years. How can you doubt what you are? Besides, you're always welcome here. You're like Halley's comet. You pop up once every seventy-five years or so. You'll figure things through."

"Tell me about the Kinsman." "Forget it. I should've never brought it up."

He sighed. "Are you in trouble, again?"

She tried to laugh it off. Nyssa could still feel the nick from the sword as it grazed her shoulder last week. Someone had followed her from a cafe in Dallas and chased her for what seemed like hours downtown. She knew however, that soon, it would be time to move again. "It's been sixty years-- I'm sure that they've forgotten all about it."

He folded his arms in front of him. "Forgotten what?"

Nyssa felt another buzz from an approaching immortal. "No time. We need to run."


Methos climbed in the passenger side as Nyssa roared the Saab into life. "O.k, old man. Last chance to leave with your head intact."

"Well, let's go."

Nyssa sped through the hills of East Texas leaving behind, for the moment, the man who wanted her head. No, she'd have to tell Methos the whole story. "The Kinsmen call themselves Revelationists. They believe that chapters; 13, 20, and 21 refer to immortals taking over the world. Most of them are ancients- 2,000 years or older. They want to win the game at any cost. That's what I believe started the panic in the Watchers... why the Hunters were formed." "So why are they after you?"

"For years I've been warning other immortals. Naturally, the Kinsmen don't like it that I've been stepping on their toes. There are a list of immortals they want destroyed before they go into power. I have that list. Xavier was initially sent to destroy Duncan MacLeod but then it turned personal real quick with him. From my understanding, MacLeod's damn good."

Methos smiled. "Not bad for a Boy Scout."

"She studied the grin on his face. "You know him?"

He nodded. "Our paths have crossed. He's a clansman of Connor's."

She remembered Connor well. Ramirez had introduced them five hundred years ago. Nyssa often wondered whatever became of him, but that could wait. "Then he couldn't be all bad."

"No, not bad at all."

"This is why the immortals and watchers need to work together. The Kinsmen have a leader in mind. The oldest Immortal next to you. He's Acadia."

He gave her a puzzled look."The religious leader of Eastern Molaka?"

"Some Mideast nation. Anyway, Every twenty-five years there's an outdoor mass and the leader prays for all the people. Since this is the one hundred year anniversary, CNN gets to broadcast it. That's when he's going to be shot in the head for the world to see."

"Then come back from the dead."

"A miracle for billions to watch." Nyssa knew it wasn't set until early next year, but she couldn't just sit and watch any longer. "But Christians will recognize him as the Anti Christ."

"The Kinsmen are hoping that it will instill fear in most. They think themselves as Gods. They can't get away with it."

"I was probably never asked because I stay hidden. I s'pose being safe has paid off."

She crooked an eyebrow. "Is that why you broke the rules of the game a hundred and thirty years ago and stopped another from destroying me?"


"Of course not. We're friends. You talk about not believing in chivalry. That you're depressed and don't know who or what you are. That part of you is lying, because I know your heart."

"You talk too damn much."

"Did I ever tell you that Homer was a friend of mine? One of the few mortals I've told. An intelligent man even by todays standards. He denied believing in chivalry. Yet, he wrote the Iliad and The odyssey. There was passion in him like there is with you. There's a reason for us, Methos. To walk the earth in eternity is not enough. We must make things happen. Especially while the Kinsmen are around."

Methos looked at his tattoo and gazed out the window.

What else could she say that wasn't said already? She continued. "You are in a prime position. The Kinsmen would like nothing more than to see a war between the Watchers and Immortals."

Nyssa pulled into a rest stop that overlooked a canyon. They got out and she stretched and took a deep breath of the unpolluted air. What was immortality without honor or dignity. Hell, mortality for that matter. The fall night had begun to cool. She shuddered slightly regardless of the sweater she wore, she still couldn't knock the chill. He came up from behind and warmed her shoulders with his hands. She leaned her head against his chest. "You know, I'm so sick of running. Sixty years from those morons. It's starting to piss me off."

"Try it for five thousand plus years."

She shook her head. "They'd have to send me away." She turned to gaze into his steady eyes. Eyes that had seen more than she ever would.

"I won't let them." He leaned slightly to kiss her tenderly but passionately on the lips. Desire unsurpassed by decades of imminent longing. She only realized now how much she missed him. Needed. Wanted him. And wished he'd never leave.

She heard the familiar buzz of another and broke from his embrace. "He's coming."

