The Twins' Web Site

The main site under is very old and needs updating, but I have left it in place on the off chance that someone has bits of it bookmarked.

This page is a link to all the other sites I run as well as the old Dtwins site.

Dtwins links:

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Fanfic Sites:

  • - all the fiction contained on the old Dtwins site is here as well as new fiction. Fandoms include:
    Highlander SG-1 Friends Kindred The Embraced
    Poltergeist: the Legacy The Invisible Man Buffy New Professionals
    Star Wars TPM and Original Dr Who Moon Child/Jrock RPS Charmed
    Supernatural Tokio Hotel RPS Torchwood Weiss Kreuz
    Virus Buster Serge Harry Potter Being Human Blake's 7
    Morph Scooby Doo Blood Ties Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors
    Bagpuss Anita Blake Merlin Tremors
    Panik RPS Killerpilze RPS Mutant X Cinema Bizarre RPS
  • German Music Big Bang
  • - an archive for the German Music Big Bang Fest, long fiction and art for German Music RPF
  • PanikFiction - an archive for fiction about the band German band Panik
  • - fanfic for the BBC show Merlin, both FPF and RPF
  • - fanfic for the German band Killerpilze
  • - fiction for all thing Japanese including jrock and anime

Other Sites: