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Fanfic page with pictures, music, previews, staff bios and episode listings, all you could want, and more, for Highlander fiction fans. HFS season one is finished, we have a total of 23 episodes, and they're all available if you follow the HFS link.

Quantum Parallels - by Cassie J. Hughes

Some characters have been borrowed from Highlander which is property of Gaumont and Rysher Television. Other characters have been borrowed from Quantum Leap, which is the property of Belisarius Productions and Universal Studios. I promise to return them when I'm through in the same way I found them, unless they REALLY don't want to leap back.

Author's note: Unlike my other stories, Methos is still a Watcher in this parallel universe.


Theorizing that one could time travel within his own lifetime, Dr. Sam Beckett stepped into the Quantum Leap accelerator... and vanished! He awoke to find himself trapped in the past, facing mirror images that were not his own, and driven by an unknown force to change history for the better. His only guide on this journey is Al, an observer from his own time who appears in the form of a hologram that only Sam can see and hear. And so Dr. Beckett finds himself leaping from life to life, striving to put right what once went wrong and hoping each time that his next leap will be the leap home.

Part 1

The blue light faded as Sam Beckett smiled and sipped hot buttered rum and took in his surroundings. How he hated parties, but this seemed to be a small one which consisted of three couples and himself. Quaint and not too stuffy. He even thought Al would be pleased to hear a hint of Otis Redding music in the back. He was in a large den with a stone wood burning fireplace. an ornate Christmas tree was casually placed in a corner by a window and he smelled potpourri.

He stood at the foot of some stairs and began to go up when he heard a mans voice behind him. "Mac.... don't be a snot and get over here and join the rest of us, Kelly will be back."

Sam turned, and was confronted with a large, smiling man a little younger than himself and his breath was that of a man who had fallen off the wagon one too many times. Sam fought to keep from squirming. "Kelly?"

His brow furrowed as the big man clasped Sam's shoulder and led him to the rest of the party. "I know you love her but she seems to be using her head and doesn't want to bring her troubles on you in one big swoop. That little boy upstairs is quite a handful."

Sam wasn't sure how to respond, how he wished Al would pop in. But he figured a response was better than no response at all. "That only makes a situation challenging, doesn't it."

The man smiled. "Son, you have a heart of a poet."

"So, what else is new fellas?"

Sam turned towards the stairs and was taken by her beauty. The woman who spoke was a slim, petite woman of about thirty. A white ribbon pulled the front part of her auburn hair back to accent large gray eyes and high cheek bones. She wore black silk pants with leather boots and a red sweater with splashes if green in it. Kelly placed a hand on the bannister as she stepped towards the two men. Sam felt his mouth drop open at the sight of her. Kelly stopped in front of Sam and continued. "I just put Al to bed. Have you been entertaining everyone?"

"If she ever put me to bed, I'd remember it."

Sam didn't have to look over his shoulder to spot his friend, he merely looked back at Kelly and replied, "Of course."

Al's voice suddenly became cold. "Seriously, Sam. Excuse yourself, we need to talk."

Sam could tell by the tone in his holographic friend's voice that this may not be a simple leap. He knew it was too good to be true. He kissed her and excused himself, following Al to a large bathroom downstairs and locked the door.

"Why do I get the feeling I'm not here to have fun at the party?"

"Because you're right." Al sucked on his cigar and blew two smoke rings in the air and continued while punching at his hand link. "Your name is Duncan MacLeod and your friend in there is Kelly Paige. You operate a dojo in Seacouver and Kelly is a single mom who works as a nightclub singer. Ziggy starts to scramble when I ask his age. I think this Duncan MacLeod is dangerous."

"What year is it?"

Al tapped at his link again and it made a high pitch noise. Sam always figured it was Ziggyisms. Sam didn't feel Duncan was dangerous, but he listened. "It's New Years Eve, 1996 and sometime tonight someone is going to break in and and kidnap her son, Alex. Kelly goes out to look for him and never returns. Her dead body is found in a shallow grave two weeks from now. The boy was never found. A week later, MacLeod is seen decapitating someone and is sent to prison. It might be in your best interest to know that two years ago, a man by the name of Frank Walker was arrested for attempting to kill Kelly. He got paroled a few days ago. Ziggy says that its a 98 percent chance that it's him and he will stop at nothing to get to her."

Sam furrowed his brow. "The guy MacLeod murdered?"

Al nodded and stuck his cigar back in a scowling mouth.