"Damn. They really know how to spoil a mood, don't they?"

She went to the car and took out her sword.

"What are you doing?"

"If they stopped chasing Duncan MacLeod after Xavier was killed, maybe they'll stop chasing me after Acadia is killed."

He grasped her arm. "NO." Then he looked up. "This is madness."

"Have you any idea what it's like to feel that before anyone else. Ramirez taught me how to block the sensation so other immortals don't know me from from a mortal. But the older ones, no can do."

"It's like having a super power and not being able to use it, huh?"

Nyssa nodded, wishing she had never gotten him involved in all this. "It's time that I took care of them."


She kissed him as though it were her last, a kiss hopefully to be remembered through the next millennia.

They watched as the lights of the approaching car flickered into view.

"My fight this time. If he wins, it's up to you."

The blue Taurus stopped next to the Saab and a silver haired man got out, wielding a Katana.

"You choose your weapons well."

He gazed at her Swept hilt rapier, then at Methos and smiled. "Who's your friend?"

"Back up in case I lose." She wielded her weapon above her head.

"He followed suite. "He doesn't look big or mean enough."

"It's the quiet ones you have to be careful of." She struck the first blow and they crossed swords above their heads. Their eyes locked and Nyssa could tell she might be in for a long night.


Methos watched and wondered how the other watchers throughout history could observe without interfering. He couldn't sit and watch a hundred and thirty five years ago and that was before he became A Watcher. This guy was a more even match for Edie, or Nyssa, whatever she had chose to call herself these days. Ever since Alexa's death, he thought more and more of Eden. Every time he ran into Edie, excitement and danger soon followed.

He sat on the hood of the Saab as they crossed swords and fought in the middle of the farm road. Duncan and Joe needed to know about this dangerous group of Immortals. He felt the old cynicism returning at the irony of it all. He had come for insight from an old friend and a possibility of a return to Eden.Not just the woman he met a thousand years ago, but a love he realized he had almost lost. There had been so much lost through the millennia.

Acadia was a quick and skilled swordsman, lean and had a sharp eye. Eden had a strong arm as well as speed and agility. He nicked her sweater at the shoulder. It came back with flecks of red and she returned the blow to his side. He showed no sign of pain or agony. He didn't even clutch his side as the blood ran down his shirt. Soon, Eden would be tiring out. He wondered why a left handed swordsman would fight right handed, but nothing Edie did surprised Methos. Then, she pulled out a small dagger tucked beneath her sweater, while keeping Acadia occupied with the sword. Their eyes locked as she dug the dagger deep into Acadia's chest. He gasped and fell back. Methos stood up as Eden knocked the sword out of Acadia's hand and seared his head, letting it roll down the road.

Swirling black clouds towered over head. Eden closed her eyes and placed her hands over her head, reaching into the quickening. Energy. Lightning swirled around her as Methos held on to the rest stop sign. She screamed as the quickening approached and filled her with Acadia's immortals he had killed. There had to be hundreds, perhaps thousands. If he were the second oldest, this would make her the second strongest Immortal. In theory, that is. The wind picked up and Methos jumped as the Saab and Taurus' engines revved up and the glass from the windows blew out. It was pitch black except for the energy surrounding Eden. For a woman who claimed to dislike the game, she just made herself a good killing. The final spark of energy released itself and the sky became clear. Methos went to her as she collapsed in the road. Holding her head in his lap, he asked. "How do you feel?"

"That was orgasmic."


Nyssa knew that her problems weren't over but two weeks later she wasn't complaining. Methos drove up in her new Blazer. Having her Saab found at the bottom of the canyon had the makings of a perfect exit. Eden, Nyssa's twin sister had to come and close shop. Granted, not a great lie, but it worked for these back woods folks. She waved as Methos got out of the car and joined her on the porch. So, you ready to go?"

Nyssa looked at the house for the last time. God knew how she'd miss it. But at least she had her laptop, cell phone, and her credit card. "I think so." She got the paper out of the yard and tore the wrapping away as she got in the Blazer. When she flipped to the front page, Nyssa felt her face flush.

"What's the matter with you?" Nyssa let him read the header in case she had seen it wrong but by the look on his face, she hadn't. "Oh my god." He gasped.

In bold faced lettering, the headlines read like a Tabloid teaser:

Holy Man Walks Away From Fatal Gun Shot To The Head Is This The New Messiah?

The End ...