Beren's Fanfic PDFs

I am working on converting all my fanfic to PDF for easy download. These are the ones I have completed so far.(They are also available in MSWord format here) and eBook formats here.

Date Written
American Idol (S8)
Hunting for the Right One Adam Lambert/Kris Allen/Katy Allen NC17/18 ~9,361wds 07-Dec-10
Summary: AIs8 AU - Adam is a werewolf, he was born that way and uses hunting criminals as an outlet for his wolfish tendencies. When he saves a young man from muggers he knows he will see him again, but the last place he expects to do it is during Hollywood Week of American Idol.
Sacrifice to the Moon Adam Lambert/Kris Allen NC17/18 ~17,464wds 14-Feb-11
Summary: AU - Kris is a prince in a land about to be beset by war. The land needs the help of the wolf mages to be victorious and their emissary is in the castle. The mage requires sex to transform and reach his full power ready for the battle. Kris is willing to sacrifice himself for his people.
Avatar (James Cameron's)
Male Bonding Jake/Tsu'tey NC17/18 ~3,815wds 23-Feb-10
Summary: Jake finds out about a part of Na'vi culture that no one has bothered to enlighten him of before. It distracts him so much that Neytiri has some advice she will not let him ignore.
Cinema Bizarre RPS
What Is Real Kiro/Strify, others PG13 ~2,135wds 17-Jul-09
Summary: There are rules, even to being a vampire and it can make life lonely.
Almost Real Kiro/Strify NC17/18 ~3,820wds 27-Aug-09
Summary: Sequel to What is Real - Kiro and Strify have a little fun the moring after the night before.
Images of the Heart Kiro/Strify/Yu NC17/18 ~8,290wds 09-Sep-09
Summary: Strify looks where he is not supposed to be looking and finds out some things he was never meant to know. This puts him in a dilemma and he has to deal with the consequences, along with Kiro and Yu.
Biology hints of Kiro/Yu PG13 ~4,230wds 24-Sep-09
Summary: When you're an elf living in the human world things can be problematic at times and Yu has a bit of an embarrassing predicament which makes life a little difficult for a while.
Costumes Kiro/Strify NC17 ~1,612wds 02-Nov-09
Summary: Strify decided costumes were the way to go for Halloween and so what choice did Kiro have?
Black Magic By Moonlight Harry/Draco and others NC17/18 ~163,200wds 27-Apr-05
Summary: (Harry Potter/ Anita Blake) Summary: Harry Potter could find trouble in paradise and when Draco sends him to St Louis for a holiday it's not paradise and there's lots of trouble. With dark magic, vampires, lycanthropes and more, who else could sort it out but Anita Blake?
An Angel Walking Panik/Tokio Hotel (RPS) PG13 ~5,000wds 09-Jul-08
Summary: (Panik/TH xover) Franky (Pnk) is a closet Tokio Hotel fanboy and he manages to get stuck in a lift with Bill.
Down The Rabbit Hole Harry/Draco, Rose/Dr(10)/Jack NC17/18 ~10,266wds 07-Feb-06
(Harry Potter / Doctor Who) Summary: Transdimensional portals can be really tricky little buggers.
Creature Comforts Harry/Draco/Hyde, Hyde/Megumi (mentions Hyde/Gackt) NC17/18 ~15,630wds 28-Jun-06
(Harry Potter/Jrock RPS) Summary: Hogwarts is celebrating five years of peace by having a reunion for students from the past thirty years. WARNING - RPS, Hyde is a jrocker.
Encounters of the Close Kind Linke/Fabi NC17/18 ~3,680wds 13-Jan-09
(Panik/Killerpilze RPS) Summary: Fabi has a question to ask Linke.
Declarations Bill/Gustav, Fabi PG13/12 ~2,689wds 17-Mar-09
(Tokio Hotel/Killerpilze RPS) Summary: Bill and Gustav make a new friend in the form of KiPi's hyperactive drummer, Fabi.
Opportunities Taken Bill/Kiro NC17/18 ~5,767wds 17-Aug-09
(Tokio Hotel/Cinema Bizarre) When Kiro overhears Bill and Tom talking at a party he decides to take the opportunity for fun that the knowledge offers. Of course, everything has consequences.