"Ziggy said all that?"

"The first part. The man is a psycho- an obsessed one at that. Walker was an old boyfriend. He killed her husband soon after Alex's birth four years ago but, they never came up with enough evidence to keep the nozzle behind bars. MacLeod just apparently lost it. In addition, no one has seen Walker since."

Sam's mind raced. "Why can't I leap into someone who's having a good day? Or the biggest thing I have to change are my clothes. Why Al, why this ?"

"I don't know, kid."

Sam gave his friend a hard look. "Keep an eye on Alex."

"There's more. This Walker carries a sword and likes to use it."

"What kind of man carries around a sword?"

Al shrugged. "It's all weird to me, Sam. Duncan MacLeod carries one, too. Personally, I prefer an uzi." Al clicked the imaging chamber door and he walked into the light. "There's someone out there named Joe Dawson. He walks with a cane and is supposed to be a friend. Maybe you can milk some info from him. So, you better get back out there."

Sam shook his head. He hated guns, knives, and didn't want to have anything to do with swords. He always got by pretty well with his hands and feet. That would just have to do. Especially to keep his alter ego out of trouble.

He took time to look at the reflection in the mirror. MacLeod couldn't have been more than thirty-five. A dark haired attractive man with dark intense eyes. "Great, Fabio with dark hair." Sam muttered half amusingly and walked out into the hall and ran into and older man with cropped salt and pepper hair. The man with the cane.

"It's good to see you finally decided to stop talking to whoever it was in the bathroom and join the rest of us, MacLeod."

It was only then he noticed his own Scottish accent.Sam calculated that these two called each other by their last names. He hoped he was right. "Well, Dawson, I was talking to my imaginary friend." He said with a wink as they walked toward the large living area.

"I have an update on Walker." Sam stopped and let his friend continue. Come to think of it, he looked like a cop. Perhaps an ex cop. "Walker was seen going into Carmen's House of Massage on Cedar Street."

"Aren't you going to get him?"

"Now, why would you joke about something like that, MacLeod. You know that's not my job."

Sam studied Dawson's concerned expression."I wasn't thinking, I was improvising." Normally he could get a feel of whoever he leaped into and improvise accordingly. For some reason, it just wasn't working out. "Look Dawson, he's not going anywhere. Right?"

Dawson shook his head. "No, I guess not. Look, Mac. Kelly's my only niece and a good kid. I worry about her. When the Watchers tried to recruit her, I couldn't let her come into our world. Then, Walker came into her life. I lost Lauren, but I won't lose Kelly."

"You won't." Sam said, trying to believe it and wishing he could say more. In a way, Joe Dawson reminded him of Al. A more subtle Al.

Kelly joined them in the hall. "There you are. The others are asking about you two."

"We'll be right in." Dawson nodded.

"Uncle Joe, you're spoiling my fun. As long as Duncan gets to pretend to be my date, I want to take full advantage. At least until Adam gets here." She winked at Sam. "I think he's kind of cute."

Sam feigned shock. "Cuter than me?"

She whispered something but he couldn't hear over the sound in his head; like the rumble of a low flying plane, then it was gone. He turned as the doorbell rang. "That's probably Adam." She continued. Joe can get it."

Part 2

Methos leaned against the sofa and placed his hands behind his neck. Everyone but him seemed content that this impostor was Duncan MacLeod. Even Joe laughed at his jokes and carried on as if nothing was amiss. MacLeod had never seemed nervous before. Hell, he even walked differently. But most importantly, there was no buzz. Methos didn't want to come in the first place. His idea of a good party was to check in to a Springsteen concert, then go home to pop some popcorn and swig a few beers infront of the TV. This had turned out much different than expected. Mac had planned to be there in case Walker showed up, ow, it seemed Methos had to keep an eye on this impostor as well as Walker. Methos sighed and looked at Joe who sat next to him, listening to another story that Methos had stopped listening to an hour ago. He signaled to Joe with a flip of his wrist, revealing the Watcher tattoo, a sure sign he wanted to talk to Joe about watcher business.

Joe gently cleared his throat and turned toward the Immortal Watcher. "Adam, have you seen the wine cellar? It's got everything from Jean Dueclay Vineyards dated from the 1800's to some wonderful California wine from '92."

Methos smiled, hoping that Joe never lost his subtle touch. "I'd love to see it."

They rose and excused themselves and Methos followed Joe to a door next to the kitchen and went inside. Joe flipped on the light switch as Methos closed the door.

"What's the matter with you, tonight? You haven't said more than ten words..."

Methos cut him off. "That's not MacLeod. Where is he?" He joined Joe at the bottom of the stairs. The cellar didn't have the usual musty smell. The rows of vintage bottles were encased in cedar honeycombs.

"What are you talking about?"

"That's not MacLeod. I think Walker's done something to him."

"Slow down, will you?"

Methos threw his hands up in the air. "Look, Joe, I can't explain everything that I've seen, but when I came in tonight, I didn't get a buzz. I don't like it."

Joe looked around the room and began to pace. "So, what do you want me to do?"

"I need to stay here in case he is with Walker. That way, someone would be able to watch him and possibly see what the hell's going on." Methos sensed Joe's hesitation. "Look, if MacLeod's been switched, we need to get him back."

"Yeah, I know. But, I don't see how it could have happened. There's a spare room upstairs, you can have that one." "I'm curious, Joe. How did Kelly afford a place like this?"

"My sister died a wealthy woman and Kelly's husband wasn't bad off, either. Kelly's been real lucky about that."

"She's fixing to get luckier." Methos laid a reassuring hand on his shoulder and started up the stairs. "Grab a bottle. I'll pretend to drink a little too much so she'll have a good excuse to put me up for the night."

Joe grabbed a bottle of wine and looked at Methos thoughtfully from the bottom of the stairs. "Ya know, Adam, I just realized, that he stopped drinking after his first cup of hot buttered rum. He loves it. Sometimes he drinks four or five when I make it."

"See? Now, you're thinking."

Sam awoke to someone shaking him. "Mac, get up." He was truly disoriented, and for a moment forgot where and when he was. Who was he? And who was this man waking him up at dark thirty? He heard the same seashell sound in his head like before and in a flash it was gone. "MacLeod, Walker's coming. We need to get the disk."

Then it hit him. "Adam?" The man briefly looked puzzled through the moonlight and backed away from the bed. The younger man had on his dark trench and looked like he'd been awake for hours. Where was Al? He was supposed to be on top of things and keeping an eye on Alex. Luckily, Sam slept in his clothes. "How do you know he's here?"

Another puzzled look told Sam that he'd best keep his mouth shut around Adam Pierson. "My shoes are next to the closet, get them for me, would you?"

Sam sat up in bed as the accelerator door opened and Al appeared through the light and closed the door. "Sam, Walker's trying to get in Alex's window, move!"

Sam caught his shoes and motioned to Adam. "Go check on Alex, I'll see about Kelly."

Adam nodded and pulled out a broad sword. Al stood next to him and muttered, "You ever get the feeling that you're in a parallel universe?"

"Whatever you do, Al, stay with Alex." Sam said as he threw on his shoes and rushed out the door into a darkened hall. Adam had disappeared and Sam found himself alone except for that same seashell feeling. He went to Kelly's room and peered through the door. She slept soundly. Good. Maybe they could get this Walker guy without bothering her. Adam Pierson peered from the window at the end of the hall and motioned him toward him. "Where's your sword?" He asked.

Figuring a response better than no response, Sam shrugged. "I won't need it."

Adam rolled his eyes. "He's trying to get in the boy's room. I'll get him from out side, you get him from within. Got it?"

Sam nodded as he went to the attic and opened the door where Al stood by the window. Al placed a finger to his lips and motioned Sam toward the closet where he couldn't be seen by the big ugly man outside. "Where's Alex?"

"In the closet. I told him to stay put."

Walker came in as he opened the window. He was a dark haired Neanderthal with a big ugly mouth and crooked teeth. Sam came out of the shadows. "I know a good orthodontist you can see." Sam kicked him in the jaw and the man fell back. He must have been almost seven feet tall. Sam heard Al say something about Chewbaca as they locked arms. Walker pulled away and drew a sword and went after Sam. Sam darted and stole a glimpse of Adam who sat on the window sill, cleaning his broadsword with the back of his sleeve.

Chewbaca panted and glared at Adam. "This is not your fight."

Adam shrugged. "Fighting an unarmed man with a sword is not my idea of a good battle. You can give me the disk and walk away or I can take your head and then the disk. I really don't care."

Sam didn't figure Adam to look big enough to tackle a man like Walker.

The door opened and Kelly came rushing in. Adam put his sword away as Kelly screamed. Sam held her as she struggled. "Where's my boy. What have you done to my baby?"