Opposites (ReVamped) Richie/OMC, Richie/Frank, Lillie/Duncan NC17/18 ~36,277wds 15-Oct-09
(Highlander/Kindred: The Embraced) Kindred and Immortal should not mix; it is a volatile combination and when Richie is in the wrong place at the wrong time he finds out just how insane it can be.
Salchows and Serendipity Harry/Johnny Weir, Harry/Draco, Johnny Weir/Evan Lysacek, Apolo Ohno/J.R. Celski (side pairing) NC17/18 ~26,993wds 12-Mar-10
(Harry Potter/Ice Skating RPS) When Harry realised his life was nothing that he wanted he reinvented himself, which is how he ended up in Vancouver on the British Winter Olympic team.
That Which is Buried Sherlock/John, Harry/Draco (side pairing) PG13 ~15,754wds 19-Apr-11
(Harry Potter/Sherlock) When Sherlock starts acting strangely after a case, John recognises the signs of possible repressed memories. He goes to Mycroft to find out what could be wrong with Sherlock and how to help him.
Harry Potter
Angels and Devils Harry/Draco NC17/18 ~55,400wds 05-Jan-05
Summary: Harry defeated Voldemort: his act of heroism is famous throughout the wizarding world. He’s trying to finish his final year at Hogwarts in peace, but something peculiar is happening to him, something he never would have expected. It's all rather embarrassing and making his life very complicated.
Blood-Ties Harry/Draco R ~8,800wds 28-Sep-04
Summary: Draco has a mission from Voldemort to finally kill The Boy Who Lived. He has been subject to Voldemort's ministrations to make sure he does not fail, but nothing is ever certain when Harry Potter is involved.
Coming Together Harry/Draco PG-13 ~5,500wds 19-Jun-03
Summary: Draco finds out something about Harry James Potter that changes everything.
Gold Tinted Spectacles Harry/Draco NC17/18 ~163,000wds 11-Feb-04
Summary: Harry is about to enter his seventh year, and things are not quite what he expected. He is no longer the angry boy who watched his world fall apart at the end of his fifth year, but neither has he completely found his place yet. He is looking for someting, and to his confusion it seems to have something to do with Draco Malfoy.
The Corruption Sequence Harry/Draco NC17/18 ~60,000wds 25-Jun to 02-Aug-04
Summary: Voldemort has captured Harry and for his own twisted reasons has chosen not to kill him outright. Revenge in the Dark Lord's mind requires a fate worse than death and Harry is about to find out what that is.
Higher Brain Hermione/several PG ~2,889wds 23-Mar-04
Summary: Dark Fic short - Hermione centric - Hermione is not what she seems at all.
The Voice Harry/Draco PG ~1,942wds 14-Apr-04
Summary: Harry has been sleeping for a long time, one voice pulls him back.
Obsession and Consequence Harry/Draco NC17/18 ~2,662wds 02-Apr-04
Summary: Draco is obsessed and indulges in a round of self stimulation as a result.
Language of Love Harry/Draco R ~1,796wds 05-Apr-04
Summary: Harry and Draco try a little experiment with Parseltongue.
Passion Play Harry/Draco NC17/18 ~8,230wds 19-Apr-04
Summary: Draco has become the victim of a Death Eater plot to assist Voldemort's rise to power. There is only one way to save him, and Harry is it.
A Vampire's Love Harry/Draco NC17/18 ~8,271wds 25-may-04
Summary: Voldemort is dead, but he almost took The Boy Who Lived with him. Draco Malfoy has been assumed dead by the wizarding world for almost four years having been taken by a vampire, although Harry had always known where to find him, but this time Draco has found Harry.
The Power of Two Harry/Draco NC17/18 ~4,900wds 01-Sep-04
Summary: Harry finds himself in a very awkward predicament involving a naked woman and a naked Malfoy.
Nothing Like The Real Thing Narcissa/Sirius NC17/18 ~2,873wds 07-Oct-04
Summary: Narciassa has a fantasy about her cousin Sirius and plays it out.
It Was Christmas Eve Harry/Draco PG13/12 ~6,469wds 30-Dec-04
Summary: Draco has changed sides and someone really doesn't like that.
Shadow Dwellers none PG ~12,113wds 17-Feb-05
Summary: Harry has nightmares, he's had nightmares for a long time, but they used to be about Voldemort. Now they are about never ending darkness.
The Will of Vampires Harry/Snape NC17/18 ~8,337wds 23-Jul-05
Summary: Snape disappeared a year ago, now the side of the Light find out what happened to him, and the price the vampires are demanding for their affiliation.
Blood and Surrender Harry/Lucius NC17/18 ~6,068wds 23-Jul-05
Summary: Lucius has Harry exactly where he wants him. WARNING - this one earned it's rating and has Don/sub situations. Not my usual type of fic at all.
The Chase Snape/Remus/Sirius NC17/18 ~4,835wds 28-Jul-05
Summary: Sirius it the prey, and he cannot escape..
Hiding in Plain Sight Harry/Draco NC17/18 ~6,900wds 06-Sep-05
Summary: Harry and Draco had been in a relationship for years, but no one knows except them.
What A Girl Wants Harry/Draco, Pansy/? PG13/12 ~1,343wds 26-Jan-06
Summary: Pansy has taken to peace very well and it putting her Slytherin qualities to other uses.
Traditions Harry/Draco PG13/12 ~815wds 07-Mar-06
Summary: Harry made a mistake.
Walking Through A Garden Harry/Draco, Harry/Charlie NC17/18 ~11,330wds 08-Mar-06
Summary: Charlie is at a Malfoy garden party and hears something that makes him think things he never thought possible.
The Stability of Three Harry/Draco/Neville NC17/18 ~5,509wds 27-Jun-06
Summary: Two vampires have found themselves a lost soul and they intend to make him theirs.
The Secret of Surrender Snape/Bill, Snape/Hermione (sorta), Snape/Draco, Snape/Harry, Snape/Ron, mentions Ron/Bill NC17/18 ~8,153wds 27-Jun-06
Summary: Severus knows something strange is happening and he thinks there is a new Dark Lord, but things are stranger than he could ever have imagined. WARNING - this one earned it's rating and has Don/sub situations. Not my usual type of fic at all.
The Unexpected Harry/Draco NC17/18 ~9,220wds 18-Jan-07
Summary: Harry has jumped in with both feet to save someone as usual and neglected to check the small print. Luckily for him the plan only went wrong with Draco.
Limits Harry/Draco NC17/18 ~10,030wds 15-Feb-07
Summary: Humour - Draco has found the line of what he will and will not do for the Dark Lord, so he has a plan.
Honesty Is The Best Policy Harry/Draco NC17/18 ~12,800wds 24-Mar-07
Summary: Draco has family heritage to deal with and an obsession who is completely immune to his advances. He's about ready to try anything, even honesty.
Caged Harry/Draco/Voldemort/Snape NC17/18 ~6,237wds 24-Mar-07
Summary: When Harry became a vampire against his consent he made a decision that changes his life completely. He went to the Dark Lord and the Dark Lord did not kill him.
Three Steps to Paradise Harry/Draco NC17/18 ~13,955wds 08-Jan-08
Summary: Harry didn't do what everyone expected of him and he became a professional Quidditch player, however, he still has a huge hero streak. When he does something reckless to save Draco Malfoy from a potentially fatal fall in a match it changes more than just Draco's attitude towards him.
The Gift is in the Giving Harry/Draco PG ~4,041wds 18-Sep-09
Summary: It's Valentine's day and Harry has decided to act on his crush. Back at school to redo his seventh year he is enjoying the fact that no one is trying to kill him.
A Potter Special Harry/Draco NC17/18 ~4,200wds 18-Apr-11
Summary: Harry is chasing a series of what looks like nasty magical murders which have something to do with vampires. He has a suspect and an informant, problem is he didn't know his investigation was compromised. Now he's really in trouble.
The Dilemma of Not Growing Old - PDF Methos/Joe PG ~3,320wds 30-Sep-09
Summary: Methos walks a fine line with the Watchers as Adam Pierson and he knows people are beginning to ask questions, so it is time to move on, but there's just one problem with that.
Ice Boys
A Snack Before Bedtime Johnny Weir/Evan Lysacek NC17/18 ~5,784wds 19-Mar-10
Summary: Johnny didn't ask to be a vampire and he doesn't even remember the details of how he became one, but that doesn't change the fact that he is and he has needs. At first the idea of accosting the Olympic Gold Medallist to quench his thirst seems like a good idea.
Stuck Johnny Weir/Evan Lysacek NC17/18 ~4,425wds 01-May-10
Summary: Johnny's medication runs out at entirely the wrong time when he happens to be trapped with Evan Lysacek of all people. He isn't sure things could get any worse.
Stuck Apolo Ohno/J.R. Celski R ~5,168wds 02-May-10
Summary: Apolo has wanted J.R. for a long time, he's just never allowed himself to succumb until now. He never expected the reason why J.R. had had all of his attention for years even though he tried to deny it.
You Want To What? Gackt/Hyde PG ~2,225wds 30-Jun-06
Summary: (humour) Gackt has made an announcement and it fills Hyde will a familiar feeling of dread.
Moon Child
Brighter Than the Sun Kei/Sho NC17/18 ~5,912wds 15-Jun-06
Summary: There is one thing Kei has never done, one indulgence he has never allowed himself, and as he and Sho await the sunrise he gives in to the last temptation.
The Choices We Make Kei/Sho NC17/18 ~6,277wds 02-Feb-07
Summary: Sho wakes up a vampire after Kei had turned him and things go from there. (An alternative direction for the last few scenes of the movie).
Panik RPS
Grace and Mercy Timo/David (but not focus of fic) PG13 ~3,200wds 22-Jul-08
Summary: (Panik) What is a house full of young men to do when faced with a tiny baby girl?
Fangs and Eyes and Blood - Oh My! Timo/David/Linke NC17/18 ~28,000wds 31-Jul-08
Summary: (Panik) Linke's not feeling well and it turns out not to be the flu and more along the vampire line.
Dirty Little Secrets David/Linke NC17/18 ~5,100wds 22-Sep-08
Summary: (Panik) David is headed out, but a crisis erupts because the stress has finally got to Linke. David knows how to deal with the situation, but how the hell can he explain owning bondage cuffs to the rest of the band?
All for One and One for All Orgy NC17/18 ~10,681wds 17-Oct-08

Summary: (Panik) The original Panik had a kinkier side and now the band is back to the old name, David and Timo revive the tradition.
Kink request: Panik. The whole goddamn band. Bonus for any/all of the following: object insertion, humping of inanimate objects to orgasm, voyeurism, gangbanging. All the boys need to come at least once. Everything else is up to you.

It's Dead Linke/David PG13 697wds 01-Jul-09
Summary: (Panik) It looks like Linke's laptop is toast
Tokio Hotel RPS
Das Geschenk (The Gift) Series Bill/Gackt, Bill/Gustav, others NC17/18 ~37,000wds 21-Feb to 21-Aug-07
Summary: The members of Tokio Hotel are in the UK to launch the English version of their album and Bill has caught the eye of another visiting rock star. When they meet Bill finds out that some things he thought were just fantasy do, in fact, exist.
Out With The Old, In With the New Bill/Tom NC17/18 ~122,100wds 29-Feb-08
Summary: There are things that many people do not see and are never supposed to see, but when one of these takes Bill from his hotel room, by force, everything changes for him and Tom.
More Things in This World Bill/Tom, Jack/Ianto, Bill/Tom/Jack/Ianto NC17/18 ~??wds 27-Aug-07
(Tokio Hotel RPS/ Torchwood) Summary: Promoting the band means travelling all over the UK and Tokio Hotel have ended up in Cardiff for a TV interview and some signings. Thanks to the effects of a rogue alien device they run into Torchwood.
The Orally Fixated Series Bill/Gustav NC17/18 ~??wds 03-Jul-08
Summary: Bill realises he feels more for Gustav than he thought, and he might be a bit orally fixated about the whole thing.
The Mating Habits of Twins? ???? PG13/12 ~812wds 05-Feb-07
Summary: Humour (Tokio Hotel) - Georg overhears things he's not sure he's supposed to.
Better Late Than Never Bill/Georg/Tom NC17/18 ~5,330wds 13-Apr-07
Summary: Georg gets sex. (What? That's the whole story.)
Straight Bill/Tom NC17/18 ~7,102wds 23-Jun-07
Summary: Tom is straight, Bill knows this, but he also knows that there are exceptions to every rule and some things are meant to be.
Romance Is Not Dead Bill/David PG13/12 ~???wds 26-Jun-07
Summary: Bill is in love with David, and now he's 18 he can do something about it.
Regression none PG ~3,394wds 03-Jul-07
Summary: Some people should never be hypnotised.
Itchy Fingers Bill/Georg PG-13/12 ~1,898wds 13-Aug-07
Summary: Bill is just itching to touch, but what he wants to touch isn't his.
K Is For Kaulitzcest Bill/Tom NC17/18 ~8,500wds 04-Sep-07
Summary: Everyone needs a hobby and Gustav knows if anyone in the band finds out his he is likely to end up missing vital parts of  his anatomy.
Curses Bill/Tom, Gustav/Bill, Georg/Tom, Gustav/Gerog NC17/18 ~23,765wds 11-Oct-07
Summary: TH_Fanfic FQF Prompt: 61. HALLOWEEN Prompt 1: (Supernatural twist) The band encounter--and accidentally piss off--a mysterious woman in black while they are at a costume party and end up turning into their costumes. Bill/vampire, Gustav/is himself, Georg/Ninja and Tom goes as a "virgin" as a joke. Once they turn, Bill keeps trying to bite and seduce Tom and Georg keeps trying to kill Bill. Gustav is the only one who can use his smarts in order to counter act the curse. (Submitted by nightshade24)
Shields to Maximum Gustav/Georg PG-13/12 ~3,094wds 14-Dec-07
Summary: Gustav had been drawing into himself and away from the rest of the band because he's afraid of something. The problem is, Bill has noticed.
Origin of The Species


NC17/18 ~14,635wds 02-Jan-08
Summary:Bill has an encounter that affects the balance between himself and Tom and they have to take drastic measures to prevent themselves being torn apart forever.
Compatible Engery Bill/Georg PG-13/12 ~1,558wds 22-Jan-08
Summary: Tom has yet to totally come to terms with the fact that he's not 100% straight and Bill's promise to help him get Georg is confusing matters even more.
The Flower Bill/Tom PG-13/12 ~1,179wds 05-Feb-08
Summary: Bill finds a rose.
Where No Finger Has Gone Before Georg/Gustav NC17/18 ~7,082wds 07-Apr-08
Summary: Never get into a pissing contest with Gustav; Gustav will always win.
Ambush Georg/Gustav R ~1,710wds 02-Jul-08
Summary: Gustav is not a happy camper so someone calls in the cavalry, which just happens to be Georg.
In The Air Tonight Andreas/Bill NC17/18 ~1,911wds 07-Aug-08
Summary: Bill has been flirting and now he's in trouble.
The Joy of Sex David J/Bill NC17/18 ~7,165wds 01-Aug-08
Summary: David has a kinky side, which Bill is about to find out about. Bill discovers that he has a kinky side too.
There's a First Time For Everything Tom/Georg NC17/18 ~2,947wds 07-Aug-08
Summary: Tom doesn't like the idea of rimming, but Georg does, so Tom decides to let Georg have a go.
Fire No Rain Can Quench Tom/Bill NC17/18 ~2,100wds 12-Sep-08
Summary: Tom wants Bill and he wants him now and there appears to only be one place available - the roof.
A Picture Paints A Thousand Words ?/Georg NC17/18 ~2,770wds 12-Sep-08
Summary: Kink request: Tokio Hotel - Georg is an exhibitionist and loves taking naked photos of himself and leaving them lying around for people to find. Everyone has seen them and it's well known joke amongst the band and crew. What he doesn't realize is that someone (you choose who) has been collecting the photos since day one and jacking off to their naked Georg shrine. May be expanded on to include Georg finding out etc.
Soft As Silk Gustav/Georg NC17/18 ~8,046wds 15-Sep-08
Summary: TH_Fanfic Prompt: #21 Georg/Gustav - Georg loves to have his hair played with. Gustav knows this and exploits it any time he can. (submitted by lirren) (th_fanfic)
To Touch and To Be Touched Tom/Georg NC17/18 ~7,760wds 07-Apr-09
Summary: TH_Fanfic Prompt: #28 Georg/Gustav - A Torg story where Tom is really responsive to Georg's touch.(submitted by 374214>) (th_fanfic)
The Relief of Stress Tom/Georg PG13 ~1,414wds 02-Jul-09
Summary: Tom knows how to distress Georg.
They Know Tom/Bill PG13 ~1,070wds 03-Jul-09
Summary: Bill had been on the internet and Tom has to calm him down.