Adam moved away as Walker said something inaudible to Adam and rushed out the window.

Kelly slapped Sam hard. "You let him get away! How could you?"

The closet door opened and out came a tuff of blond hair and brown eyes. Alex giggled as he ran into Kelly's arms. Tears streamed down her face. "I'm so glad you're all right." She looked at Sam and kissed him on the cheek. "I'm sorry, Mac."

Sam watched as she left the room with her son.Adam stood next to him and shuddered. "Since when didn't you need a sword?"

Sam didn't know what to say. He needed to converse with Al but the odds of that was nil with this other guy in the room. Who was this Adam Pierson, what were Watchers, and why did practically every man carry a sword?

Part 3

No buzz. Methos couldn't understand it. The man looked like the Highlander but something was definitely amiss He didn't use his sword and there was no buzz. He shook his head and took a swig of beer. The only immortal he knew who could block the buzz was Edie Constantine and that had taken years of practice. The only alternative was that this man was an impostor.

Joe locked the doors to the bar and joined Methos at the table, beer in hand. "I don't get it, yesterday, he was his old self. I don't see how someone could have switched a fake MacLeod without me knowing."

"Did you check with the other Watchers to see if anyone has him?"

Joe placed his bottle on the table and leaned back in his chair. "First thing I did. Nobody's seen him. Nobody has him. Do you s'pose this is a carry over from the dark quickening?"

Methos shook his head. "No. He left that far behind. He called me Adam. And no one was around. I'm starting to wonder if there's a renegade Watcher doing this. He has to be a fake."

"Ya know I'm getting pretty damned tired of you Immortals blaming everything on us."

Methos hoped they had put all this behind them. The mess with Jakob and the Watchers last year rattled everyone's nerves. Time and distance had seemed to heal the old wounds until now. "This guys not an immortal."

Dawson took a swig of beer and leaned back in his chair. "He's not one of us. I already checked."

Methos smiled secretly. "We could always call in the guy from the X- Files. Alien abduction is the only thing we haven't speculated."

"Okay mister wise ass, what do you think?"

Methos finished his beer and rose. "Not sure. But I'm going to the dojo and find out."

"Do you want me to join you?"

Methos shook his head as he slipped into his black trench. "I'll call you."

As he got into his gray Volvo, Methos wondered if he should have told Joe that the other disk had turned up. Mac should have gotten it from Walker on New Years Eve. No telling what kind of plans Walker had. The short drive to Mac's flat seemed to take hours as Methos weaved in and out of traffic The more he thought about it, the less he relished the talk with MacLeod. He parked next to the T-Bird and went inside, still expecting a buzz that would never come. He raised the gate to the elevator and went into the empty dojo. He could see MacLeod through the glassed in office at the back.

Mac looked up and met Methos at the door. "Adam, what are you doing here?"

Methos shrugged off playing safe. "I wanted to come by and see how you were looking after the old homestead."

"As good shape as it ever was." This MacLeod sounded upbeat. Perky. He hated perky. Not Mac's style at all. Methos couldn't help but reveal a secret smile. "So, did you get the disk from Walker?"

"n...no... I didn't." The man stammered. Another thing the Highlander never did.

"Well, I never liked that CD, anyway." Methos said as he placed a hand on the hilt of his weapon from inside his coat and placed his broad sword delicately beneath the Highlander's chin. "Who are you?"

"Wha... what are you talking about, Adam? It's me."

Methos couldn't help but glare at him. "MacLeod hasn't called me Adam in months and the dojo was never mine. Try again."

"You won't believe me."

"I've heard a lot in 5,000 years. Try me." Puzzlement. Now he was getting somewhere."Does that surprise you?"

The man nodded as Methos removed the sword and holstered it beneath his coat. "What are you?" "We are immortal." Genuine surprise. The man really didn't know. Methos took out a pocket knife and cut himself on the wrist. The pain lasted just a moment as the cut healed itself before the man's eyes.

"Oh my God. This is impossible." He muttered as he looked over Methos' hand. "You? 5,000 years old?"

Methos never understood why he always received a look of shock and disbelief whenever his age was brought up. The figure of a wizened old fellow with a long robe and flowing beard might have been more in touch with what was expected of a 5,000 year old man, but 5,000 plus years ago, not many lived past the age of thirty and from what he recalled, as a boy, he often times went to bed hungry. "Hard to believe, isn't it?"

"The name's Sam Beckett. I'm a scientist. From the future."

"Quantum physics?" Don had read about the idea and told Methos about it. Salzer, apparently was way ahead of his time.

Sam nodded. "I'm here to stop MacLeod from killing Walker."

"Like hell!"

"What do you mean?"

Methos figured this Sam Beckett for a bigger boy scout than MacLeod. He shook his head in disgust. "Walker is one of the worst of us. He must be stopped permanently. And that means removing his head from the rest of his body."

"I can't use a sword. I don't know the first thing about it."

Methos took MacLeod's sword from off the sword rack against the wall and handed it to him. "Learn."

He brushed the sword aside. "I can't"

Methos studied him. This was why he stopped playing mentor to wary young students. No drive, no ambition. No passion. But, this Sam Beckett was only a mortal and frightened. Methos decided on a different approach. "So, where is MacLeod?"

"New Mexico. I think it's the year 2,000. I've been gone so long it's hard for me to keep track.

"So... your minds and bodies have switched places?"

Sam nodded and and looked away. "Yes."

Methos felt a surge of cold air followed by a tingling down his spine. He tried to ignore it. "After a while, the sword becomes a part of you. I'm keen to guess that a part of him is still somewhere in that head and would automatically know how to fight."

Sam sighed. "I don't know, maybe."

"This might explain why I don't sense you whenever we're together."

Sam snapped his fingers. "So that's what that is!"


"It all makes sense now." Sam said it as if he had just invented chocolate covered oreos. "When I met you and Walker, I felt something in my head. Like... like what you sense when you place a seashell to your ear."

"That's a buzz. It can be your greatest ally. Especially since we can't sense you. You will also need your sword."

"I still don't think I can use it."

Methos placed Duncan's sword on a floor mat next to Sam. He never thought he'd see the day that he'd miss that ole boy scout. That day was now. He still couldn't shake the chill. "I'm going for a walk." He handed Sam Adam Pierson's card with his cell phone number. "Don't lose this and call if you need anything."

Sam held his arm. "Why are you doing this?"

"I'm just trying to keep him alive."

Part 4

Sam watched Adam or whatever his name was, leave and turned to Al who puffed thoughtfully on his cigar. "So, what's goin' on Sam?"

"Hi, Al."

"You gotta kill Walker, Sam."

"By saving Alex and Kelly the other night, you kept MacLeod from being sent to prison, but now, Immortals are exposed."

Sam didn't understand. He shook his head in disbelief. "What's happened."

"You know, I didn't believe him.There was an accident in the waiting room." Al began to pace and Sam knew there was something else.

"Go on."

"MacLeod got out of the compound and Gooshie had to shoot him in the leg, to slow him down."

Sam was mortified. He knew there was a good reason he hadn't seen Al since New Years eve. "He WHAT?"

"It was the most incredible thing I've ever seen. The gun shot wound healed before us. He told us he needed to get back."

"You explained that we're working on it, right?"

Al nodded. "Oh, yea. MacLeod told us there was a disk that he needed to get from Walker. Apparently he got it from Walker the night he killed him. In the updated timeline, history has been changed for the worse."

"Okay, what's on the disk?"

"A list of names. Immortals and the people who watch them. People are more paranoid than ever. It's worse than the Salem witch hunts. People are killing each other just to see who gets back up from the dead or whatever the hell it is they do. Dawson's a Watcher. Now, he's the one who gets killed. Infact, a hell of a lot of people get killed. That Adam Pierson gets killed too. It's all senseless." Al ran a hand over a perspiring forehead. "So damned senseless!"

"Who is this Adam Pierson?"

"MacLeod told us he's the oldest living Immortal. Methos is his name."

Sam ran a nervous hand through his hair. "I've always been out of place during these leaps Al, but this is way over my head."

Al puffed thoughtfully on his cigar. "MacLeod said to stay close to this Adam Methos guy. Immortality cannot be made public. All you have to do is get that disk out of Walker's hands."

There were so many questions he wanted to ask Methos and MacLeod. He tried to capture some of Macleod's memories with his swiss cheesed brain and managed only a few. Basic memories of an Indian woman and a blonde French woman. Both born in different times but somehow equaled in strength and beauty. There was no time for any of this. He turned to Al. "See if you can find Walker and get back to me."


'I'm not through with you.'