They Know Gustav/Bill PG ~1,935wds 03-Jul-09
Summary: When Bill thinks deep thoughts things change, that just the way life is and Bill seems to be thinking deep thoughts that involve Gustav.
I'll Show You 'Bad Porn' Bill/Andreas, Bill/Tom, Bill/Tom/Andi (mentioned) NC17/18 ~5,081wds 09-Sep-09
Summary: Bill gets his wish and is asked to take a small role in a vampire movie. Unfortunately for him, the executives are dead set on twins - and Tom would have to be made up and styled similarly to Bill. Tom categorically refuses; he doesn't share Bill's vampire fetish, and doesn't want to be styled identically to Bill. Bill has to pull every trick in the book to convince Tom. (Tom/Bill) (submitted by fyredancer)
Ultimate Truth Bill/Tom R ~5,682wds 15-Jan-10
Summary: A pendant from a junk shop brings added complications to the lives of Tokio Hotel in the form of a legendary creature with supernatural powers.
Weiss Kreuz
Care of A Kitten Aya/Omi/Yoji NC17/18 ~8,950wds 02-Feb-07
Summary: Yoji sees something that leads him to understand more about two of his team mates than he thought he ever wanted to.
C.H.A.O.S. or
Crawford's Hideously Awful Operational Screw-up
Aya/Everyone NC17/18 ~17,200wds 01-Feb-08
Summary: Humour - Schwarz have a perfect plan until chaos steps in to ruin Crawford's week, but at least the sex is good.
The Monsters We Are The Monsters We Become Aya/OMC, Aya/Crawford, Yoji/Schu NC17/18 ~33,700wds 01-Feb-10
Summary: When Aya wakes up to find that he is dying, his first instinct is to believe he has been kidnapped by a madman who wants to watch him die, but when he wakes up again, not quite alive, but definitely not as dead as he expected, everything changes. When his captor involves his friends and his enemies things become even more complicated.
Friends? Merlin/Arthur NC17/18 ~3,250wds 14-Nov-08
Summary: Arthur has been pondering the mystery that is Merlin and starts to ask questions for which Merlin is not prepared, which lead to interesting things.
From Darkness Comes Light Merlin/Arthur NC17/18 ~19,750wds 04-Dec-08
Summary: When dark creatures that prey on the living, taking their blood and causing the dead to rise from their graves are reported in Albion it is Arthur who is sent to destroy them. Some things, however, do not fall to the sword and Arthur learns this the hard way. Merlin is faced with giving up more than his secret to save his friend.
Differences Merlin/Arthur pre-slash PG ~1,686wds 03-Jul-09
Summary: Since his encounter with the questing beast Arthur has been noticing things about Merlin. Things are not quite the same any more and he needs to understand why.
To You I Pledge Merlin/Arthur NC17/18 ~45,160 wds 28-Aug-09
Summary: Merlin lays his life on the line to save Arthur yet again, only this time there are witnesses, lots of them. Only Arthur prevents him going to the headman's axe straight away, but Arthur alone cannot save him. That is up to both of them.
Sum of the Individual Parts Shalimar/Brennan, Shalimar/Jesse/Brennan NC17/18 ~~42,000wds 30-Jan-09
Summary: The team think Jesse is dead; killed by a fatal shot to the back, only there are things going on they could not possibly have predicted. Jesse isn't dead, but is he really Jesse any more?
The Lair
Second Time Around Damian/Colin, Thom/Jonathan/Damian/Colin and others NC17/18 ~24,350wds 01-Feb-09
Summary: Thom wakes up a somewhat different person after the events in the Lair when the Sheriff and Jonathan staged the rescue. The first thing he has to do is sort out the mess his presence has managed to cause.
Merry Month Of Masturbation 2007 Multiple - Jrock and Tokio Hotel NC17/18 ~80,000wds May-07
Summary: 31 fics to celebrate the Merry Month of Masturbation :)
Merry Month Of Masturbation 2008 Multiple fandoms NC17/18 ~62,000wds May-08
Summary: 31 fics to celebrate the Merry Month of Masturbation :)
Merry Month Of Masturbation 2009 Multiple fandoms NC17/18 ~88,000wds May-09
Summary: 31 fics to celebrate the Merry Month of Masturbation :)

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