Methos couldn't shake what Walker had told him as he darted out the window that night. He couldn't shake the thought it would be him to take Walker. Or worse still, Walker to end a very good 5,000 plus year existance. Methos shuddered and picked up the cell phone and dialed Joe.

"Hello." Came a gruff voice from the other end.

"Joe, it's me."

"What did you find out?"

"It's a little complicated. But, I found out what the matter was."

"So, what's happened to Mac?"

Methos grinned. This part could deffinately wait. He felt the buzz and looked around and ducked into the seat when he saw Walker approaching the building.

"Adam? You still there?" Came a concerned response.

"I'll get back with you, Joe." Methos Muttered and cut Joe off. It was times like these when Methos wished no one could sense him. He waited before he followed Walker inside. "How do I get myself into this?" He muttered to himself.

He didn't see anyone on the way up but knew Walker would finish Sam off if he wasn't careful. He lifted the gate to the elevator and went up, sensing Walker in the dojo. He took out his sword as the elevator stopped. He could hear clashing swords and as he lifted the gate, Sam seemed to hold his own rather well. Methos strolled in, staying well back from the clashing titans, and told himself not to be suprised by anything. They fought with vengeful power, Walker didn't seem to tire while Sam seemed a little weary. Walker went for Sam's shoulder and knicked him, a red stain spread through his white sweater. Sam flinched and gritted his teeth, plunged at Walker and Walker darted away, leaving Sam sprawling to the floor. Methos stepped forward as Walker stepped on Sam's sword playing hand and swiped the sword away from him.

"NO!" Methos called out as Sam closed his eyes.

"This is not your fight! You cannot interfere!" Walker panted.

Methos never liked that rule of the game. Besides, Sam wasn't a part of their world, so this was an exception to the rule. Even MacLeod would agree. Maybe. Methos came forward, his sword slung flat over a shoulder. "You would be killing a mortal. They're not part of the game. He doesn't apply."

"You're a god damned liar!"

"Do you sense him?" Sam opened his eyes and rolled out from beneath Walker's sword as Walker shook his head. "This is a trick!" Walker spat.

Methos shook his head as Sam slowly rose to his feet."No."

Walker raised his sword toward Methos as he stuck his broadsword into his gut. Walker doubled over. "Who are you?"

"Ask the devil when you see him." Methos said as he swiped at his head.

Sam looked away as the head rolled off Walker's shoulders and body fell to the floor with a thud.

The quickening came in a monumental rush. Raw intensity that he hadn't felt in over half a century. He raised his sword in the air as electricity pulsated through his body. Sam looked in amazement and bewilderment as the weight equipment shook and rattled. The glass surrounding Mac's office shattered as Sam shielded himself from flying glass. Papers flipped in the air and suddenly, it became cold. Methos noticed Sam waving at something and gave it a slight thought. "Oh, BOY!" Methos finally said as the quickening ended.

Sam looked at him and Methos heard. "What the hell was that?"

It wasn't Sam. But, it was a distinct voice. A voice from thin air. A voice from the cold he felt. "Who's in here, with us?"

"What do you mean?" Sam tried to hide the fear he apparently felt.

"It's all right. This is what happens when one of us dies. It's natural to us. it's called a Quickening."

"He can hear me, Sam."

"Who are you?" Methos asked.

Sam couldn't understand how Methos could hear Al but, a lot of things weren't mean't to be understood. He wished he could stay longer to learn about immortals and yet, he wished he could do it without being in the body of an immortal. "My guide to the 21st century. His name's Al. He's been keeping tabs on MacLeod." Sam looked at Al who was still shaken after the quickening. The dojo was a complete mess. This was something Sam was certain neither he nor Al would forget for a long time.

"We just don't have the disk." Adam said wearily.

Sam pulled out a computer CD from his inside coat pocket and handed it to Methos, then smiled. "I think this is what you're looking for."

Methos nodded and pursed his lips, taking it from a smug Sam.

"How does everything look, Al?" Sam asked.

Al hesitated before tapping at his handlink, cigar smoldering from tightened lips. He took it out and blew two smoke rings. "MacLeod ends up doing fine. Joe's Bar becomes a chain of Blues Bars. Adam here stays with The Watchers and pretty high up. Kelly becomes a Watcher and turns it into an organization of another nature."

"What's that?" Methos and Sam asked. "An organization to stop sexual harrassment."

Sam then became bathed in the blue light, he soon would be leaping into another host and another life. He only hoped MacLeod had insurance.

The End